What a few pesos will buy you…

I haven’t had the ambition or motivation to shop as of late. Mind you my summer travels have been quite limited (hence the lack of ‘making it rain’). But nonetheless things seem to make their way to my closet, so here’s a bi-polar purchase haul:

Club Monaco trench coat.. so in lust with this.

Bull snapback (buy here) / Raiders snapback gifted by Cheebz from my favorite Vegas store, CRSVR. I ran into the owner in the Cosmo lobby (I stalk him on twitter) and said hi, it was my only celeb moment of the trip (me being the celeb of course).

Baby bulls jersey x baby jordans, baby things are so cute! (buy here)/ dress I picked up in LA. Its tight, very unforgiving..so me. (I found two different colored versions here, and here)

Wilfred shorts gifted to me by my maja (buy here)

Cheebz hooked this ladyboy up with some lip crack. I can’t remember the colors (coral & fuschia) but lets just say you wouldn’t have trouble finding my lips in the dark.. fiyaaah! And a more appropriate scarf to wear for my chola steeze.

This shopping/gifted haul kind of looks like what a cross dresser would get into.. ladyboy steeze! It’s been a hectic week, check back in a few, i’ll be sure to have some dolla dolla boys eye candy for you. Have a wonderful weekend everyone, i really love you for being here. Seriously, am I not the luckiest person alive ever or what!!? love you pumpkin pie xo.


Hey there, gorgeous! Come here often? (I sure hope so). It’s Flyday, it’s Flyday..and of course, it’s raining outside. How fabu. So, what have you been up to this week? Anything interesting? Anything Veeezy would approve of? Strippers and steak? It’s been a bit quiet at the Veeezy headquarters, busy but quiet.

FInally got to see Frank Ocean at the Commodore w/ Christine, Sharon and Ray!! Amazing live, ear orgasms all night! (Pre-show eats at Sunset Burger). Perfect day for some patio lovin.

Poutine x mac & cheese x bacon cheeseburger x onion rings. Not pictured was my favorite item, their vanilla milkshake. YOM alert.

He played a lot of new songs off of Channel Orange– which I pretended to mumble the words to but when he played “Thinking About You,” I nearly got white girl crazy. Amazeballs!

Speaking of balls (pun totally intended), this week I attended my first major league soccer game! Not gon’ lie, I went to see the Whitecaps vs LA Galaxy game just for David Beckham.

BOOM / You Fat Bastard. Things you yell at the game, bet you didnt know that! There were hella asians and chocolates on our team.. mindblown.

I’m an advocate of (good) firsts. My first soccer game x my first Magnum ice cream bar lol. Stick to the Daaz, they do it better. Awesome summer night for an open stadium game, the only fail of the night were my serveral attemps to get Beckham to take his shirt off. And if any of you are wondering about the score, i think we tied at 2-2. Wow look at me attending a sporting event, how cray!

From soccer to awkward networking events, there’s nothing i can’t handle lol. I hate these types of events, only bc I hate people in general. Last night an old classmate of mine (and his co.) put together their first official Bond event. Gotta support your friends in business and in power.

Think young business minded individuals getting together in a hot room (broken AC) and hob knobbing. Had to practise my up and down lookover, followed by “oh daaaaahling.” (kidding)  The event was held at the Lexus on Burrard so we were rubbin elbows with really eggspensive cars, my type of company.

The crowd stepping outside periodically to stay cool. Like I said, I’m weird enough as it is, and having to show others isn’t really good for my stock. Met some nice people, ran into some familiar faces, but I’m most thankful I ran into my favorite usual suspects:

James / Kaz (FLAGSH1P) / Derek. Best dressed men of the night, and my 3 dates:) Can’t hate a man in a well fitted suit. But peep Kaz’ shoes..

Always takin’ it to another level .Super suaaave.



The 4 of us frolicked outside for awhile, talked biz and then we took off to the most crackin’ party of the night…

Bella Gelateria!! Aw yeah, shawwwty. Again, another first for me! I’ve heard major things about this joint, the owner won FIRST place in Italy this past month. Italy… Oh, i can mos def fuck with this dude! We came at closing and the line up was about 25 deep.

Salted Caramel. Next time I’m trying the Early Grey. Thanks Derek for keepin’ this fat kid fed!

