Happy girl, happy world

Happy girl, happy world! It’s as simple as that. When you learn to be happy and thankful for what you have, all the things that meant so much don’t seem to hold much significance anymore. I may have back to back appointments/meetings, 1000 things to do per  day, and barely any time to tweeze my eyebrows (they’re like a jungle mess), but I’m not sure I’d want it any other way. Staying inspired is not hard esp when you have great friends, family and love. My motivation isn’t fancy cars (it is, but that’s for later on), but more for the people around me. I want to take care of the ones I love! .. sigh, just one of those mornings where I wanted to show you my gratitude. Thank you!

Okay now moving on to more materialistic fashion things, yay. THANK YOU to every single person that left a comment, tweeted, texted, and emailed me in regards to their dress pick in last week’s post! I had such awesome feedback, made me want to buy it all so that I could make you happy.. but unfortunately my Visa thought otherwise. So here’s what I went with.

Wedding (evening) / Next day post wedding brunch (day)

Zara lace & leather dress / ASOS Skater dress with embellished collar

Totally in love with that cream ASOS, should be arriving shortly:) I haven’t gotten the Zara one yet bc its not available in stores but when it arrives, and if the fit is good, we are on like donkey kong. But knowing me, and my knack for picking dresses that look better on the hanger, I picked up this back up dress for the wedding..

Ted Baker Haylea pleated maxi dress (avail in blue here)  It’s an orange/tangerine color in person and friggin’ gorgeous! If only I had a Hermes belt to wear with it…. nudge nudge.

And for those who liked the Alice + Olivia joint..

My homegirl Nia found almost the same dress for a fraction of the cost. Alice + Olivia was over $300, vs. Greatglam $35! It comes in blue (pictured), as well as red and green. Thanks Nia!

In other news, are you keepin up with the HONEYDRIP team? It’s a hub of all things dope girls (aka you) are into. High end nail art, boys we lust after, shoes that Cinderella would even trip over, and pretty much the in’s and out’s of what it is to be a woman handlin’ her biz, get familiar ladies! Here’s a sneak preview of what’s to come..

Sweatshop of 1.

Making it MEOW with custom pieces! We love creating unique pieces and sharing it with the women that understand our vision. Thank you to everyone for your support, we’re having a blast and couldn’t be where we are without you. Work in power, always.

On to my shameless plug, if you’re an H&M lover/hater like I am, then you already know about the sneak preview of their collab with Vogue Japan editor at large/create consultant, Anna Dello Russo.. sweet lord the collection had me quivering at the loins!

Peep my article for Vancitybuzz here – I’ve picked some of my favorite pieces to share. The collection is seriously over the top, gotti, in your face and very old gold money.. I LOVE IT. As much as I dress like a poor banshee student with barely a dime to her name, my blood lusts after gotti shit like this. Gold, bright colors and straight up BOUGIE. Veeezyloves!!!

Anyways my loves, sorry for the lack of content, this post is more or less what I’ve been up to.. which is a whole lot of nothing and everything. Stay hungry, stay humble. love you! xo.

5 pairs in 5 days

Those who know me know that I have hella shoes but seem to only wear the same 2-3 ratty pairs. I don’t know why… I call it the poor girl syndrome, always waiting for someone important to wear my nice shoes for, i’m waiting for the pope. With that being said, i did manage to scoop a pair (or 5) up in the last few days.

Ballet flats: I mean, I’d much rather have these…

But a girl’s gotta eat and these H&M ones are super adorable (bought in Calgary)! So cute mama bought 2 ($30 a pop). I’ve already stained them but the first few hours of wear were total bliss (and hella comfy).

As mentioned 10000 times, my feet were meant for H&M shoes. They just fit so well, what crack be to head. (Buy simile here)



Thanks to my Cheebz for hookin’ a sista up! Another H&M pair (bought in Calgary). They’re half leather/half suede and came in burgundy as well as green. I almost opted for the all suede grey pair but I dont have black shoes, and you really do need a pair of go to black boots. (buy here).

Nude pumps: For someone that’s preached about having a pair of dependable nude pumps, i dont have a pair! But thanks to Chi Nadia for gifting these to me (Bought in Calgary at The Bay)

They may look a bit haggard here but I swear they look adorbs on me. (Buy similar here)

Jelly shoes: The shoe selection at The Bay in Calgary was so good I couldn’t help but check out our Vancouver store. Maybe not the greatest idea for someone that shouldn’t be shopping..

My first pair of adult jelly shoes! Fat summer feet really fuck it up sometimes, tried these babies on again and now they’re about a half size too big. (buy here)

As you may have noticed, I have a major thing for boys, booze and bowties. love love love! Have a great Tuesday, xo.

