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Ready, boy?

The 50 Most Stylish Women In New York Right Now

SUPRA Footwear x A Morir Skytop + Launch of Womens Collection

  • Supra has finally released women’s shoes!  The limited edition A-Morir Skytop features black and chrome double-sided sequins and goes for $100 a pop. Can you just imagine all the moon walking attempts in these? funsies!

  • Frank Ocean is out of…the closet. An amazing step in the hip hop community (IMO). Honestly, it just makes me love him even more. I mean, what’s another man that won’t love me right? (*tear). Can’t wait to see him tomorrow in concert, bring it on lover!

  • My not so secret fondess for Jeff Staple just won’t quit! Staple partnered with Lebron’s Miami shop, UNKNWN, to design a tee in honor of the Miami Heat’s 2012 season.  Very Miami Vice, no? You can buy it at the UNKNWN web store and at Reed Space.

  • I was wondering why MOB’s Tabatha and her pops, Futura, were at Hennessy headquarters awhile back and now we know! Introducing the Futura x Hennessy Very Special Cognac Limited Edition Bottle. I need to get my hands on this limited edition bottle of Henny. Willing to sell a bit of my soul for it.. what else is new right?

  • Okay, I’m pretty sure if I gave birth this would be what love at first sight was. I would do bad things for these YSL clutches. The only downside is that I’ve begun seeing a variety of these on every woman and her dog. Ugh, ask me next week, I might not remember what love at birth feels like anymore.

And now the truth as to what my life has consisted of as of late…

hookers and blow! kidding.

Behind the scenes of HONEYDRIP:

Working, sweat shop styles. By the end of the night my eyes are usually crossed, not a good look.

It’s a lot of work, but it’s a lot of fun. Do what you love, and love what you do. If you can do that then you’ll never have to work a day in your life. Or whatever the shit that saying goes. We hope you’re still just as eggcited as we are for our launch! It will be for all to see in just a few more weeks. I’ll always try my best to keep you in the loop as you are all pieces of my pitter pattering heart. Have a blessed Friday and get into lots of naughty trouble for me. Or maybe I’ll do that for the both of us. Stay healthy, stay wealthy my loves!

Okay 1 more photo for good measure…


Thank you for the awesome birthday wishes! xo

Hi everyone!

Hope you all had a great weekend. To put my weekend into words would be an injustice to what it was.. indescribable. But imma try anyways lol. As previously mentioned, I cancelled all my birthday weekend plans to partake in one of my family’s many camping trips throughout the year. When I was younger, every Victoria day long weekend (my birthday weekend) we’d go camping, thus resulting in a camping birthday collab, for so many years I can’t even recall. As I got older the trips became less frequent because well, I was getting older. I wanted to spend it with girlfriends, the boyfriend, or just doing what I wanted to do. This year it was different, this year I got back to the basics of what makes me, me.. LOVE!

4 days without my cell phone (eggcept the occasional photo here and there) was fantastic. I didn’t feel the urge to check fb, twitter, IG etc. I simply left it in the RV and when I had it, used it mostly to see if I had food in my teef. For 4 days, it was spent playing with my little cousins, well not so little anymore, they’re graduating high school, getting their licenses, discovering their hobbies… they’re grown!! We ate, played football, shopped, roamed the beaches, played cards, hunted frogs at night (scurry!), rode our bikes, ate again, packed the RV for a movie night, told ghost stories, created traps to capture animals, and so much more. It was so good to spend real time with the people that make me the happiest by just being present. I really have the best family in the world and my little cousins make me more and more proud each day.

I can’t tell you how good it felt to go on with my day with no concept of time, no fancy hair or make up, no list of to-do’s … just straight chillin. It kind of went like this, get up whenever I had to pee or whenever my 17 year old cousin (size of a basketball player) decided to snore into my face, go pee, see someone sitting by the fire, sit with them.. have some morning breakfast s’mores, find an empty spot in a tent, cuddle and take another nap, get up, eat again, nap by the campfire, wake up, and then have someone  say it’s only 10:30AM. THAT IS LIFE. 

I came home last night and turned my phone back on to everyone’s birthday greets. I replied to each one individually but if I missed you..SORRY LOVE! Thank you to everyone that sent me a message wishing me a happy birthday. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for letting me know you care and that I’m a part of your life. To say I’m lucky would be unfair, love isn’t about luck. Love is about finding the right people to share the right moments with. I’m so grateful for you. I really am, when I’m rich I’m buying everyone a pony!!

