Pantalones steeze

Happy hump day! Who else didn’t want to get out of bed this morning? ME ME ME. I hate being so predictable and always starting off a post with a complaint about the weather so I’m just going to side step that and ask you how you’re doing today. So, how are you? Did you get something to eat yet? your ass looks fab in those jeans. Meow.

Finally got around to wearing my DIY leather sleeve trench!

It seems like forever and a minute since I’ve gone shopping. I don’t know, the joy that comes from buying stuff hasn’t been doing it for me lately. Everything I want is not here, and everything  I don’t want is walking the streets of Vancouver lol. it’s actually a good thing, I tend to go ape shit crazy shopping when I travel anyways (because that’s where good things always are, not from home) so I’ll just save my spending for then.

Buuuut, my mom did surprise me with a pair of FAB trousers from Zara.

I actually posted them awhile back (here). They’re like textured, faux leather cigarette skinnies. Super rad, plus they’re not the usual black, she scooped them up for me in pink mother fucking pastel. it’s like she read my pastel post here. I can’t wait to rock these once my festively plump ass fits in them. 

Another shopping buy I forgot to post, remember when I was talking about all that flower power? I finally went to scoop up those floral pantalones from H&M. ($15, what a steal!) I haven’t had the opportunity to wear them yet so they’ve been sitting neatly on my chaise lounge. Kind of a waste because I’ve been reading all these other blogs and everyone and their mom seems to already have them! Oh well, that ish never phases me. no idea is original, it’s not what you do, but how it’s done. Meaning, when I wear mine, it will be veeezy’d out no doubt. Woop woop.

Anyways just wanted to share some current buys of mine. I hope you’re bundled up, or at least have plans to cuddle later. Until then, miss me lots bc i’ll be missing you like cray. *kisses on your fat forehead.

Sunshine makes me want to get my pastel on.

It’s seriously so gorgeous today I almost went out bra-less! Oh the days of a hot sticky summer. With the sun, comes the hopeful dream of dressing for mother effin’ PASTEL y’all. I know we’re still a hop and a skip away from summer but the colors and inspiration are already flooding my mind. Hence the nail job I did yesterday.

Kitty kept me company, she helped dry my nails with her wagging tail. Genius child. I cant’ wait for hot weather.. I’ll be wearing my too-short-for-work dresses all day errryday. Air flowing between your loins is such a  beautiful thing.

Can you taste the happiness?? If Spring/Summer were to knock on my door tomorrow, I would greet them with a mojito in one hand, and these dresses all up on me. I love doing light fabrics and colors in sunny weather because tanned skin next to light hues is absolutely delicious. “Oh this ol’ tan? I got it while frolicking nekkid in St. Tropez. No biggy.”

Romwe bow knot pastel dress $21 / Marchesa Nott dress $925 $370 / CK Rain Draped Dress $1271$635 / Robert Rodriguez one-shoulder silk dress $495$222.75 / DVF Blaire dress $522  (This Blair dress previously seen here. I guess Big papi forgot my address)

Some accessories for those who arent comfortable with the whole pastel fitted look. ASOSskinny bow tie belt $10 / ASOS Limited Edition Pastel Chainmail Drop Earrings $17.91 $14.32 / Miu Miu Pastel cat eye stunna shades $300 / Ice cream ring $8 / Sam Edelman mint bow pumps $606 / Lens Get Gorgeous ring $10 – so cute!

Color therapy (as previously mentioned right huuur) is something people dont indulge in enough. Now go on my love, go get your mint on…

Another shot of my lavender nails in day light. sorry about the bad paint job, i hate it when bitches post crusty nails up.. it was late, and i was tired. Sue me!! Happy hump day, let’s chat later. xoxo