Easy summer dressin’

Good afternoon daddeh! What are you wearing today?

Forever21 (Super HIGH) side slit maxi dress (buy here) I love the floozy high slit / MIchael Kors belted dress (buy red version here) / Rachel Roy dress (old) / H&M Beaded collar maxi (way more $$$ expensive version can by drooled over here)

I’ve been living in dresses as of late because I love nothing more than a 2 for 1 outfit. Sometimes the pants don’t match the top, and then you realize the top doesn’t go with your hair and so on… why put yourself through that when you can just throw on a dress or a onesie and call it a day? That’s my type of wardrobe math hehe.

Foosh t-shirt (old) x Talula silk shorts (buy here) / H&M Houndstooth mod dress (similar here) / Urban oufitters yellow mod dress (old) / Chain print maxi (not even remotely similar but really cute, buy here)

Don’t mind my teeny bopper poses and menstrual cramp like faces. I really feel self absorbed when I take photos of myself but like, who else is going to do it? What I really need to invest in is a boyfriend that loves to take (great angled) photos of me. Taking applications!

Are you doing a better job than me on looking cute this summer? If so, I hate you. (just kidding). You know I love you! Anyways, instead of wishing you a wonderful day, I’m going to wish you a more Veeezy appropriate farewell, go fuck shit up!! ok bye.

Gettin’ mean with your hard earned green.

Happy Flyday Friday you motherlovers! I know it’s not st. patty’s day yet but since I rarely show you love on the weekends (unless you’re following me here, or on instagram at Veeezyloves), I thought I’d send you off on this Friday on a St. Patrick’s green tip. I did a pre-mature post awhile back but this one is one for the monaaay.

I’m usually quite good about posting reasonably priced items that any diva on a dime and their dog could afford. But I was like, fuck it.. it’s Friday, we work hard (and by hard I mean I show up) so why not fantasize a little bit about what green goods our hard earned green could buy, right? so I threw out sensible and moderately priced for,  “YOLO,” and “who needs to pay their mortgage, when you got louboutins like these!?”  so ladies (and a few queens), here are my picks for blowin that cash…

Mulberry Lily Grass Green Glossy Goat $775 / Lime Green Ostrich Leather Birkin Bag$17,000 / Chanel Emerald Green Caviar Briefcase Laptop Case price unknown / Proenza Schouler PS1 Medium Green Suede Satchel $1,998 / RED Valentino Bow Top Handle Bag $775

Do you see that m’f’n Birkin? Do you see that emerald Chanel laptop case? I know they say money cant buy you class or happiness, but i’m pretty sure the people that said that never met a Birkin. We all know money buys happiness, it buys you that botox that got you perma-smiling all day.

Malene Birger Nuggaz Dress $874 / FENDI Contrasting silk dress  $1,415 $708 / LANVIN Drape dress $1,035 / BALENCIAGA Leather blend legging  $1,302 / Mugler Stretch Leather Pants $2,540

Lanvin, Fendi, Balenciaga..ugh, just imagine scoring front row seats to that orgy. It’d be like designer porn heaven. Do you see that first dress? the sparkles would be so fab prancing around the city on St. Patty’s day. Please do not get me started on those leather pants. I could almost sacrifice my first born for those. And by almost, i mean i would.

Christian Louboutin New Simple ‘ 120’ pumps $790 $474 / Rachel Roy Evvah shoes $149 $78 / Valentino bow sandal  $761 / Zara’s SS12 sandals, not yet released.

Okay as much as I love my jordans, i got a thing for heels. esp ones that break mens hearts.  You peep that bowtie on those Valentino strappies? Like, if i die and come back as a shoe i’d want it to be those. So beautiful! The Zara ones arent eggsactly designer but i included them anyways because those green strap sandals look like they could fuck a bitch up!

This is why shopping designer on a snack pack budget isn’t fun..because at the end of the googling and drooling I’m still left without those green suede Loubs! that’s okay though, this green fever is just another motivation tool to get crackin on building that Veeezy Inc. empire! I hope you enjoyed my – over the top, gotta sell my car, milk my own cow  – picks. Anyways my love, I got fams and friends here from out of town, birthdays to attend, parties to crash and hearts to break, so let’s touch base next week ok? have a fab day and i love you more than i’ve ever loved before. xoxo