You already know we ate like champs. It was like a gourmet kitchen on grass and 2 picnic tables.

Some of the kids. We were 20+ deep!  / gooey duck the size of my hand!

the boys striking gold

Dashpoint State Park, Washington

the kids and Et riding to the beach

Breakfast s’mores / getting ready for some football

A few photos I wanted to share with you:) No big hoopla, no huge orchestrated party, just spending time with my peeps! I feel like I have everything I want and need at this point in my life, from here on it’s about making that gravy boat overflow. Direction, motivation and drive.. check ,check, check. All l I need is to stay focused and hungry. 25 is a blessing and I can’t wait to kill it this year.

I read this quote and I wanted to share it before you leave..

“A good leader inspires people to have confidence in the leader, a great leader inspires people to have confidence in themselves

Go big or go home folks, you get to live this life once.. lead!

Ogaaay, hope your weekend was spent doing something you enjoy with people you realllly, reallllly like. Just catching up now so we’ll be back to our regular programming soon. Ciao love! xo.

4 ways to be a better you.

Not that you need it because you my friend, are awesome as is. But here’s how to take it up a notch.

  • Learn how to take a compliment. I find this a kind of funny one because how many times have you complimented someone (usually a girl) and they go, “omg no way, I’m so ugly.”  When they respond with that noise I usually say, “oh okay,” lol. I’m not trying to be a dick but I think the art of accepting of compliment is so lost on many. It’s okay to think you’re pretty/beautiful, I mean… aren’t you? It’s kind of rude when someone tells you something and you tell them they’re wrong. Here’s how you accept gracefully, if you’re thankful and true, show your gratitude by thanking them (d’uh) and maybe tell them how it made you feel. Usually it makes me feel like fucking rainbows and butterflies so I say “thanks crack alley bum, that was very kind of you.”
  • Being aware of your energy when you enter a room. This one I’m guilty of not obeying all the time because for example work meetings, instead of greeting everyone with a happy smile, I make a bee line to the donuts. BUT, when I’m entering a space where there are people I like, I always smile because that’s how my heart feels. Be aware of that positive energy when you enter an environment, smile, greet warmly and show your enthusiasm for their presence. Notice how their face changes too, good energy attracts  good energy. I always get all high pitched and squealy when I see folks I like. Like a cot dayum hanger in my mouf…but I mean it!
  • Which brings me to my next one, don’t be afraid to smile. Sometimes I catch myself in the reflection when I’m walking and I look like the biggest cunt lint roller. Smiling is the universal language of love.. it’s like starting a conversation before a word is even spoken. Whether you’re pumping gas, walking past them in the hallway or paying for your groceries at the till (I did this last week and my girlfriend saw the guy smiling back and knew right away I had smiled at him first lol). I get that it’s kind of ballsy, and maybe it might invite unwanted attention but smile for people you want to smile at, not at everyone. You can make someone’s day and not even know it.
  • Take chances, be silly…no matter how ridiculous it might be. There are times where I’m like, “Veeezy chu cray ma, that’s not going to happen.” To which I reply with, I will fail 100% of the times I don’t try. That line has seriously kept me motivated to reach out to others, make connections.. no matter how insane they may be. Last week I applied to Tourism of Richmond’s 365 food challenge, as well as replied to Curt@!n$’ twitter request for any aspiring journalists out there. I am not a journalist, and Curt@!n$ is a rapper from Brooklyn lol. who fucking cares!! YOLO (you only live once) is a good motto to live by, but don’t be stupid and take a cop’s gun..because those type of YOLOs will land motherheckers in jail. Ya feel me!

Anyways that was quite a heavy morning post so Imma step out and eat my banana. Happy Thursday, I really think you’re capable of anything you set your mind to. I believe in you.

meow meow.

Veeezylove weekend recap!

Good morning my precious! You are lookin eggstra fly today. You get some on the weekend or something? Sure looks like it.

