Some Flyday reading material…

Morning loves of my life! You, yes you:)

In case you’re looking for some Flyday Friday reading material – I’ve got you covered:

I love when Doobie writes on Honeydrip, her witty sense of writing always leaves me chuckling and wanting more. She did a quick SAG Awards 2013 recap and hit all the right spots:

nina SAG Awards 2013

Read here.

Beautiful Instagram fashion doll Sain rockin’ and stylin our Honeydrip pieces:


Read here.

Ah, who would’ve thought the day would come where I’d suggest sweats for casual wear.. not to worry, they’re fancy leather sweats! **TREND alert, bitches.

leather sweatpants 3

B lookin’ so fine! Read here.

Tory Burch is coming to Vancouver! For all you Burch fans, yay. I’ve never been a huge fan, but I’m eggcited to see if I swoon over our city’s newest retail provider. Givin’ it a chance:)

thory burch

Read here.

Hello Kitty lovin’ for all you fiends out there.


Read here.

MAC’s newest Archie Girl’s collection has me reliving my childhood dreams. Are you a Betty or a Veronica?


Read here.

COI – Conflict of Interest, a twist on designer labels. Definitely a nice change from seeing all these douchey label whores in the city.


Read here.

If you don’t know, now you know! Have a great long weekend and even more fabulous Lunar New Year. I’ll be perfecting my puppy face for those with fat red envelopes to spare. Love you! xo.

Veeezy Christmas WANT LIST (Pt. 3)

I hate cats, but I love me me some HELLO KITTY! Doobie sent me the image below last week and I almost crapped myself.


It’s stuff like this that makes me want to work hard so  I can blow my money in the most ignorant ways!! just kidding, but not really. So for my 3rd installment of Veeezy Christmas WANT LIST – we’re gettin wishfull with all things harrrro kitty.

hello kitty 1

Salt and Pepper shakers / Waffle maker (!!!) So amazeballs, mini hello kitty waffle/pancake faces.hello kitty 2

Mini cake mold / Water dispenser – Water just tastes better when it’s been purified by the kitty herself.

hello kitty 3

Sewing machine  – for all the sewing I dont do!

Don’t you just LOVE it ???? Tell me you do, tell me you friggin love it or i’ll claw your face off. Kidding! Hello Kitty does not tolerate violence. Anyways, these are great gift ideas for your sweet little sister, cousin, or even 25 year old friend with a severe case of Kittism. Happy Monday!

Veeezy update!

Hi, how are you today? Great, I hope! Did you have a good week? What were some of the highlights? some of the low lights? I like to ask myself that once in awhile (mid day, end of day, any time really), just to bring my head back together and regroup for the next moment. Its a great way to wash away any bad moments of your day and rejuvenate yourself with the good ones.

It’s been a busy week, but a great one at that. They say don’t mix business and pleasure, but BUSINESS IS MY PLEASURE. You really gotta do what you love, and love what you do – and if you’re able to do that, then consider yourself lucky. I’m still trying to find that myself but I feel like I’m taking the necessary steps to get there. Are you?


Some stuff going on as of late – If you read my Vancitybuzz article, then you already know Forever21 and Sanrio released their Hello Kitty Forever collab today!! !?@#$%& ERMAHGAWD.

My picks –

Print leggings / Scarf / Cardigan / Onch Movement splatter necklace

Onch Movement charm bracelet / Travel bag / Make up bag / Print pillow – For the full online shop, peep here. I WANT IT ALL.


For those wondering how my fashion seminar w/ Splendid for Pacific Centre’s I AM DOWNTOWN Event went, it was fun!

It was a  bit surreal to see my name on permanent ink but it was kind of nice (I’m lying, iI totally geeked out hehe). The girls at Splendid were amazing and I’m so glad I did it. Full details of the event can be found here. _____________________________________________________________________

And last but def not least, the ladies and I at Honeydrip are working on hard on our latest drops! We showed everyone a preview the other day, in case you missed it – here it is:

Ankle bangle/cuff – It’s kind of really hot.

It’s actually a multi-purpose bangle as you can see, but style it any way and it’d still be dope! We’ve already gotten folks asking for theirs to be put on hold – limited quantity so make you don’t sleep on these. They drop next week so stay tuned!

I just read today’s Honeydrip post by Doobs, and burst out laughing. You can’t knock a pretty girl with a killer humor. Love my team! But def peep the post if you’re into vampires, or into cool shit, period.

