Fashion Goals.

You know that thing that women do, when they’re shopping & looking at some badass piece of clothing, then exclaim “love it, but I def can’t pull it off.” Fuck dude, that’s always been such a big pet peeve of mine! It’s pretty much saying you lack the confidence to pull off a  look you’re actually into, simply because it doesn’t fit into your fashion comfort zone. Bitch, live a little! I know it may sound a little cray but when I wear stuff, it’s mostly for me. It’s not to impress others and gain attention, it’s to make me feel fabulous! But don’t get me wrong, I have fashion insecurities too. Most of my clothing issues stem from the fact I don’t fit into them anymore or don’t have the right body type. Thanks to my hibernation weight gain (hey 10lbs, wassap), it’s okay though –  I have high self-esteem, I ain’t phased.  But my desires to wear cute stockings with short shorts is no longer an option, goodbye adorable waxed jeans, hello stretch pants. Not to say you gotta be rail then to dress well but it def makes the outfit try ons and shopping excursions that much more enjoyable. And to moments like these, I praise Allah for fabulous shoes and bags because them shits always fit!!
So because I’m currently in this fashion funk where all the clothes I want don’t seem to zip up properly, or fit for that matter,  I thought what better time then to focus on some trends I wanna get into but haven’t yet. Here are some things I’d love to don if I could…

Sky high heels –

Giuseppe Zanotti sky high platform / Christian Louboutin Highness Tina Fringe Boots

Oh gosh the higher the heel the longer your legs look, me loves! But how do these broads walk around looking like a graceful cot dayum gazelle? I can barely walk straight in flats let alone add height to the equation. But seriously, when a girl pulls this off and does it well – I get major balance/grace envy. High heels just demand attention, meow!

Pointy / Stiletto nails –

I’ve always been a square or oval shaped nail type of gal but these cat / point nails are kind of dope. Not only do they lengthen your fingers, they just look super badass. Very cat woman/dominatrix-esque. But can you imagine all the cuts you’d give yourself? I guess it’s  worth it to look a little emo esp if your nails are this spectacular.

Backless clothing –

Sometimes it pays to be flat chested. You can go braless for morning coffee runs, well..that’s about it really. But now you have another thing to rejoice about, backless shirts! I love this look. The idea of an unexpected peek-a-boo behind is very sexy. No bra needed? No prob for the moderately endowed. If I wore this I’d have such bad nipple-it is people across town would see.

 Crazy eye makeup –

You know, this is the one thing I regret not paying attention to while growing up. My sister is an amazing make-up artist, and I spent years resisting her services and secretly taking it off because I felt so weird with it on. Now at the ripe age of 25 I’m wanting to learn how to contour, blend eye shadow, create the smoky eye effect. This shit is fucking hard. But I give it to the girls that majored in clown make up and are running the streets with their cray faces – very neat to see! And plus they make your face so beautiful and glamorous!!

Anyways I just had some banana chocolate chip pancakes and done gon’ caught da itis brah! See you in a few, have a great weekend xo.

Friday Fank Yous.

Okay so I know thanksgiving was last week but I thought I’d make sure my readers know I’m not some spoiled twat. Okay so maybe I am, and maybe you’re done reading all those facebook/twitter/IG posts of “I’m thankful for my family/friends/shelter/lover” etc. blah blah blah. Yes I’m thankful for those things too, trust me.. I am, each and every single day. but you didn’t come here to listen to me praise allah. So I’m going to do a list of things I’m thankful for, all superficial but still very grateful nonetheless!

I’m thankful for my patience. I’ve officially been on the Galaxy S3 for 4 days now and I’m using all my will power not to throw it across the room!!! Instagram just isn’t the same and I don’t know any good photo apps on this thing. It’s probably just a matter of time until I get the swing of it but seriously, how are people going to fall in love with me if my IG photos aren’t up to par?

