On a mission for dime pieces and sexy ladies..

FAIL. I forgot how trashy Vegas was. Mind you, the people you meet in Vegas aren’t usually the regulars, they’re out of towners looking for a weekend of ugly fun. None the less, Vegas (or anywhere for that matter) with my dimes equals TOML. Always!

3 days of 30+ degree weather, laying in/by the pool, stuffing our faces, and doing what we do best, LIVING.

Disclaimer: there may or may not be a photo (or 2) of me half nekkid. So please proceed with caution.

Packing is easy bc everything has such minimal material. Essentials: sunglasses, frost for the boss, swim swag and the solution to all of my issues- coconut water.

Nigs and I had an early 10am flight and had a bit of time to kill so we just chilled and people watched (my favorite), then it was off to the city of sin.

First things first on board, drinksies! It’s happy hour somewhere in the world right?:)

Home sweet home, aka the BALLazzo, er I mean the Palazzo! The rest of the photos are in no particular order but you can probably follow the sequence by the darkness of my skin lol

EAT: I forgot what it meant to eat my feelings..buffet steeze! The Wynn is no fucking joke. Literally it was a never ending line of food.

Dessert was beyond amazing! it was like a dessert restaurant right in the middle of the buffet. BEST. DAY. EVER. I felt like i was 8 all over again, eating everything in site. I want that, that, that, and that too please. And best of all, no judging.

Best find of the trip was GORDO’S. It was like I was in the OC all over again. Beef tongue / tripe / spicy pork / beef shoulder / steak tacos..PLUS the winner- CARNE ASADA FRIES with a large HORCHATA. I’m so getting married there.


XS, Tryst, Tao (x2) and a few others. Got to see Diplo and Eric D-lux! We were on a mission to club hop. And hop we did. My only complaint was that there was way too much fist pumping music. I get that they have to cater to crowds but whats a girl gotta do to get some hood music man.


Sun kissed and party whipped, we were eggshausted lol.

What’s your take on meeting people on vacation? in a place like Vegas?… I am always down to meet and greet new warm faces, make friends, all that nonsense pleasantry. I’ve made life friends doing this, from NYC, Toronto, to Miami, there isn’t a place where I haven’t met amazing people. But what gives? Do people only meet the opposite sex for future hook ups? or can these short bonds turn into genuine friendships? In my head i believe friendships can be born anywhere, but maybe that’s just me. Sometimes I feel like people want too much of me, too soon. Or maybe it’s that Veeezy love they wanna get with. I mean, who wouldnt want in on this? i know right lol

Anyways, mucho gracias to my amazing team for a great birthday gift! And of course, thank you Vegas for showing us so much love. A few more showers and I should be clean of all of my sins… just kidding, I left it all back in Vegas. Cheers to being young, wild, and free:)