Get it right. Get it right, get it white.

Happy flyday Friday! My favorite shade to wear when its sunny out is WHITE. I know, I know, I’ve been advocating color all season but what’s more boss than frolicking in white while eating ice cream? Answer: nothing.

So Cali & Vegas are in 5 weeks and all I can think about is bronzed goddess on a giant white pillow by the pool being fanned and fed by boys. Can we just indulge in my fantasy for a bit and go on a cray cray white acid trip? Legggggo!!!

Nastygal Light Wave dress $98 / Nastygal Gisela Dress $78. Seriously, how cute are these dresses? I could get away with murder in that first one.

Alexander Wang silk shirt $260 / Vince placket kaftan shirt $285. Oh the things I would do to get my boobs close to that pocket lined Wang top. I’d even go braless. Just think of the ventilation! The Vince one is hella cute too.

Zara Jumper $79 / Topshop Cut out dress $66. I love rompers/jumpers/onesies. To cut your outfit planning time in half by having the 2 attached is genius. And don’t tell me you’re not in love with that twist cut out dress. Obviously i cant parade around showing my lovely belly so the idea of side nudity is dope (and safe for the eyes of society!)

Zara wide leg loose pant $79.80 / Jarbo sarong skirt $244. White wide leg pants, I’ve always wanted a pair. The swoosh swoosh noise while walking is sooo liberating. Like even my walk has a soundtrack. LOVE the skirt! Really into foldover fabric, good for eating.

Beach Bunny Sea of Love fringe bikini $180 / Michael Kors Fringe one piece $120. Not to worry, your eyes are safe, i wont be wearing that bikini BUT how amazing are those dangling fringe things? If i had her body i’d shimmy through life. I really want that MK Fringe one, it’s so  cute and it’d hide all the nitty bitty titty bits.

Michael Kors gold trim one piece $315 / Chloe scalloped bikini $410. Now this is what i’m talking about, this one piece screams GOTTI and i’m all about dat life!! MK kills it again with this swim suit. The crisp white, the thick gold belt.. I WANT THIS. And for a more demure kitten look, Choloe’s scalloped bikini is tres cute!

I think I’m goin to have to cut off a limb if needed to get to my goal weight in 5 weeks lol. Sigh, model diet starts …..NOW. Coffee, cigarettes, ocassional block of cheese and laxatives.

I’M KIDDING!! Happy Friday boo thang (heart, kisses, sweet eyelash bats and a complimentary motorboat). What are you doing this weekend? I have lots of sake bombing, eating, working, honeydrippin, eye gazing, white  girl drink dancing, and hair fondling planned. Care to join? teehee.

I love you more today than I ever thought possible. Don’t fuck it up! xo.