Veeezy x I AM DOWNTOWN Shopping Event tonight @ Pacific Center

One of my favorite go to motivational quotes is “If you don’t try, the answer is always no.” Meaning, the outcome is always a fail if I haven’t put forth any real effort in succeeding.

The same goes for doing something new and leaving my comfort zone, if the thought of the situation scares me – odds are I should be doing it.

When Pacific Center reached out to have me be part of their I AM DOWNTOWN event tonight (full event deets here), I was really eggcited… I thought I’d parade around the mall in my non wrinkliest outfit, pretend mingle (I hate small talk and repetitive pleasantries. I know, I’m in the wrong industry huh), maybe eat some food, shop a bit. Turns out they wanted me to do a presentation with one of their retailers. As soon as I read their request, I was like UH FML, and replied immediately with “Yes, I’m in!”

Truth be told, I’m so scurred! I have no idea what I’m doing but I’m really eggcited to be teaming up with Splendid for a presentation for shoppers on their latest must have pieces. Come say hi and bring me presents at 7:45 at the Splendid Punch Card station, or not. I think I’d much rather make a fool of myself to strangers. Or whatever I don’t care. I’m just eggcited to be doing something different and getting the crap scared out of myself. Whats the worse that could happen, I could suck? But the upside is, I could not suck yay!

Anyways here are some lookbook samples they sent me –

I’m so in love with those Geo Dot pants! ($148). Everything looks so comfy and snuggle friendly, totally my type of shiz. Anyways, I hope you do something great for yourself today – the mind and spirit are always in need of nourishment and growth. Have a wonderful fantastic over the top can’t help but smile world series type of day. xo.

Just one of those weeks..

Where nothing seems to fit right, food is spilling at an alarming rate on my clothes and my hair has that kink that won’t quit. As superficial as it may sound, sometimes all you need is the perfect outlook (pun intended) to get your insides giddy again. I noticed that every once in awhile i come up with a current “fav” outfit that i wear to death, whether it were my leopard harem pants or that black oversized dress i wore almost every day of summer – there’s always that go to outfit.

Sadly enough, i haven’t felt that way about any piece of clothing in awhile – that is until i stepped into Zara and nearly peed myself. It’s as though the old(er) I get, the more I’m drawn to stores like Zara, I can never get enough. I find myself constantly checking in and admiring their collection like a puppy waiting for the water hose on a hot summer day.

It wasn’t easy, but I’ve narrowed down my new “go to” outfit(s) for this winter. Seriously, this is my only happy place right now.

Studded sleeve coat – that was me weeks ago meeting my future jacket love.

Quilted leather sleeve coat – quilted makes me think of luxury.

Assymetic silk top / Faux leather top w/ fabric sleeves – I feel like I’d wear these all season and just dress them up/down with accessories.

Herringbone Harem pants / Camo trousers – I don’t know what it is about these camo trousers but i’ve been thinking of them all month. What a perfect pair of pantalones to go with silk blouses, thick knit sweaters, trench coats and biker jackets right?

And then there were the shoes..the shoes!

Studded ankle boot / Vamp shoe (love ankle straps) / Studded cowboy boots / Metal toe boot 

The actual instore merchandise isn’t even fully listed on the website so there’s waaaay more damage I could do. They’ve done such a stellar job at making me want to rip my heart out each time I leave the store, bravo Zara, bravo! On a lighter note, do you think its too early to write to Santa? My 2012 year is shot so maybe i can promise to be good for 2013.. ha, who am i kidding!

 This is my happy shopping place right now, where is yours?

Flyday Friday!

Good morning, sweetums!! Happy Flyday, time to get naked! Just kidding, well kind of. I always associate freedom with ripping my clothes off and just getting on my day with my birthday suit. Does anyone else do that? Come home from a day of work/dinner/meetings and just tear off their clothes like it’s got mice in it? Anyways, it’s getting harder to do with this cold weather but nonetheless the bf still insists (and has enforced) mandatory Topless Thursdays and Pantless Sundays lol. Is that TMI? I  don’t know, I think that’s okay to share.

In case you missed it via twitter last night, this was us spending our rainy evening together:

Connect 4 champ what!!! Serously, don’t step to me if you ain’t got the skills. See how fast I won that game? Mind blown.

Okay back to our regular scheduled programming, how are we today? Fabulous I hope! Did you have a good week? Love lots? Accomplish what you set out to do? Have you been reading my Vancitybuzz articles? I find it definitely more fashion focused (makes sense considering I’m their fashion writer d’uh), so at times vickyloves feels like my personal journal – more of me me me. Have you noticed that?

Here are some recent articles:

Herschel Supply is one of my fav new companies, founded in 2009 and owned by brothers from Vancouver! They’re blowing up fast and are deserving of it too. From GQ to Hypebeast, everyone wants a piece!

For those hiding under a massive rock, Topshop and Topman opened yesterday at  the Hudson’s Bay in downtown Vancouver. Many braved the rain and attended the opening, I went for froyo instead. I don’t like crowds, like I don’t like people touching me period lol.

