Ombre, chu gon’ like dis.

Sorry, any eggscuse to use my mexican alter ago.

Truth be told, I’m not really into ombre hair unless it’s done right (which is about 2% of the ombre headed population).  But this was a trend that just wouldn’t quit! It’s vomited all over the fashion industry, nails, clothes, iphone cases, your dog, whatever. And being the open minded asshole that I am, I’ve totally caught on!!! Not the ombre hair bit, but the ombre clothing trend. Mind you, it’s easy to fuck up the clothing thing but when done right…WOW, just absolutely wow!

This is my top pick for the ombre look. How gorgeous is this Otte’s Ellen dress? I love how it’s styled on the model. Flowy, chic and very summery. Its also the most eggspensive pick of the bunch (how shocking, I have fabulous taste). For the rest of my ombre summer looks, head on over to VancityBuzz! Like it, share it, leave a stalkerish comment. Show some love:)

Happy Monday, kisses.

We in this bitch like an unborn baby!

Sorry, i’ve been saying that quite a lot lately and I really can’t figure out why. Every time I enter a room I feel like shouting that, too bad by mom doesnt find it as amusing..

Happy Tuesday boo face!! Hope you guys had a great weekend and a lovely Monday. I wanted to post all day yesterday but i just got caught up handlin biz nawaaamean? I say we do a quick week/end recap? whatchu say?

After a wack load of folks sent me photos of their meals at Phnom Penh I had no choice but to go myself and murk the shit outta that place! I was seriously eggcited the whole day. It’s been forever and a minute..

And it felt like I never left. So delicious.. mmm. Just thinking about it now makes my hips sway a little bit. oh haaaaaai.

The next day was a playoff game day so we got it in at St. Augustine’s and tried their beer sampler paddle things, i highly suggest it if you’re bi-polar and can’t pick just 1 flavor (like me).

I was honestly super eggcited for the playoffs bc last year we had a ball day time drinking, leaving work early to get good seats and just being total fans. Sadly however, are are no longer seeking Stanley at this current time (sad face). But we did do it up the few games we got to watch.

Of course we went to Thierry after the Canucks won their one and only game. Eating feelings is something i’m great at.

I can’t remember what I did Thursday to be completely honest but i mos def remember what went down Friday night… Aki and R3HAB!

To say I had fun would be a big understatement, I had the TOML! (Time of my life, and probably yours too). It was everything I could ask for on a Friday night. I love life!

I know, I know..I’m obsessed with these pants!

Aki / SindyBindy / Nana and Ed / Tickets to Never Never Land.

Nana and I … faded, faded, faded.

I’m not a huge party girl (contrary to what my site says) but when I do get to go out, I can’t say how lucky I am to always have such a great time. It’s really the people you roll with and your mental state. I guess a bit of gin and juice dont hurt either hehe. Aki was killin it, had the whole dance floor gettin crazy and then R3HAB got on and shit just got ba-na-nas.

It’s one thing to go to a night club and sway the odd hip thrust huur and thuur, and it’s another thing to down a dozen vodka red bulls, throw caution to the wind and do a proper electric city dance-a-thon. It was def one of those nights, love it!

This was me the next day… tryin to honey drip but with no liquid courage left lol. Paying for it the next day is fine by me! I’d say my body was in wheel chair qualified type of state!! I was just really tired and sleepy. But thank goodness for hot pot, that shit always comes to the rescue! Finally rolled out of bed at 5pm like a pro and made my way to fam dinneroo.

I swear the Le’s always do it up! So thankful I get to be a part of it. Blessed.

Dinner went until late and I didn’t feel like going HAM again so I left and went for a late night romantic dog stroll. The next morning was Sunday which meant kickin it with my OGs. I swear my g-pops is a dope ass dresser.

Got his polo gear on, old man cap fitted and of course his wedding band. They still wear it after all these years. Tres cute! Did some fruit shopping, pension stealing (kidding!) and then made my way home to get it on at the range!

This was only my 2nd time and I’m going to commit myelf this year to hittin the green more often. Fo rills! It was hard, but a lot of fun. Def a game of patience. Thanks Ray for being such a great teacher! Still a bit sore but so worth it. Overall a solid weekend, tiring but a lot of fun! What did you do? Break any hearts?

Yesterday  was Monday and i kind of dread Mondays after a big weekend but I came into work late and found these!