Happy Monday y’all. Today feels like a good day, maybe it’s the sun.. or maybe it’s because I slept like a drunk baby last night, whatever the reason..thanks for being here! It’s a busy day today and seeing as how I started this post at 8:43 this morning (It’s currently 11:18), you probably won’t be reading my weekend recap until later this afternoon. Sorry boo! Doing my best😉

Okay let’s see what we were up to this weekend.. Friday after work I missed the Giants game with Dino because the commute to Chuck-e-Cheese (for my baby cousin’s birthday), was longer than the gynecologist’s office after new year’s. Like holy suuuun, as soon as I got there the Cheese was crack-a-lackin and I didn’t want to leave early so it was buh-bye to the Giants game, and hello to chicken pizza, macaroni salad and stealing tokens from kids. I love Chuck-e-Cheese, def gon’ have my birthday there this year.

After a few hours of running around and yelling for Chuck-e to show me some love, it was time to head home to meet up with ThuPac and Raynay for Bingo Players. Not gon’ lie, I knew nothing about BP, but I was more than eggcited to kick it with my loves and just go ape shit crack head cray.

Ended up running into Lok and all the homies so it was all love, all night loooong. That was the eggstent of our photo taking. I had so much fun!! yay.

The next morning felt like a total write off but the girls wanted to hit up the Winter Farmers Market for some good ol’ Ambrosia apples (lol @ Jenn you apple nazi). So off we went on one of the windiest days ever.

Bun crew! whatchu know about that. Picked up some apples, made friends with some doggies and then we did what we do best…

We went to get our grub on! My dates @Janet and @Jennifer, arent they the cutest? It was their first time at Burgoo. I love poppin food cherries.

Had to educate them on that soup/samwich bizness. Butternut squash soup and the tastier chicken samwich. Read here for the full brunch killing! After a successful day out with the ladies, I headed home to take a quick naperoo to rest my throbbing head. Woke up, made cupcakes for a gf’s bday (hi Chels!!!), dropped by the resto to drop it off and wish her a happy bday then off i went.

My favs! @Lok, Pleasure V and @LeMarcuss. I was Captain Sober but dont think these fellas were with me on that flight…

Of course I had to step out in that german shepard of a coat lol. It was cold! Met up with the guys at La Bodega (one of my fav restaurants, post coming soon). They were just finishing up dinner so we chopped it up for a bit then headed to Ginger62 to watch @Aki play before Swankytunes came on.

sooo adorable / Happy birthday Trev! Sorry for the blurry photos. I think blackberry users have issues with taking quality photographs SMH haha

Oh Lok, 1 of my oldest homies and a fav for life. From skipping classes together, doing his homework (lol), letting me cry on his shoulder over stupid boys (even bigger LOL), to partying, to becoming one of my best homies. Thank you for errythang. I got you always. Love you long time. Anyways stayed until waaay past closing, made some new friends, watched Marcuss do 1 armed push ups and then my night was officially complete.

Had the time of my life this past weekend, fo rills. It was so good to see my fams and just watch them go balls out lol i miss that. Spent most of Sunday in bed, honey dripping. Got up for fam din, then met up with Raynay for some late night dessert killing (posts coming to you in a near future). I think that’s it really. One of the best weekends I’ve had in awhile. Did you have a great weekend? what did you do? Tell me!!!

Happy Flyday Friday!

Hi good morning gorgeous!  Sorry this will be a short post, I’ve been swamped all morning doing things like this:

..and then sending these images to people who really dont care lol. I’ve already spent half my life savings on new iphone gadgets (well $20 worth really, so you do the math). A few things i’ve gotten so far include a retro anti-radiation headset.

I’ve been wanting this for sooo long. Well ever since i saw him using one..

Lenny Kravitz makes everything look eggstra fly.

And a bad ass pussy bumper for the bad ass phone herself.

I know, i’m so lame. but I mean.. its so cute, what was i suppose to do? Buy something practical ? uh hello, no thank you.

Anyways I hope you have a fantastic, over the top, cant help but smile, rest of the day, and an even better weekend. Mine wil  be spent doing lord knows what. Eat, play, sleep!! Be safe my little kumquats. Until then, see you Monday. Or see you here. xoxo. What the Veeeezy!

Where are you Veeezy baby?

I usually have my school girl crushes asking Where are you Veezy? i.e. here, and here. But today I’m asking myself that and then I’m gon tell you where to find me. Whomever said pimpin stalkin aint easy was a rookie.

I swear i was destined to be an eater from the get.