I am so thankful for beautiful toe nails. I am literally a pedicurist’s dream come true when I sit  down on that massaging chair. They’re always ooh-ing and aah-ing over my abnormally (but wonderfully) sized pinky toe nails. Seriously, some people don’t even have a nail. Mine are hard, evenly shaped and can take a real beating without complaint (you try walking 5 hours in wedges!). Thank you Toe lord.

Speaking of nails, I’m really thankful for my thick, hard, and healthy nail beds as well. Loving Sally Hansen’s lace sticker paint (thanks nana)

I’m thankful for Jordans.

I’m thankful for my wonderful tardy boss. Always arriving to work 2 mins after I’ve rushed in so never really knowing I’m 20 minutes late every day.

I’m thankful for my big eyes. These tend to get me a lot of things I want, and most importantly they get me out of trouble. Late for a meeting, can’t find change for my coffee, skipping the line at the grocery store, need help tying my shoes – you name it, these eyes will do the trick.

I’m thankful for the 1 car that always seems to speed in the morning on the highway. It allows me to speed behind him but not be the first asshole speeding in the morning.

I’m thankful for my amazing metabolism. it lets me have dinners like this at Suika:

I’m thankful for YSL.

I’m thankful for the Di-Anna’s club. Since my name doesn’t eggsactly fall in the Di or Anna realm, I’m merely a spectator of this dynamic duo. They’re funny, caring and always looking out for me. but most importantly, they really love me!!! any time I’m feeling down I can go to them and they’ll have like 20 nice things to say about me. like my personal vanity mirror that speaks, cheaper than therapy and does wonders for my ego.


I’m thankful for being really good at making cupcakes. (credit goes to B for his very mature choice of decorative images)

I’m thankful for HONEYDRIP. Dropped the Aphrodite today! Goddess standing for beauty, love and pleasure. Baby..we are sooo about that life, holla!!!

And last but certainly not least, I’m thankful for Friday because in about 2 hours I am off to Seattle with the boo-ski for another fun filled weekend of eating, in bed play time, and wedding funsies!

All jokes aside….I AM AMAZING lol. And so are you! I dont get it when people dont give themselves credit for all that they do. You’re gifted, smart, beautiful, creative, kind, sweet, thoughtful and the list goes on. You dont need someone to tell you all the time, your biggest critic and the only one that matters is you. Often we look out for validation when in reality the only validaton we need is from ourselves. If you’re a good person with a  good heart, there is no confusion as to what you are. Continue being a contributer of good energy into the universe and you won’t get lost. Okay babies, I see you next week. XO.

Weekend of good lovin’.

Happy Monday you ridiculously good looking doll face, you! I’m just in a good mood today because I had one of the best weekends ever. Started it off a little early on Thursday with some cherry blossom frolicking and then met up with Nana and crew for red velvet cake, korean bbq and facials.

I laugh every time i see that photo of nana and i with our killer masks on. Seriously, who wouldnt want to hit that? holla!

As you probably noticed from my tweet, my cousin Christine is back from Korea and we just got it in this weekend, just like the good ol’ times. So good to have my party partner back!! Friday was a beautiful day, got to meet the fams for lunch and discuss business and hello kitty (always winning!).

I love my new ring from @CDang, how adorbs is this? Bow ties are like what hearts are to love for me.

Later on in the night we hit up Fortune for a friend’s birthday. Met a lot of very sweet people! I swear the degree of separation just keeps getting smaller and smaller. Good night indeed!

The next morning I had to see the dentist, as mentioned here (I swear you should just be following me by now). I had to get a filling done and for some reason the 3 shots to freeze my face took 6 hours to wear off. Needless to say I passed the eff out when I got home. But now I know what my face will look like when I get work done, kind of looked like the left side of my face was having a hard time catching up with the right side.

Anyways got up, got ready to meet up with Christine, Sharon and Joe. This night turned out to be epic (I mean, how could it not? Good company is key!). We hit up Red Room to see this  guy.

I didn’t know who he was but apparently he’s an Irish Trance legend like it says on the poster haha. All that unce unce sounds the same to me. Crowd was young, like underaged young. I went to the bathroom and overheard a group of children saying “omg we almost got caught.” All good though, kids are the ones with the best drugs! .. kidding.