As much as I don’t think flowers are worth the money, I love getting them. What girl doesnt? Got home from work, passed the eff out, and when I woke up to meet the girls for food and sake, I stepped out to this:

Such a glorious evening, are we not the luckiest folks alive? cot dayum  gina!

Anyways thats veeezylife in a nutshell! Picture heavy, food heavy, and love heavy. If you’re gon do it, do it right. Hope you guys had a great weekend and that your week is looking absolutely spectacular so far. Before you leave, i wanted to tell you about this beautiful family i saw while waiting at the passport office. Super cute kids, hot mom and a laidback steezin’ dad. I was staring at them the whole time and knew I had to tell them they were a beautiful little family, even if they probably hear it all the time.

But i had so much trouble finding the nerve to go over and tell them. Obviously I’d have no issue in sending text msgs and telling everyone how cool this couple in front of me was but for the people who deserved to hear it most (them), i was scared to tell them. Nervous to tell strangers a compliment! My number got called and a few mins later from behind i saw them leaving and i knew i had to say something. I ran across the office yelling for them like a total swim fan and told them how beautiful their family was. Even if I sounded like a total dork I’m so glad I said something, or i wouldve kicked myself all day.

Kindness makes the world a better place. Why are we so quick to throw up threatening gang signs in the car when the person in front cuts us off, but we hestitate to say something nice to the stranger that walks past us? I really am going to try my best to smile more, greet those I see, and just spread the love!! Positivity is easier to spread if we all start on the right path every morning. Lets do it together!

And speaking of spreading the love, head over to Vancitybuzz to read my latest article

I’ve been getting some flack for this, to which i reply with…aye haters!! waddap!!

Anyways I’m really late for my meeting now and as much as you’re worth getting in trouble for.. mami needs a job to pay the bills. You can always find me here, and here. Talk later okay? *kisses from your favorite Vancity mrs.! Ciao, babycakes xoxo.

VFW Day 3 recap!

Hi beautiful, good morning! Happy Monday, yayer… NOT. I’m effing eggshausted today, to the point where i’m struggling to keep my head from falling flat on to my keyboard and going BAP! But because I love you, I’m going to bang out one more fashion night recap so we can end this m’f’m series:) Friday was night 3 of shows and my last night for coverage (I was gone for a weekend bender trip lol). It seemed like the shows got better as the days progressed, night 3 was awesome possum.

Here are my picks:

I am a total fan of Well Groomed. Models were out bangin ill head gear and crazy bright dresses. Look at those tribal collar necklaces, i was in total heaven. Btw, all pro photos below are courtesy of VFW.

Seriously me and those head pieces are meant to be! During the show i kept thinking of ways to do a DIY version. The only thing I could come up with was hot glue gun beads to my head. I’ll have to give it some more thought..

The dresses above by AngelEye have already been done before but i still thought they were kind of cute. Look at thow short that first black and white mod dress is. Coochie heaven, i love!

Then my phone died (FAIL). So you’ll just have to check out the VFW website for more pics. Since it was my last night of coverage, i didnt know what i should wear.. but then i put together an outfit (to many peoples’ horror) that I felt described me very well. I’m a bit of everything so I always hate to say “this is so me,” bc the definition of me is everything i love under the sun. With that being said, Friday night’s outfit was SO me that hour.

My description (I used on Instagram, but you should already know bc you’re following me at Veeezyloves) was “So…this is what I wore to #vancouverfashionweek night 3! It’s a hybrid of all my personalities: girly tomboy goes to the botanical garden in Brooklyn. @hmcanada #floralpants, @joefresh #beanie #jordans #varsityjacket #outfit aka ME!”

I was trying to make a fro outta my huur, my attempt came out half ass but i still loved it.

Big huuur, dont cuuur. My social media outlets all week have been so self absorbed, and I apologize! Van Fashion Week is officially over so we’ll be back to our regular programmed scheduling in no time, I promise. I have a great weekend recap to share with you guys!! yay! But before I say goodbye to my first VFW, I wanted to thank Vancitybuzz for sending me as their media correspondent and also a big thank you to VFW for having me there. It was so nice to make new friends, and attend all of these great events, i had a blast and can’t wait to do it again 360 days from now. That’s how much time i’ll need to rest. Week of events/shows plus a weekend trip full of eating/partying equals an autopilot Veeezy at the moment. Can we just snuggle in silence while you whisper sweet nothings into my ear? thank you, boo.