Zara Home launched their home collection last week. From bedding to table wear, shit is bananas! Currently they’re available everywhere eggcept Canada but still def worth a look.

For the rest of my oh so wonderful articles, head on over to Vancitybuzz and read them all (and like them, and tweet them, and leave me sweet messages).


Today we dropped the Sarah, and I know I say it all the time.. but I think this is def one of my favs (is it my fault we keep getting better and better!?). I’ve worn it with big loose teased curls but it looks just as good with a big messy bun, as shown below:

It’s really such an easy and great way to dress up a boring old bun. Live out loud, homies.. live out loud!

Another HD announcement we’re eggcited to share is that we’re finally introducing a men’s item – The WOODY.

You might’ve seen it via my IG awhile back when I gifted B with a prototype for his birthday but now it’s finally for sale! Thanks to everyone for the interest, visit the site to pre-order yours now or hit me at A portion of the proceeds will go to a men’s charity in honor of Movember!

Some additional Seattle photos from last weekend (taken with a real camera! woweee):

Seriously lovin’ those shoulder spikes! With my favorite @Cat and I.

Baby x brunch!

So thats about it really. I’ve been tryng to stay fashionable in this rain but its a little difficult. Well I guess it works out since Fall fashion events have died down and people don’t care if I look like this..

I kid I kid! Okay I better get going, too much sugar in the AM:)

Have a great weekend, I love you xo.

How to look hot in the cold.

Ugh, that post title is so clever I want to shoot myself in the face. It’s been getting really cold lately and even though I knew Fall was fully here, my closet didnt seem to get the memo. My summer dresses are now winter dresses worn with leggings, my coats are getting more wear, yet i still freeze my ovaries off every morning. I forgot how hard it was to look stylish while your nips go hard! I vow to not look like a mess this winter, no ugly jackets and ill fitting winter gear… Let’s get inspired shall we?

 Outfit 1: Anna Kula turban / tribal cardigan / H&M waxed jeans / Isabel Marant Beket sneakers.  Outfirr 2: IRO Jacket / The Row leather stretch pants / Versace thigh high boots

I’m into this turban thing now (don’t ask) and I’m also a fan of leather on leather.. call me Veeezy BadASS. And lets face it, lots of us wear leggings and tights when we’re really not suppose to, what better way to add coverage than thigh high fuck me boots? I need, I want.

Red lips (always a yes!) / Alexander Wang blouse / John Lewis faux feather collar / Calypso sequin pant / Donna Karan wedges (on SALE!). A good date night ensemblo, no? the only thing warm about this outfit is the fur collar though…

River Island leather vest (love x 3) / French Connection knit dress / Rupert Sanderson booties /  Valentino stud gloves..SO BOSS.

So I have a feeling I’ll still be shivering wearing any of the outfits picked out above…but who cares about dipping temperatures and frostbite when ya look that good?

Friday Fank Yous.

Okay so I know thanksgiving was last week but I thought I’d make sure my readers know I’m not some spoiled twat. Okay so maybe I am, and maybe you’re done reading all those facebook/twitter/IG posts of “I’m thankful for my family/friends/shelter/lover” etc. blah blah blah. Yes I’m thankful for those things too, trust me.. I am, each and every single day. but you didn’t come here to listen to me praise allah. So I’m going to do a list of things I’m thankful for, all superficial but still very grateful nonetheless!

I’m thankful for my patience. I’ve officially been on the Galaxy S3 for 4 days now and I’m using all my will power not to throw it across the room!!! Instagram just isn’t the same and I don’t know any good photo apps on this thing. It’s probably just a matter of time until I get the swing of it but seriously, how are people going to fall in love with me if my IG photos aren’t up to par?

I am so thankful for beautiful toe nails. I am literally a pedicurist’s dream come true when I sit  down on that massaging chair. They’re always ooh-ing and aah-ing over my abnormally (but wonderfully) sized pinky toe nails. Seriously, some people don’t even have a nail. Mine are hard, evenly shaped and can take a real beating without complaint (you try walking 5 hours in wedges!). Thank you Toe lord.

Speaking of nails, I’m really thankful for my thick, hard, and healthy nail beds as well. Loving Sally Hansen’s lace sticker paint (thanks nana)

I’m thankful for Jordans.

I’m thankful for my wonderful tardy boss. Always arriving to work 2 mins after I’ve rushed in so never really knowing I’m 20 minutes late every day.

I’m thankful for my big eyes. These tend to get me a lot of things I want, and most importantly they get me out of trouble. Late for a meeting, can’t find change for my coffee, skipping the line at the grocery store, need help tying my shoes – you name it, these eyes will do the trick.

I’m thankful for the 1 car that always seems to speed in the morning on the highway. It allows me to speed behind him but not be the first asshole speeding in the morning.

I’m thankful for my amazing metabolism. it lets me have dinners like this at Suika:

I’m thankful for YSL.