It’s been a good week overall, inbetween living.. i’ve been doing a lot of this:

WORKING! The team and I are just putting the finishing touches on Honeydrip, meetings, supplies, logistics la dee da, pretty much making sure we put forth our best foot for YOU. We’re working hard and we wouldn’t have it any other way, ain’t no substitute for puttin in time, boo. Our goal is have an early August launch so we’ll keep you posted:)

Some food for thought – If you’re not doing something… you’re doing nothing. That’s the last thing you want to be doing, it’ll keep you from growing, learning, discovering yourself, and most importantly, it will keep you from reaching your potential. We are born to do great, it’s in us to find what sets us apart from everyone. I believe each one of us has the ability to do something spectacular, whether it be providing a good deed, or changing the world. The choice is yours.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes:

Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes… the ones who see things differently — they’re not fond of rules… You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can’t do is ignore them because they change things… they push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.    

-Steve Jobs

Some Flyday Friday inspiration to get your mojo going. Get into some naughty-ness for me this weekend please? I’m never one to complain about the weather because it’s dumb to complain about things you can’t change, but um… I’m going camping this weekend and the rain just won’t quit. Whats up with that? So Vancouver, oh well. Food, snuggles, bonfires here I come! Have a retardedly fanstastic weekend, errryone *kisses.

Is this too much? lol. NEVER. Enjoy my mug, it’ll keep you warm this weekend. xox.

Thank you for the awesome birthday wishes! xo

Hi everyone!

Hope you all had a great weekend. To put my weekend into words would be an injustice to what it was.. indescribable. But imma try anyways lol. As previously mentioned, I cancelled all my birthday weekend plans to partake in one of my family’s many camping trips throughout the year. When I was younger, every Victoria day long weekend (my birthday weekend) we’d go camping, thus resulting in a camping birthday collab, for so many years I can’t even recall. As I got older the trips became less frequent because well, I was getting older. I wanted to spend it with girlfriends, the boyfriend, or just doing what I wanted to do. This year it was different, this year I got back to the basics of what makes me, me.. LOVE!

4 days without my cell phone (eggcept the occasional photo here and there) was fantastic. I didn’t feel the urge to check fb, twitter, IG etc. I simply left it in the RV and when I had it, used it mostly to see if I had food in my teef. For 4 days, it was spent playing with my little cousins, well not so little anymore, they’re graduating high school, getting their licenses, discovering their hobbies… they’re grown!! We ate, played football, shopped, roamed the beaches, played cards, hunted frogs at night (scurry!), rode our bikes, ate again, packed the RV for a movie night, told ghost stories, created traps to capture animals, and so much more. It was so good to spend real time with the people that make me the happiest by just being present. I really have the best family in the world and my little cousins make me more and more proud each day.

I can’t tell you how good it felt to go on with my day with no concept of time, no fancy hair or make up, no list of to-do’s … just straight chillin. It kind of went like this, get up whenever I had to pee or whenever my 17 year old cousin (size of a basketball player) decided to snore into my face, go pee, see someone sitting by the fire, sit with them.. have some morning breakfast s’mores, find an empty spot in a tent, cuddle and take another nap, get up, eat again, nap by the campfire, wake up, and then have someone  say it’s only 10:30AM. THAT IS LIFE. 

I came home last night and turned my phone back on to everyone’s birthday greets. I replied to each one individually but if I missed you..SORRY LOVE! Thank you to everyone that sent me a message wishing me a happy birthday. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for letting me know you care and that I’m a part of your life. To say I’m lucky would be unfair, love isn’t about luck. Love is about finding the right people to share the right moments with. I’m so grateful for you. I really am, when I’m rich I’m buying everyone a pony!!

You already know we ate like champs. It was like a gourmet kitchen on grass and 2 picnic tables.

Some of the kids. We were 20+ deep!  / gooey duck the size of my hand!

the boys striking gold

Dashpoint State Park, Washington

the kids and Et riding to the beach

Breakfast s’mores / getting ready for some football

A few photos I wanted to share with you:) No big hoopla, no huge orchestrated party, just spending time with my peeps! I feel like I have everything I want and need at this point in my life, from here on it’s about making that gravy boat overflow. Direction, motivation and drive.. check ,check, check. All l I need is to stay focused and hungry. 25 is a blessing and I can’t wait to kill it this year.

I read this quote and I wanted to share it before you leave..

“A good leader inspires people to have confidence in the leader, a great leader inspires people to have confidence in themselves

Go big or go home folks, you get to live this life once.. lead!

Ogaaay, hope your weekend was spent doing something you enjoy with people you realllly, reallllly like. Just catching up now so we’ll be back to our regular programming soon. Ciao love! xo.

We in this bitch like an unborn baby!

