Good morning, gorgeous!

Okay i started the post at 9am but am just gettin around to writing it now (Happy afternoon!). I really feel like the walls of time are closing in on me. There’s barely any time to scratch my butt let alone have a heart to heart with you telling you all the joyous mischevious things I got into this weekend.. I dont even know where to begin. So when in doubt, you can make love to my food photos.

Mars’ late night pre-birthday rendezvous at Sushiyama (10 hearts out of 10)

Whats better than an impromptu late night sake session with 3 of your bestest friends? nothing, really. And of course stop #2 of the night, dessert and drinksies at our usual spot – Martini’s!

There’s nothing I love more than spending time with those worthy of it. Happy buurday, boo!

Peking Duck at Golden Phoenix (8 angry chinese drivers out of 13 drivers)

mmm peking duck. This no meat thing isnt as hard as i thought it’d be lol. I’ll let you know once i actually stick to it.

Chewie’s (4 hip thrusts out of 7)

I’d like to think that I’m a fried chicken ambassador so when Ray said this joint had it, it was on like donkey kong. We had some oysters too which were good but the chicken was blah. Funny enough the waffles were the best part of the dish. Not coming back, but with my horrible memory i’ll be there this weekend telling you the same story the following Monday.

Dim Sum at Happy Valley with my little cousins (5 melty kisses out of 5)

I’ve trained my little ones well. We were gettin it in like crazy! Ate as though it were our last meal. love it!

Xu’s Wonton (4 fist pumps out of 6)

Ray took me here to educate me on XLB aka xiu long bao, aka the soup dumpling that will burn the fuck out of your mouth if you’re not careful. It was my first time eating it properly, bite the  top off, suck the soup, (add vinegar to opening) and slam the dumpling. Only managed to fuck up twice! yay. The soup was a bit too buttery/fatty for me.

Mexican night for Mars’ birthday DAY! (100 warm hugs and kisses out of 100 rainbows and butterflies)

Love mexican food, love my girls for lovin it too. Guac, bbq chicken, bombass terra chips (so eggspensive that we’re saivng the rest for when the pope visits) and dip for days. Btw, I did that soy vanilla ice cream thing… I dont fuck with low fat stuff. First and last time ever! But the rice pudding, strawberries and apple crumble were bomb dot com.

Fatty Cow Hot Pot, my second dinner after already eating at home. (5 mango puddings out of 5)

I swear I have a separate stomach for hot pot. Ray pointed out hot pot season is almost over since its getting warm out, to which i responded with “shut up!”

Home BBQ with my little cousins (50 angel fairies out of 10, they’re the bombest kids..above and beyond)

Oh right, so yeah I’m going to Vegas in a month  and I’m on this super strict no food diet. Can you tell? lol.

Okay enough of me and what I put into my mouth this week, what did you put in yours? something delicious I hope! Ice cream perhaps? some vodka soda? teehee. Anyways this took me all day to write but I can’t wait to update you on what I’ve been up to the past few. Food, honeydrippin, dancing, making new friends, music, partying, kisses.. ah, come back tomorrow..we can chit chat then k? mmmmmuah! xo.