Real vs. Steal

Okay that was a corny title, maybe a more appropriate one would’ve been “OH NO SHE DIDN’ T!”  We all know designer just tastes better but sometimes the price tag doesn’t justify! H&M released some photos of their Fall 2012 accessories and some of it looks a litttttle too familiar..

As you may already know, I’m a huge fan of Celine bags (as per my birthday request, which has yet to be fulfilled, ahem) and recently they’ve come out with a more demure bag, the Trapeze!

REAL – Celine Trapeze ($2,895.00 USD)

I love everything about this bag. The size, the simplistic colors.. the calfskin (totally against it but im totally not).

STEAL – H&M’s Fall 2012 bag (under $50)

Still cute! Def not a Trapeze but would do the trick.

And another..

REAL – Celine flap bag (around $1,500.00)

STEAL – H&M’s Fall 2012 bag (under $50)

The resemblance is uncanny! I’m sure a true vet would be able to spot the imposter from a Yaletown block away but still, how ballsy of H&M. For my Fall 2012 picks, head on over to Vancitybuzz!

Easy summer dressin’

Good afternoon daddeh! What are you wearing today?

Forever21 (Super HIGH) side slit maxi dress (buy here) I love the floozy high slit / MIchael Kors belted dress (buy red version here) / Rachel Roy dress (old) / H&M Beaded collar maxi (way more $$$ expensive version can by drooled over here)

I’ve been living in dresses as of late because I love nothing more than a 2 for 1 outfit. Sometimes the pants don’t match the top, and then you realize the top doesn’t go with your hair and so on… why put yourself through that when you can just throw on a dress or a onesie and call it a day? That’s my type of wardrobe math hehe.

Foosh t-shirt (old) x Talula silk shorts (buy here) / H&M Houndstooth mod dress (similar here) / Urban oufitters yellow mod dress (old) / Chain print maxi (not even remotely similar but really cute, buy here)

Don’t mind my teeny bopper poses and menstrual cramp like faces. I really feel self absorbed when I take photos of myself but like, who else is going to do it? What I really need to invest in is a boyfriend that loves to take (great angled) photos of me. Taking applications!

Are you doing a better job than me on looking cute this summer? If so, I hate you. (just kidding). You know I love you! Anyways, instead of wishing you a wonderful day, I’m going to wish you a more Veeezy appropriate farewell, go fuck shit up!! ok bye.

May Day

Happy Tuesday sweet peas! Can you believe this shit is already May? Cot dayum holy Gina! I love May, it’s like a pre-funk into summer, def can’t be mad at that. As promised, a short post on my shopping haul from this past weekend’s trip to Seattle. I didn’t buy much, but what I got you might like so we can sharesies ok?

Neon is like, so my favorite right now. Old Navy Women’s Faux-Patent Leather Narrow Belts $14.95 (buy here). I got both for $9.

Forever 21 striped mesh yolk dress $9.50 (buy here) / H&M Houndsooth dress $18  (similar ones here).

The first dress is so going to be my Vegas uniform, I can already see all the trouble its going to get into. The second dress will be the one I wear the next morning to church to confess all the sins from the night before. Praise Allah!!! lol

Forever 21 Striped nautical shorts $15.80 (buy here). These shorts are so comfy and actually flattering, love them.

Finally got to pick up my IVs and grabbed Ray ‘s AF1 Camos as well.

Pretty sick huh? I think they were released at Dipt on Saturday, peep here.

And finally some gifted items:

Girl guide cookies hehe / tees from Rock, Paper, Scissors (RPS) in Seattle. Thanks to the homie Viet for hookin me up!

I saved the best for last though…

HELLO KITTY skateboard (buy here). I know, so effin’ legit right? I dont skateboard, but now I might just have to. So friggin’ amazeballs.

Ok. that was all. Are you having a good Tuesday so far? I’m so hungry. My Vegas diet started as of this morning. No more chips, pop, candy, and red meat. Wish a sista luck!

Weekend of good lovin’.

Happy Monday you ridiculously good looking doll face, you! I’m just in a good mood today because I had one of the best weekends ever. Started it off a little early on Thursday with some cherry blossom frolicking and then met up with Nana and crew for red velvet cake, korean bbq and facials.

I laugh every time i see that photo of nana and i with our killer masks on. Seriously, who wouldnt want to hit that? holla!

As you probably noticed from my tweet, my cousin Christine is back from Korea and we just got it in this weekend, just like the good ol’ times. So good to have my party partner back!! Friday was a beautiful day, got to meet the fams for lunch and discuss business and hello kitty (always winning!).

I love my new ring from @CDang, how adorbs is this? Bow ties are like what hearts are to love for me.

Later on in the night we hit up Fortune for a friend’s birthday. Met a lot of very sweet people! I swear the degree of separation just keeps getting smaller and smaller. Good night indeed!