Sorry, i’ve been saying that quite a lot lately and I really can’t figure out why. Every time I enter a room I feel like shouting that, too bad by mom doesnt find it as amusing..

Happy Tuesday boo face!! Hope you guys had a great weekend and a lovely Monday. I wanted to post all day yesterday but i just got caught up handlin biz nawaaamean? I say we do a quick week/end recap? whatchu say?

After a wack load of folks sent me photos of their meals at Phnom Penh I had no choice but to go myself and murk the shit outta that place! I was seriously eggcited the whole day. It’s been forever and a minute..

And it felt like I never left. So delicious.. mmm. Just thinking about it now makes my hips sway a little bit. oh haaaaaai.

The next day was a playoff game day so we got it in at St. Augustine’s and tried their beer sampler paddle things, i highly suggest it if you’re bi-polar and can’t pick just 1 flavor (like me).

I was honestly super eggcited for the playoffs bc last year we had a ball day time drinking, leaving work early to get good seats and just being total fans. Sadly however, are are no longer seeking Stanley at this current time (sad face). But we did do it up the few games we got to watch.

Of course we went to Thierry after the Canucks won their one and only game. Eating feelings is something i’m great at.

I can’t remember what I did Thursday to be completely honest but i mos def remember what went down Friday night… Aki and R3HAB!

To say I had fun would be a big understatement, I had the TOML! (Time of my life, and probably yours too). It was everything I could ask for on a Friday night. I love life!

I know, I know..I’m obsessed with these pants!

Aki / SindyBindy / Nana and Ed / Tickets to Never Never Land.

Nana and I … faded, faded, faded.

I’m not a huge party girl (contrary to what my site says) but when I do get to go out, I can’t say how lucky I am to always have such a great time. It’s really the people you roll with and your mental state. I guess a bit of gin and juice dont hurt either hehe. Aki was killin it, had the whole dance floor gettin crazy and then R3HAB got on and shit just got ba-na-nas.

It’s one thing to go to a night club and sway the odd hip thrust huur and thuur, and it’s another thing to down a dozen vodka red bulls, throw caution to the wind and do a proper electric city dance-a-thon. It was def one of those nights, love it!

This was me the next day… tryin to honey drip but with no liquid courage left lol. Paying for it the next day is fine by me! I’d say my body was in wheel chair qualified type of state!! I was just really tired and sleepy. But thank goodness for hot pot, that shit always comes to the rescue! Finally rolled out of bed at 5pm like a pro and made my way to fam dinneroo.

I swear the Le’s always do it up! So thankful I get to be a part of it. Blessed.

Dinner went until late and I didn’t feel like going HAM again so I left and went for a late night romantic dog stroll. The next morning was Sunday which meant kickin it with my OGs. I swear my g-pops is a dope ass dresser.

Got his polo gear on, old man cap fitted and of course his wedding band. They still wear it after all these years. Tres cute! Did some fruit shopping, pension stealing (kidding!) and then made my way home to get it on at the range!

This was only my 2nd time and I’m going to commit myelf this year to hittin the green more often. Fo rills! It was hard, but a lot of fun. Def a game of patience. Thanks Ray for being such a great teacher! Still a bit sore but so worth it. Overall a solid weekend, tiring but a lot of fun! What did you do? Break any hearts?

Yesterday  was Monday and i kind of dread Mondays after a big weekend but I came into work late and found these!

As much as I don’t think flowers are worth the money, I love getting them. What girl doesnt? Got home from work, passed the eff out, and when I woke up to meet the girls for food and sake, I stepped out to this:

Such a glorious evening, are we not the luckiest folks alive? cot dayum  gina!

Anyways thats veeezylife in a nutshell! Picture heavy, food heavy, and love heavy. If you’re gon do it, do it right. Hope you guys had a great weekend and that your week is looking absolutely spectacular so far. Before you leave, i wanted to tell you about this beautiful family i saw while waiting at the passport office. Super cute kids, hot mom and a laidback steezin’ dad. I was staring at them the whole time and knew I had to tell them they were a beautiful little family, even if they probably hear it all the time.

But i had so much trouble finding the nerve to go over and tell them. Obviously I’d have no issue in sending text msgs and telling everyone how cool this couple in front of me was but for the people who deserved to hear it most (them), i was scared to tell them. Nervous to tell strangers a compliment! My number got called and a few mins later from behind i saw them leaving and i knew i had to say something. I ran across the office yelling for them like a total swim fan and told them how beautiful their family was. Even if I sounded like a total dork I’m so glad I said something, or i wouldve kicked myself all day.

