Aye, guy!

Just some inspiration for the fellas…

Thom Browne varsity jacket / A.P.C. Camo parkaUniqlo padded coat / Uniform Experiment hooded trench – I am a sucker for men in mens clothing. Varsity jackets, camo, padded outdoor wear.. All def a part of any good rugged man fantasies.

Engineered Garments mini polka dot shirt / J.Crew striped sweater / CDG x Bathing Ape t-shirt / Acne Atlas cardigan – the staples in a real man’s closet. A dress shirt, cardy, sweater and a t-shirt that says fuck you to all the other t’s.

G.P.P.R. David Khaki / The Hundreds Kinney slim denim – I’m a huge swim fan of GPPR, they’ve just been bangin’ out hit after hit. As for the lack of bottom selections, i dont know… i just think dudes should keep it simple and clean below the waist (and above the ankles). 

Opening Ceremony espadrilles / Ransom x Adidas shoes / Uniform Experiment x Fragment Design x Clarks Original – Women may have heels, but men have ill collabs! I’m just thankful its easier for women to wear mens shoes (than men to wear womens shoes lol) 

DeadHeart NYC leather pin (my current obsession) / A.P.C. backpack / Original Fake fitted / Dee and Ricky leggo heart pin – accessories are the best way to make an outfit, sometimes if i’m feeling unpretty i’ll put a  ring on and instantly, i’m Sasha Fierce (or some other form of diva). But on the real right now, I’m heavy obsessed with Deadheart NYC!

I love dressing men, I find it a lot easier than dressing women. With women, we have way too many horrible fashion options that I can’t keep up with. With dudes, they’re just more fun to make pretty. Personally, I would wear everything I just posted up right now..

Are you inspired? Now go get pretty for me!