I’m thankful for the Di-Anna’s club. Since my name doesn’t eggsactly fall in the Di or Anna realm, I’m merely a spectator of this dynamic duo. They’re funny, caring and always looking out for me. but most importantly, they really love me!!! any time I’m feeling down I can go to them and they’ll have like 20 nice things to say about me. like my personal vanity mirror that speaks, cheaper than therapy and does wonders for my ego.


I’m thankful for being really good at making cupcakes. (credit goes to B for his very mature choice of decorative images)

I’m thankful for HONEYDRIP. Dropped the Aphrodite today! Goddess standing for beauty, love and pleasure. Baby..we are sooo about that life, holla!!!

And last but certainly not least, I’m thankful for Friday because in about 2 hours I am off to Seattle with the boo-ski for another fun filled weekend of eating, in bed play time, and wedding funsies!

All jokes aside….I AM AMAZING lol. And so are you! I dont get it when people dont give themselves credit for all that they do. You’re gifted, smart, beautiful, creative, kind, sweet, thoughtful and the list goes on. You dont need someone to tell you all the time, your biggest critic and the only one that matters is you. Often we look out for validation when in reality the only validaton we need is from ourselves. If you’re a good person with a  good heart, there is no confusion as to what you are. Continue being a contributer of good energy into the universe and you won’t get lost. Okay babies, I see you next week. XO.

My new favorite color: BURGUNDY

I never thought this day would come where i’d trade it in my neons and bright oranges for… a deep red wine aka burgundy? Just another sign your favorite girl is gettin’ mature. Or maybe it’s the crisp cold weather that keeps me from dressing like a traffic light in the winter. Whatever the case, i’m kinda obsessed heavy with this color.

Some Portland purchases! BP Utility leather sleeve jacket / Zara bag / Forever 21 Burgundy liquid leggings / Nude bowtie pumps (similar here)

I even like it on the lips. It gives such a feminine aura… like old school hollywood glamour.

And my personal picks:

Mango biker jacket / Lanvin dress (love how classy this joint is!) / JOSEPH streth leather leggings / Giuseppe Zanotti booties (so beautiful, i die) / D&G Snakeskin handbag / Butter Shag Nail / Alexander Wang suede heels

There’s just something about this rich shade that oozes fancy fucker ya know? I really like. Add a dash of fur and you’re good to go. How will your wardrobe welcome the new nipple-itis weather?

And in case you missed it, my IG last night….

Shit was cold as fuck.. def not legging weather anymore but you can’t blame a girl for trying. Have a great Thursday!! XO.


It’s frustrating sometimes to do what you love, and know that people don’t always appreciate the unfamiliar or unknown hustle you’re in. In a beautiful city like Vancouver, it kind of pains me to think how many folks only do what others are doing. My example is always as follows – A majority of men/women in the city only catch on to trends/current it things when they see it on least 100 other people lol. Am I not right? You always want what others want as long as enough people have wanted it before you. From bags to played out watches and jewelry…I love Vancouver, but sometimes I’m like, Vancouver, whats up with you?

Enter HONEYDRIP. I’m not saying we’re pioneers in fashion because we’re not, we are simply advocates for innovative and creative jewelry. We want you to stand out, not blend in. Life is too awesome to walk single file behind some moron… LIVE. OUT. LOUD.

I think this is what keeps us inspired and in love with what we do. Of course there are days when we feel like we’re not helping enough people reach their boss status potential, but we always regroup and set out to conquer the rest of the world the next day.

Lately, we’ve been inspired and playing with old school hollywood materials – rich fabrics, lace, and even feathers. My personal favs:

Feather skirt lace dress / Alexander McQueen silk feather top / Anki feather collar / feather ear chain (we have a smiliar chain Serendipity) / Nicholas Kirkwood feather booties – YOM ALERT!!!

Honeydrip team been obsessed heavy…

Feathers galore!

Feather & lace.

Without further ado, welcome the NATALIE.

Hand sewn lace collars with feather detailing… seriously, if this ain’t a labor of love i dont know what is. Buy here!!!

I hope there is a hustle, a dream, a person, or simply a thought of living well that keeps you motivated and driven to do better. To do better is to be able to measure your success, do not mistaken activity for productivity. Being busy does not mean you are doing well, it’s when your efforts yield results (in the form of money, recognition, stats, sales etc) that actually means something.

There is something for everyone, you just need to tap into what makes you, you. What are you passionate about? What productive thing can you do all day that doesnt feel like work? They say if you love what you do, you’ll never have to work a day in your life. I can’t wait to get to that point, it’s not easy figuring that part out.. but as long as you make the effort to be better than yesterday than I promise you you’re on the right path. Anyways, how’s that for some Flyday Friday inspiration? Stay hungry, stay humble!

In case you miss my mug this weekend (which you will)..

I’ll be cooking up a storm and drinking alcohol by the barrel. See you Tuesday, have a great weekend Vickylovers. XO.