Dum dum do day! Can’t believe the weekend is here already, that shit cray, bro… forserious. I’m just eggcited to chill and do some work. Gon’ make biscuits, country gravy with fried chicken, bacon and egg tonight, wish me luck! Have a great weekend, boo faces. xo. 

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Quick Veeezy update!

I really dont know what I’ve been up to lately but it’s been a slice! Lots and lots of work, lots of play, birthdays galore, lazy Sunday mornings, honeydrippin’ and of course my expertise, eating my pretty face off.

Dinner at Glowbal Group’s new joint – The Fish Shack

I swear that GG is just killin it with their rep and delivery of food! It was their first week opened so i’ll be back after they tweal shiz. Fried oysters / ahi sliders / fish and chips / seafood salad

Oh you know, just because! My first ever Edible Arrangements bouquet, and wine i actually like.

Wishing my partner in crime, C-DANG, a very happy birthday!

Not sure why i’m wearing the tiara but hey i’m okay with it.

Hand crocheted pumpkin octupus made by our little cousin – such talent.

Hello kitty cake pop!

too cute, just had to share.

Last year I was a chola. this year I was Where’s Wanda, I know… how boring. Not to worry, next year I will come back with avegeance!

Homestyle seafood bake with my girls. Trust me, we always get it in.

C-Dang and I honeydrippin’ and sellin’ dreams as per our usual routine. I’m rockin’ the Athena in case you wanted to look just as fly hehe.

And last but not least, we’ve begun our first round of deliveries for our Honeydrip Movember Woodys!

Thanks to everyone sending in photos, we’re going to be doing a client appreciation post on the HD blog soon. I’ve been running around town doing personal deliveries to friends like a cracked out Santa! The meeting and time coordinations gave me such a headache at times and made me realize one thing, I would make a horrible drug dealer!!

So like yeah, where has the time gone? I find myself waking up and eggcited to get shit crackin every morning and then I open my eyes and I’m like, yo .. why is it so dark? lol. I think the sun def helps with productivity but the drive and ambition I have on lock:)

I hope everyone is doing well! I’m slowly transitioning into hermit mode. Fall fashion events have died down, my desires to shave my legs to wear cute dresses have also simmered to an eggstreme low, multiple seasons of Sons of Anarchy and Breaking Bad have been added on my to do list, and my work hours are 24/7 for Honeydrip. So any Veeezy time I can get, i am squeezing in! Buhleeee dat.

Such a crazy time, but what a great time. If you ever feel like you miss me (which is always), you can find me on Vancitybuzz, Honeydrip, and your heart. AWWWW!

Flyday Friday!

Good morning, sweetums!! Happy Flyday, time to get naked! Just kidding, well kind of. I always associate freedom with ripping my clothes off and just getting on my day with my birthday suit. Does anyone else do that? Come home from a day of work/dinner/meetings and just tear off their clothes like it’s got mice in it? Anyways, it’s getting harder to do with this cold weather but nonetheless the bf still insists (and has enforced) mandatory Topless Thursdays and Pantless Sundays lol. Is that TMI? I  don’t know, I think that’s okay to share.

In case you missed it via twitter last night, this was us spending our rainy evening together:

Connect 4 champ what!!! Serously, don’t step to me if you ain’t got the skills. See how fast I won that game? Mind blown.

Okay back to our regular scheduled programming, how are we today? Fabulous I hope! Did you have a good week? Love lots? Accomplish what you set out to do? Have you been reading my Vancitybuzz articles? I find it definitely more fashion focused (makes sense considering I’m their fashion writer d’uh), so at times vickyloves feels like my personal journal – more of me me me. Have you noticed that?

Here are some recent articles:

Herschel Supply is one of my fav new companies, founded in 2009 and owned by brothers from Vancouver! They’re blowing up fast and are deserving of it too. From GQ to Hypebeast, everyone wants a piece!

For those hiding under a massive rock, Topshop and Topman opened yesterday at  the Hudson’s Bay in downtown Vancouver. Many braved the rain and attended the opening, I went for froyo instead. I don’t like crowds, like I don’t like people touching me period lol.

Zara Home launched their home collection last week. From bedding to table wear, shit is bananas! Currently they’re available everywhere eggcept Canada but still def worth a look.

For the rest of my oh so wonderful articles, head on over to Vancitybuzz and read them all (and like them, and tweet them, and leave me sweet messages).