Follow these big guns on twitter @VickytheMaker Oh you know, to stay updated on what i’m eating, where i’m going, who i’m loving, or what i’m wearing to bed. Hello Kitty onesie party holla.

Like me on facebook, sometimes it gets lonely posting on FB and not getting any feedback. I’m serious, I’m new to facebook so I need all the handholding i can get please.

And last but no least, I’d like to introduce all of you to iKILLEDit. Peep the link and check it out (or read about it huuur). I’m super eggcited and proud of it! I wanted to wait awhile before showing you but seeing as you’re the apple of my eye, the toot it to my boot it, the cherry to my milkshake..well you get the point, I couldnt help but share it here first!

So that’s where i’ve been! Where have you been? let me know. I’m all about creative peeps getting connected and sharing. The world has become so much more efficient in regards to creating relationships. I love being inspired by people that handle their business and are honing their craft, whether it be photography, design, entertainment etc. In my opinion, greatness is never achieved alone. We gotta work together and share our creativity, our minds are a beautiful thing. Dont let it go to waste. Anyways, just some food for thought.. nom nom.

Let’s get connected babycakes!

@VickytheMaker (don’t stop, tweet it, tweet it)

FB love (awesome, oh wow, like totally like me now)  Where is that line from? lol

We be killin it! Come eat with me!

Friday Flyday Pick me ups!

It’s Friday, Friday,  Friday what comes after Friday? Flyday, flyday. I’ve never actually listened to that Reblacccka song but I think it went something like that. It’s been a  busy week, hence the lack of posts and drunk texts from me. I thought i’d compile a small list of things that can help turn your day from meh, to okay, and then from good to great..if ever you need a pick me up. (not that you need it because you my friend, are high level fabulous!)

Take off your shoes at work. I’m a big fan of feet on floor contact, makes me feel so grounded (pun intended). The sensation of hardwood or carpet on my feet just makes for a better day. Just make sure your toes aren’t jacked, no one wants to see that.

Lovin my (recently found under all my shoe boxes) Sperry boat shoes! (buy here)

Wear lipstick. Ah, nothing like a bright fuchsia on those kissers to really give you a lil pep in your gangsta lean. Whether it be a natural nude color or a fierce show stopper, lipstick just adds the WHOOOA to whoooaman, you know?

Flirt, honey drip. Cute little flirty texts to let someone know they’re on your mind is a must. Life is too random to not let others know when you’re thinking happy thoughts of them. A simple “good morning,” or “i cant wait to smell you!” is all that’s needed to make someone’s day. I love getting messages like that, literally butterflies all up on my face.  

Hand game. Anyone that knows me, or just has eyes know that I’m all about my nails! I change it up every week, or less. If you’re gon be typing on your computer, or doing a lil’ scratchin’ on a certain someone (haaay!) might as well have something fun to look at.

Nails inspired by my gf Corrine. If you cant decide on a color, why not pick them all?

Eat something unheatlhy and delicious. People say eating bad foods makes you feel bad. Uh, ever see someone cry while eating cheetos and double stuffed oreos?  Yeah eggsactly, not unless its tears of joy. Tater tots are fun, whens the last time you had tater tots? its fun just saying it. Oh and pizza too!

Wear colored pantalones. Vancouverites dont do this enough. Sure, i get you and your dog are comfortable in your 63 pairs of yoga pants but sometimes your legs need some color. Walkin crayons i call them, so clever arent i?

yellow pants -ONLY / green pants -H&M / technicolor psychedelic MC hammer pants -gift from India (similar here)

Play with kids. Decorate cupcakes, play hide and seek. Do something a child would enjoy. It’s amazing how doing something so simple can be so much fun and rewarding. Get messy boo.

Wear your fur coat out. Going to the bank? Wear your fur coat. Going for some fried chicken? Wear your fur coat.

H&M fur coat. If this is too baaaawse for you, try a cream vest like this one right here.

And last but not least, follow Vickyloves on twitter @VickyTheMaker. I’m out of town for the next week or so (sad face, yes i know). But as the Prince of Bel-Air once said, “Hey baby, I noticed you noticing me and I just wanted to put you on notice that I noticed you, too.” So follow and tell me you’ve noticed me. Let’s keep in touch while im gone ok? love you babycakes.

 dont mind the stank face, i am happy that you’re here!!