Kindness makes the world a better place. Why are we so quick to throw up threatening gang signs in the car when the person in front cuts us off, but we hestitate to say something nice to the stranger that walks past us? I really am going to try my best to smile more, greet those I see, and just spread the love!! Positivity is easier to spread if we all start on the right path every morning. Lets do it together!

And speaking of spreading the love, head over to Vancitybuzz to read my latest article

I’ve been getting some flack for this, to which i reply with…aye haters!! waddap!!

Anyways I’m really late for my meeting now and as much as you’re worth getting in trouble for.. mami needs a job to pay the bills. You can always find me here, and here. Talk later okay? *kisses from your favorite Vancity mrs.! Ciao, babycakes xoxo.

D. Rose on the cover of May’s GQ

yeah.. no biggy, baby daddy mug all over that cover bitch!

Fuck he looks fine suited up. Seriously, dont tell me you didn’t smile when you saw this cover photo? He has that humble charm, with that “hey what are you up to? want to go for bubble tea?” type of innocence. Like i said before, he is my ultimate dream man. Eff the hustlers and the boys that talk a little too much. D. Rose is legit.

Oh my sweet corn bread lord! I dont fuck with dudes in white pants but for Rose I would, look at how cute he is. Boy got a body.

Oh haaaaaaai.

Peep the full GQ article here. I dont know about you but I was reppin my D. Rose jersey all weekend.. like a boss.

Just wanted to share this awesome May GQ cover with you. There hasnt been a ball player on the cover since Jordan in the late 80’s, early 90’s I believe. May is also my birthday month… coincidence? I think not.

PS. This is the text I got this morning when I woke up.

Starting the day off right, thanks nana.

Anyways enjoy the rest of your day mami and ppais, i’ll talk to you later.  xo.

My Hump Day went a little somethin’ like this…

Oh it’s so good to see you this morning. You have no idea! First off let me tell you about how a dream fucked me over this morning. So last night an act of chivalry was really lost on someone (no names lol, this could be you!). Long story short, a true gentleman, or even a good guy, always makes sure a girl gets home safely. That’s just my thing, I’m old school. Anyways I was kind a little irritated but I guess I didn’t realize how much it bothered me until I went to bed and had a dream that this person apologized to me and said “I should’ve taken you home, or at least made sure you got home safely.” Then we took a nap and my phone kept ringing, in reality, it was my alarm going off lol. I woke up kind of like what the fuck, but all is good because boys are bitches and men are men. People, take note please. GOOD MORNING EVERYONE!!!

George’s taping yesterday was so much fun! It was more enjoyable than I thought it’d be. I came to the CBC building and the line was long like mother effer but media got ushered in first, yay!. Thanks Vancitybuzz for sending me xoxoxoxo

I got to hang out in the media lounge before the show and bumped into new friend, fellow vancitybuzz writer @Tamar and her friend, Nicole. They were both super adorable and I felt less alone drooling over George. (Tamar, Nicole and I)

He even came by the lounge to say hi to everyone and then I got totally got swim fan on him..

Thats the hype guy on the left, i love funny dudes. And thats George (@Strombo) w/ his new bffff, ME.

My best gf Colleen has a major crush on him, and rightfuly so. He is incredibly funny, sweet and humble, just an overall down to earth guy! And the man has brains, how can you not love that? If i was a fan before, i’m an even bigger fan now. The one thing that made me fall for him even more is that he really does talk that fast in real life. I have that issue too, sometimes i talk at 100km an hour and no one understands. George, he would so get me. The guests were Vancouver’s mayor Gregor Robertson and Lance Reddik. Catch me in the audience doing the bodyroll lol. kidding, you wish.

After the taping ended, I grabbed a quick bite and headed over to the Vancouver Club (beautiful venue btw) to attend the Pacific Club’s networking event with guest speaker, Whitecaps President Bob Lenarduzzi.

Bob was such a great speaker, and it was really neat to hear about the work it took to turn the Whitecaps into a major league soccer team. Lots of dedication and love. I think the one thing I took away from his presentation is that you have to do something you love and truly enjoy, and really learn how to listen. Thanks Bob for reminding me I still got a lot of work to do. happy sigh. Thanks to the Pacific Club’s president, B, for hosting it!

Thank goodness I brought a change of clothes from George’s taping to the Pacific Club event. Everyone at the club was in black! Imagine if I had rolled in with floral pants? 1 point for thinking ahead. Anyways blah blah blah long but very fun day. I got home and caught the last bit of Real Housewives of Vancouver. How come all their faces look so jacked?