We did the unce unce for a bit and then headed over to Shine and this is where the magic happened. The music was..AMAZING, and you know I never say shit like that lol. it just felt like Tokyo Lounge circa 2007, it was hit after hit after hit. We were just smiling, laughing and dancing because we were so happy. The homies were just killin it! ran into friends I haven’t seen in awhile so it was nice to chop it up with the fams. We went back and forth from Red Room, from hardcore house unce unce to old school hip hop, eggstremely opposite music genres for an EGGSTREME night. Best night ever:) I didn’t want it to end,  haven’t had one of those nights since Toronto.. of last year.

The next morning Tiger and I were struggling getting up from my warm bed but I had an offer of pancakes and whipped cream i couldn’t  refuse. Had an awesome 4 hour late breakfast / lunch. It’s crazy how you meet people throughout your life, and even though many of those relationships stay dormant, sometimes you rediscover a new friend in an old friend.

After lunch, i met up with Christine again (3 days in a row, lucky me!) we went to her friend’s bbq and of course I man’d the grill like a real OG.

view from the top.

After the bbq I went to meet up with the crew for what i can only call as a very intense game of haterockey.  I won’t speak on that, Canucks are winning with 4 straight, I feel it!

But with the loss weighing heavy on our minds, I did what i only knew how..I ATE my feelings.

Did you have a good weekend? what did you do? I hope there was some eating and flirting involved.. thats what I call The Happy Girl Diet. Don’t front, I know you’re on it hehe. Okay thats all  folks, sorry about the late post. I was busy putting together an awesome article for

If you haven’t checked it out already, please do so and spread the love babycakes. Have a great rest of the day! Thank you for visiting me today, I really appreciate the love.. I couldn’t ask for a better you. xo.

Long hair don’t care, mami.

If you guys aren’t following me on Instagram then you’re missing out!! It is seriously so much fun… and addictive. I’m only 2 weeks deep but still feels like an addiction nonetheless. There are so many pretty people out there, I’m seriously almost always drooling over hot girls on Instagram. Anyways, drool with me and add me at VEEEZYLOVES.  Some recent photos:

My apologies if you’ve already seen all of this and you’re literally sick and tired of me. I’m sorry, I just want to be a part of your life, can you blame me? You’re so wonderful!

Now on to serious business, I got some questions recently about how I get my mane/horse hair so shiny, and how i keep it thick like thunder thighs. I’m going to say its 75% genetics, 15% laziness and 10% products. I’m such a diva now, pert plus used to do it for me but now I only fuck with Kevin Murphy.

Born Again Wash ($35) / Born Again Treatment ($35). I just realized I’ve been using the Born Again Treatment as shampoo..SMH! Damn what a waste. Either way this stuff smells nice, is packaged like an OG and does wonders for my huuur.

Turth be told i havent used the Anti-Gravity ($40) yet but i will this summer. I also got their Dry Shamnpoo but that shit eggsploded in my bag.. at least it smells like coconut now. Yay. After a few weeks of using Born Again I could tell a huge difference in my hair, my hair is already thick as is but I felt it get even thicker…And for all you ash-heads/blondes out there, Bumble and Bumble’s Cool Blonde (about $30) is awesome. Takes out all the brass.

Honestly anything more than $1.99 for shampoo is a bit steep for me. (I have a very generous older sister that was just plain sick of my chewbacca hair) But if you have the resources to spend that kind of dough on head stuff, i highly recommend Kevin Murphy. My hair gets a full bleach out almost 4 times a year, it rarely goes more than 3 months without getting colored, I straighten/curl/blowdry this bitch every. single. day. And here I am, hair thicker than your average, and shine sicker than a savage. Oh and I can rhyme at the drop of a dime.. holla! hahaha anyways sorry about that..

Ok. this is the real secret, between the ages of 5 and 7 I used to wash my hair with only water. I hated shampoo and only started using it regularly when my sister found out. Isnt that gross!? lol ok bye.