Today we dropped the Sarah, and I know I say it all the time.. but I think this is def one of my favs (is it my fault we keep getting better and better!?). I’ve worn it with big loose teased curls but it looks just as good with a big messy bun, as shown below:

It’s really such an easy and great way to dress up a boring old bun. Live out loud, homies.. live out loud!

Another HD announcement we’re eggcited to share is that we’re finally introducing a men’s item – The WOODY.

You might’ve seen it via my IG awhile back when I gifted B with a prototype for his birthday but now it’s finally for sale! Thanks to everyone for the interest, visit the site to pre-order yours now or hit me at A portion of the proceeds will go to a men’s charity in honor of Movember!

Some additional Seattle photos from last weekend (taken with a real camera! woweee):

Seriously lovin’ those shoulder spikes! With my favorite @Cat and I.

Baby x brunch!

So thats about it really. I’ve been tryng to stay fashionable in this rain but its a little difficult. Well I guess it works out since Fall fashion events have died down and people don’t care if I look like this..

I kid I kid! Okay I better get going, too much sugar in the AM:)

Have a great weekend, I love you xo.

Friday Fank Yous.

Okay so I know thanksgiving was last week but I thought I’d make sure my readers know I’m not some spoiled twat. Okay so maybe I am, and maybe you’re done reading all those facebook/twitter/IG posts of “I’m thankful for my family/friends/shelter/lover” etc. blah blah blah. Yes I’m thankful for those things too, trust me.. I am, each and every single day. but you didn’t come here to listen to me praise allah. So I’m going to do a list of things I’m thankful for, all superficial but still very grateful nonetheless!

I’m thankful for my patience. I’ve officially been on the Galaxy S3 for 4 days now and I’m using all my will power not to throw it across the room!!! Instagram just isn’t the same and I don’t know any good photo apps on this thing. It’s probably just a matter of time until I get the swing of it but seriously, how are people going to fall in love with me if my IG photos aren’t up to par?

I am so thankful for beautiful toe nails. I am literally a pedicurist’s dream come true when I sit  down on that massaging chair. They’re always ooh-ing and aah-ing over my abnormally (but wonderfully) sized pinky toe nails. Seriously, some people don’t even have a nail. Mine are hard, evenly shaped and can take a real beating without complaint (you try walking 5 hours in wedges!). Thank you Toe lord.

Speaking of nails, I’m really thankful for my thick, hard, and healthy nail beds as well. Loving Sally Hansen’s lace sticker paint (thanks nana)

I’m thankful for Jordans.

I’m thankful for my wonderful tardy boss. Always arriving to work 2 mins after I’ve rushed in so never really knowing I’m 20 minutes late every day.

I’m thankful for my big eyes. These tend to get me a lot of things I want, and most importantly they get me out of trouble. Late for a meeting, can’t find change for my coffee, skipping the line at the grocery store, need help tying my shoes – you name it, these eyes will do the trick.

I’m thankful for the 1 car that always seems to speed in the morning on the highway. It allows me to speed behind him but not be the first asshole speeding in the morning.

I’m thankful for my amazing metabolism. it lets me have dinners like this at Suika:

I’m thankful for YSL.

I’m thankful for the Di-Anna’s club. Since my name doesn’t eggsactly fall in the Di or Anna realm, I’m merely a spectator of this dynamic duo. They’re funny, caring and always looking out for me. but most importantly, they really love me!!! any time I’m feeling down I can go to them and they’ll have like 20 nice things to say about me. like my personal vanity mirror that speaks, cheaper than therapy and does wonders for my ego.


I’m thankful for being really good at making cupcakes. (credit goes to B for his very mature choice of decorative images)

I’m thankful for HONEYDRIP. Dropped the Aphrodite today! Goddess standing for beauty, love and pleasure. Baby..we are sooo about that life, holla!!!

And last but certainly not least, I’m thankful for Friday because in about 2 hours I am off to Seattle with the boo-ski for another fun filled weekend of eating, in bed play time, and wedding funsies!

All jokes aside….I AM AMAZING lol. And so are you! I dont get it when people dont give themselves credit for all that they do. You’re gifted, smart, beautiful, creative, kind, sweet, thoughtful and the list goes on. You dont need someone to tell you all the time, your biggest critic and the only one that matters is you. Often we look out for validation when in reality the only validaton we need is from ourselves. If you’re a good person with a  good heart, there is no confusion as to what you are. Continue being a contributer of good energy into the universe and you won’t get lost. Okay babies, I see you next week. XO.