I hope you all have a great weekend! I dont have anything crazy planned. Play, eat, dance, honey drip, break hearts, rinse and repeat. You’ll probably catch me on Tuesday so that’s 4 days without Veeezy lovin’, tell me, can you handle that? I hope so..I think we need space.

just kiddin boo thang,  i laaab you. (you, not you). Until then, find me here and here. *Kisses from your favorite mrs.

What are you up to this week?

Good morning, gorgeous! Happy Tuesday! You know, being born and raised in Vancouver, you think I’d have proper rain gear but this morning I left the house as if it was July and 28 degrees out. It doesn’t really matter though, I’m happy either way. Because you know what, if you’re not praying when the sun’s out, you know the lawwwd ain’t trying to hear you complain when it’s raining. Point being, be thankful always.. not just when you need to be. Totally on an Oprah vibe this AM lol.

Speaking of Mama O, you guys already know how much I love her and the fact she’s on to Life Classes now seriously makes me want to weep. I love watching her more in-depth interviews and intimate 1 on 1s. My favorite life classes episodes are simply her sitting on the couch and talking about what she’s learned along the way and the real life stories of all the people she’s impacted. It’s like friggin story time every night, I love it. she’s always trying to make you a better YOU, not through Chanel bags and fancy cars (although that would definitely help) but through genuine self love. When Cheebz called to say she scored us tickets to her first ever Canadian life class tour in Toronto, I almost wanted to shoot. Myself. In. the. Face. Because obviously I want to go but at the same time I can’t justify an $800 flight for one day. Sigh.. I said sigh! Anyone want to send me? I will pay in hugs and kisses. I have the ticket, I just need to get there. Big papi, where are you?

Not all love is lost because guess who’s here from the T dot oh dot? George Stromposoiblfdoudfglous. (spelling may be in correct). I’ve admired him ever since he  was a much music VJ but I do love him much more with his role as CBC’s young and talented show host/interviewer of The Hour. He’s smart, young, and just so talented.   I love his vibe! His 3 shows in Vancouver sold out before I could even wipe the drool off my face but Vancitybuzz came to the rescue and comp’d me with a media pass. (thank you!). I’m still trying to get the days sorted out as I’m not available to attend today so hopefully it all works out. If not you’ll see an empty seat during the taping with a big fat “fuck I couldn’t make it” sign on it. I will keep you posted. Confirmed, yayer! watch for my face in the crowd. I’ll be practicing blue steel all night. Georgie Pie, I laaab you!  

Another eggciting event this week is “The Show” showcasing all of Kwantlen’s newest fashion graduates. I always find new graduates’ work that much more inspiring because you know they’ve hustled for their collection, slangin threads and fabrics what not. Just kidding but fo rills, the energy is just different. Young energy! Fresh take on trends, and their egos are just the right size, there’s no air of arrogance, just new found confidence. Confidence I’m ready to shred apart.. TOTALLY KIDDING. I’m super eggcited to go and show my support! If you want to attend, click the link above. I’m just waiting for confirmation on my pass so I’ll keep you posted.

And if you’re free tomorrow night, The Pacific Club is hosting a great night with guest speaker, Whitecaps president – Bob Lenarduzzi. Buy tickets huuur. I’m not really a sports gal unless it involves google stalking images of players (what? you do it too). But this sounds like a great event nonetheless, and it’ll probably be a gold mine for networking. I love listening to success stories and hearing all the nitty gritty details of how they got to where they are now.

And if you want to see me unwind from a week of crack head cray cray, then meet me at BLVD22 this Thursday night in support of DJ YNOT. He’s great on the 1s and 2s, and I’m not just saying that because he’s fam! Every event I’ve been to of his usually involves a LOT of females. Bitches love him!! Myself included of course.

Don’t I sound like some sort of social hob knobber? ugh, as if lol. All jokes aside, I’m always down to learn and listen from those that are willing to share. This is simply me wanting to share my love and eggsperiences with you. How many hours do we spend a week on watching tv? drinking? doing nothing? Now ask yourself how many hours a week do you spend on learning? Or doing something new? Like my pops always says, if you ain’t learning and doing something, you’re dying. Now go get it!

Sometimes I feel super alone going to events/shows but I always love the fact that you’re right at my finger tips willing to share the eggsperience with me. To my ride or die mamis and papis, lets do this together.. @VickytheMaker and Veeezyloves on Instagram.

Thanks for being here, you’re incredible, i love you so much today! xoxo