The next morning I had to see the dentist, as mentioned here (I swear you should just be following me by now). I had to get a filling done and for some reason the 3 shots to freeze my face took 6 hours to wear off. Needless to say I passed the eff out when I got home. But now I know what my face will look like when I get work done, kind of looked like the left side of my face was having a hard time catching up with the right side.

Anyways got up, got ready to meet up with Christine, Sharon and Joe. This night turned out to be epic (I mean, how could it not? Good company is key!). We hit up Red Room to see this  guy.

I didn’t know who he was but apparently he’s an Irish Trance legend like it says on the poster haha. All that unce unce sounds the same to me. Crowd was young, like underaged young. I went to the bathroom and overheard a group of children saying “omg we almost got caught.” All good though, kids are the ones with the best drugs! .. kidding.

We did the unce unce for a bit and then headed over to Shine and this is where the magic happened. The music was..AMAZING, and you know I never say shit like that lol. it just felt like Tokyo Lounge circa 2007, it was hit after hit after hit. We were just smiling, laughing and dancing because we were so happy. The homies were just killin it! ran into friends I haven’t seen in awhile so it was nice to chop it up with the fams. We went back and forth from Red Room, from hardcore house unce unce to old school hip hop, eggstremely opposite music genres for an EGGSTREME night. Best night ever:) I didn’t want it to end,  haven’t had one of those nights since Toronto.. of last year.

The next morning Tiger and I were struggling getting up from my warm bed but I had an offer of pancakes and whipped cream i couldn’t  refuse. Had an awesome 4 hour late breakfast / lunch. It’s crazy how you meet people throughout your life, and even though many of those relationships stay dormant, sometimes you rediscover a new friend in an old friend.

After lunch, i met up with Christine again (3 days in a row, lucky me!) we went to her friend’s bbq and of course I man’d the grill like a real OG.

view from the top.

After the bbq I went to meet up with the crew for what i can only call as a very intense game of haterockey.  I won’t speak on that, Canucks are winning with 4 straight, I feel it!

But with the loss weighing heavy on our minds, I did what i only knew how..I ATE my feelings.

Did you have a good weekend? what did you do? I hope there was some eating and flirting involved.. thats what I call The Happy Girl Diet. Don’t front, I know you’re on it hehe. Okay thats all  folks, sorry about the late post. I was busy putting together an awesome article for Vancitybuzz.com.

If you haven’t checked it out already, please do so and spread the love babycakes. Have a great rest of the day! Thank you for visiting me today, I really appreciate the love.. I couldn’t ask for a better you. xo.

Say Yes to the dress.

You know what I’m really good at? like.. ridiculously amazing at? Falling in love. I swear, i must’ve majored in that in my previous life. Okay before you yell at me for spending money that I shouldn’t have, this purchase comes with an awesome story.

So I saw this beautiful H&M maxi in a magazine, gorgeous dress, like everything i’ve wanted in a relationship dress; long, clean and a total stunner. I went into H&M this past weekend and there it was! Too bad the only sizes left were 12 and 14. I bought the 12 anyways because I couldn’t risk not having it (stalker gf tendencies, dont mind me). I spent the next half hour calling all the H&Ms with no luck. It was a limited edition dress and not all the stores got it in. Needless to say I was fucking irritated! But bc I know my luck with the things I love, I went back into H&M just to look around the racks to see if some fucker had left my size else where. Wishful thinking right? THEN it happened, I spotted a white dress sitting on a random rack and it was MY dress in MY size!!

I swear I have the best shopping stories. Now I know for sure this dress and I were meant to be! Like come on, what were the odds of finding my dress size when there were practically no dresses left? Another customer who saw me trying on the dress earlier actually spotted me in the store again and she couldnt believe my luck either! Turns out she bought the dress bc she saw me wearing it. The End.

Forever21 maxi dress, this was under $20 and i only got it bc the coral color was so vibrant (buy here). I have lots of turquoise colored jewelry..green + coral go together like peas and carrots. I didnt get those bow tie jelly shoes, just wanted to show you how cute they were.

I’ve been eyeing these for like 2 months now at Club Monaco. Sorry can’t justify $100 sweat tights. sigh. Arent they fab though? Half leather, half fabric, full amazeballs.

Also picked up my first fringe necklace. What do you think? I’m all over this ish. Collar bones are so hot to me, esp when they’re peek a boo’n from a white crisp v-neck on a dude. Talk about YOM alert. Mmmm.

Eggscuse me as I wipe the drool from my lips.. If you haven’t already done so, head on over to Vancitybuzz to read my latest article on the Fringe Binge.

Anyways I just wanted to share my dress story with you:)  I hope you’re having a good day and that everything goes your way! If not, fuck it and start again tomorrow. Love you, bye.