May Day

Happy Tuesday sweet peas! Can you believe this shit is already May? Cot dayum holy Gina! I love May, it’s like a pre-funk into summer, def can’t be mad at that. As promised, a short post on my shopping haul from this past weekend’s trip to Seattle. I didn’t buy much, but what I got you might like so we can sharesies ok?

Neon is like, so my favorite right now. Old Navy Women’s Faux-Patent Leather Narrow Belts $14.95 (buy here). I got both for $9.

Forever 21 striped mesh yolk dress $9.50 (buy here) / H&M Houndsooth dress $18  (similar ones here).

The first dress is so going to be my Vegas uniform, I can already see all the trouble its going to get into. The second dress will be the one I wear the next morning to church to confess all the sins from the night before. Praise Allah!!! lol

Forever 21 Striped nautical shorts $15.80 (buy here). These shorts are so comfy and actually flattering, love them.

Finally got to pick up my IVs and grabbed Ray ‘s AF1 Camos as well.

Pretty sick huh? I think they were released at Dipt on Saturday, peep here.

And finally some gifted items:

Girl guide cookies hehe / tees from Rock, Paper, Scissors (RPS) in Seattle. Thanks to the homie Viet for hookin me up!

I saved the best for last though…

HELLO KITTY skateboard (buy here). I know, so effin’ legit right? I dont skateboard, but now I might just have to. So friggin’ amazeballs.

Ok. that was all. Are you having a good Tuesday so far? I’m so hungry. My Vegas diet started as of this morning. No more chips, pop, candy, and red meat. Wish a sista luck!

Happy Lovers Day!

Hope all of my favorite Vickylovers get it in with their boo thangs :). If not dont worry, screw love..just worry about gettin that paper. I swear i was a black dude in my past life haha! fo rills! All jokes aside i hope you take a moment to tell anyone you care about that you love them and that their sauce is the biznesss. I get so much love everyday that V-Day doesnt phase me, but i did get some cards to celebrate.

Of course I had to switch up my nails to make it more valentine’s day appropriate.

And now on a side note, (I’m a multi subject changing motherlover) here are some things i was gifted with and forgot to post.

Ray’s Christmas gifts. Hello Kitty necklace (i love it, its sweet and subtle) and an umbrella. I popped open that bitch when I got home and it just about covers my dome and thats it. Still kawaiii though, thanks boo!

Not sure if i posted this already  but my sweet boss got me a hello kitty compact. It doubles as a tv screen showing horror flicks (aka the 3rd photo)

Nana got me a necklace as well, its currently on heavy rotation, L-O-V-E. / Homies Sindy Bindy and Thu-Pac got me this sweet gold collar. Cant wait to rock this.

And last but not least, my new sunnies!

Nana hooked me up with these sick kitty frames for Christmas. I’ve been waitin for the sun to stunt them out in public but for now I wear them on the regular while I skype (thats what i was doing in the picture, skyping and laughing..all thats missing is some sake). Shine so bright gotta wear shades lol. theyre so adorable, luuuh da bowtie. Anyways m’loves i think thats about it. Peeeeas! 2 fingers, unless i dont like you then just 1 finger. xoxo

The young and innocent.

 I don’t feel like posting anything today that requires brain power. All i want to do is go pick up Cheebz, Doobs and Nana and head to dimsum / grab the little cousins and order some wings / meet my girls for some sake. All i want to do is be surrounded by my loves.

All the cuteness that occupies my phone’s picture library…this is all that’s right with the world.

Chloe and Blair`s birthday (07.23.2011)

yesterday was chloes and blairs bday at New Brighton, i gotta admit, i had way more fun than i eggspected. Bubbles, amazing food thanks to nana, endless drinks, toys, cake and even better company. Heres to good livin and more birthdays to come!!

do kids even play with barbies anymore, hmmm. the ones i got them came with miniature cell phones, clutches and perfumes. Im prediciting future barbies to come with contraceptives!!

they didnt look too impressed with my cake…sad face.

kisses for Co Biiiicky.

gosh i love these kids!! so cute.

lucias the real live Diego the eggsplorer.


Blair earlier today…

looking for gold. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVES!!

Starbucks lowered my self esteem.

Seriously Starbucks new assortment of miniature food doesn’t make me feel any better when I inhale it with one sniff. Here’s a tip Starbucks people, making girls feel like giants isn’t eggsactly good for our self-esteem!!

But like the girl that can’t stop going back to her abusive boyfriend, I can’t stop eating these little things. They’re just so cute!! And then I feel so horrible after for eating 10. Mad that they’re so small, but it tastes good. So confused, but I keep on returning for more…i so hate myself!!

Cuteness overload eeeeeeh!!

Blair, Maybelle, Chloe and Maliya- 4 of the cutest little people I know. So cute it makes me queasy!

Maybelle showing me what “Asian” looks like haha.

Blair doing that infamous and VERY ANNOYING pose that girls do, their eyes shut to show their long fake lashes and a pouty mouth to be all cute. Sorry tricks, it’s only cute when Blair does it.

Gosh M is so big! Look at that face, and those little juicy croissant legs. So adorable, I die.

Sometimes when I’m feeling a little duuur and in need of a quick pick me up, all I need to do is refer to these photos. it’s like little shots of crack.