Sunshine makes me want to get my pastel on.

It’s seriously so gorgeous today I almost went out bra-less! Oh the days of a hot sticky summer. With the sun, comes the hopeful dream of dressing for mother effin’ PASTEL y’all. I know we’re still a hop and a skip away from summer but the colors and inspiration are already flooding my mind. Hence the nail job I did yesterday.

Kitty kept me company, she helped dry my nails with her wagging tail. Genius child. I cant’ wait for hot weather.. I’ll be wearing my too-short-for-work dresses all day errryday. Air flowing between your loins is such a  beautiful thing.

Can you taste the happiness?? If Spring/Summer were to knock on my door tomorrow, I would greet them with a mojito in one hand, and these dresses all up on me. I love doing light fabrics and colors in sunny weather because tanned skin next to light hues is absolutely delicious. “Oh this ol’ tan? I got it while frolicking nekkid in St. Tropez. No biggy.”

Romwe bow knot pastel dress $21 / Marchesa Nott dress $925 $370 / CK Rain Draped Dress $1271$635 / Robert Rodriguez one-shoulder silk dress $495$222.75 / DVF Blaire dress $522  (This Blair dress previously seen here. I guess Big papi forgot my address)

Some accessories for those who arent comfortable with the whole pastel fitted look. ASOSskinny bow tie belt $10 / ASOS Limited Edition Pastel Chainmail Drop Earrings $17.91 $14.32 / Miu Miu Pastel cat eye stunna shades $300 / Ice cream ring $8 / Sam Edelman mint bow pumps $606 / Lens Get Gorgeous ring $10 – so cute!

Color therapy (as previously mentioned right huuur) is something people dont indulge in enough. Now go on my love, go get your mint on…

Another shot of my lavender nails in day light. sorry about the bad paint job, i hate it when bitches post crusty nails up.. it was late, and i was tired. Sue me!! Happy hump day, let’s chat later. xoxo


Happy Lovers Day!

Hope all of my favorite Vickylovers get it in with their boo thangs :). If not dont worry, screw love..just worry about gettin that paper. I swear i was a black dude in my past life haha! fo rills! All jokes aside i hope you take a moment to tell anyone you care about that you love them and that their sauce is the biznesss. I get so much love everyday that V-Day doesnt phase me, but i did get some cards to celebrate.

Of course I had to switch up my nails to make it more valentine’s day appropriate.

And now on a side note, (I’m a multi subject changing motherlover) here are some things i was gifted with and forgot to post.

Ray’s Christmas gifts. Hello Kitty necklace (i love it, its sweet and subtle) and an umbrella. I popped open that bitch when I got home and it just about covers my dome and thats it. Still kawaiii though, thanks boo!

Not sure if i posted this already  but my sweet boss got me a hello kitty compact. It doubles as a tv screen showing horror flicks (aka the 3rd photo)

Nana got me a necklace as well, its currently on heavy rotation, L-O-V-E. / Homies Sindy Bindy and Thu-Pac got me this sweet gold collar. Cant wait to rock this.

And last but not least, my new sunnies!

Nana hooked me up with these sick kitty frames for Christmas. I’ve been waitin for the sun to stunt them out in public but for now I wear them on the regular while I skype (thats what i was doing in the picture, skyping and laughing..all thats missing is some sake). Shine so bright gotta wear shades lol. theyre so adorable, luuuh da bowtie. Anyways m’loves i think thats about it. Peeeeas! 2 fingers, unless i dont like you then just 1 finger. xoxo

Nails, nails, nails, I do adore.

Life is a little (a lot) hectic, as are my nails…

I finally found a theme (below) and it’s gon stay that way for awhile. Well until the next time I need a mini mental escape anyways…

Hope every Vickylover had a great weekend! I’m not much of a sports fan (unless the dudes are really cute) but we did manage to sneak in a Whistler getaway and have some superbowl fun. Glad the Giants won, i love nyc!! OK loves, we will talk later. Have a great day and remember to love a lot xoxo.