Some Flyday reading material…

Morning loves of my life! You, yes you:)

In case you’re looking for some Flyday Friday reading material – I’ve got you covered:

I love when Doobie writes on Honeydrip, her witty sense of writing always leaves me chuckling and wanting more. She did a quick SAG Awards 2013 recap and hit all the right spots:

nina SAG Awards 2013

Read here.

Beautiful Instagram fashion doll Sain rockin’ and stylin our Honeydrip pieces:


Read here.

Ah, who would’ve thought the day would come where I’d suggest sweats for casual wear.. not to worry, they’re fancy leather sweats! **TREND alert, bitches.

leather sweatpants 3

B lookin’ so fine! Read here.

Tory Burch is coming to Vancouver! For all you Burch fans, yay. I’ve never been a huge fan, but I’m eggcited to see if I swoon over our city’s newest retail provider. Givin’ it a chance:)

thory burch

Read here.

Hello Kitty lovin’ for all you fiends out there.


Read here.

MAC’s newest Archie Girl’s collection has me reliving my childhood dreams. Are you a Betty or a Veronica?


Read here.

COI – Conflict of Interest, a twist on designer labels. Definitely a nice change from seeing all these douchey label whores in the city.


Read here.

If you don’t know, now you know! Have a great long weekend and even more fabulous Lunar New Year. I’ll be perfecting my puppy face for those with fat red envelopes to spare. Love you! xo.

Veeezy Christmas WANT LIST (Pt. 2)

When i’ve gained a few and a button has popped, or have stained my favorite blouse (FML) – the most constant and reassuring outfit feature are my shoes! Whether it be my beloved Jordans, or some badass fuck me pumps, there’s really no bad day to go shoe shopping…especially virtual shoe shopping. Hi friends!

Zara‘s shoe game has been so proper the last few months their designer must be getting some on the regular. I love everything!


Studded Ankle Boot / Leopard slippers – I think everyone needs a pair of these.


Dont know what it is about studs but they make me so happy. Studded cap toe boots / Lepard print sandals / Ankle strap sandals / Ankle strap pumps

TOPSHOP has wall after wall, after wall of complete shoe heaven. It’s like stacked porn on each display. topshop3

The perfect pair of simple black boots!! Bazaar mid heel boots /  I dont like these ones I picked so ignore the second pair.

topshop1Gabbi Metal cap toe pumps / Crystal covered bow pumps (eeeeh!!) / Bow t-bar shoes / August Hiker boots – I think I’m long overdue for some lesbian boots.


Pin stud pointed boots / Chelsea point boots / Ava side zip western boots

Shoes are fun no?  Great for strutting away, great for prancing around the city like Carrie from Sex and the City. But most importantly, great for boosting morale when your day is a little grey, or your mood is a little sour. When I grow up I want a place to call home my shoe closet..

Khloe_Kardashian_shoe_closet Mariah_Carey_-_Shoe_Closet shoe closet 1

JUST KIDDING. Just build me a really big fridge. Happy Tuesday, doll faces!!

Ain’t nothing better than a Friday!

I’ve rewritten the intro to this post about 3 times now and i still dont have a proper greeting. So when words fail, photos are a great alternative. Here are some pictures from my life as of late!

Been puttin in work packin on the el bees for the winter months. Ain’t easy but someone’s gotta do it.

L.A. ChickenPhotoGrid_1354899019118

Little grimy joint in Richmond that serves some bombass fried chicken with the illest gravy! Don’t go for the ambience.. go for the bird ya heard.

Chronic Tacos20121204_194504 PhotoGrid_1354899066556

I love Mexican anything; food, work ethic lol, themed parties – had one last week for my little cousin, but there’s nothing more awesome than coming home to a surprise fiesta! B moonlighting as a Mexican server included (his accent was superb). Nachos supreme, salsa/guac, chicken burrito and my fav, the fish taco that kind of looks like a vagina no? So much fun playing retaurant at home. I used to do it as a child all the time – imaginary food, a server, a customer and always at some sort of fake posh restaurant lol. You’re never too old to play!

Fatty Cow Hot Pot20121201_201756 Seriously, would I be anywhere else on a cold day? Of all the hp dine outs i’ve had, this one captures my favorites all in one photo- Instant noodles, fish skin, and caaawrn! HP season is officially here:) Btw, if you’re not having bi weekly hot pot sessions with your girls, ya ain’t livin.

Cupcakes by Heather & LoriPhotoGrid_1354899084232

Some treats to go along with tree deocorating! How can one possibly adorn ornaments on an Xmas tree without  proper fuel!!?  My first victim was Caramella (bottom right corner), caramel filled chocolate cake topped with caramel buttercream, a dollop of caramel and sprinkled with praline. Ugh, i die. so bomb.


So.. do you like it? Is it too much? lol. I think its perfect.So happy the holidays are here but i’m already trippin over the fact Christmas is 2.5 weeks away. FML. But I can’t really complain bc I already got the best gift this year…I got a new baby!!!


Well technically he’s not mine (i’m working on it) but I couldn’t be happier becoming an aunt! Cheebz gave birth to a beautiful, healthy, and biiiig baby boy last week, Christopher Vinh Poole – named after my brother, what a blessed little baby. Honestly, I’ve never loved anyone so much before. Like to love this little human so much even before meeting him is so insane, this is what stalkers must feel. Isn’t he most perfect thing you’ve ever seen?  I’ve always thought newborns were all quite ugly odd looking, but this little guy came out looking like a stud (I may be a lil biased). Gosh I can’t wait to meet him, spoil him, give him sugar behind his mothers back, introduce him to hot girls and be his wing man at the clubs. Too soon, too soon? I dont care, I AM IN LOVE.

It’s experiences like these that make me want to work harder for myself and my faaam jaaams. I mean, what good is time if it’s not spent growing and being with the ones you love? What good is money if you can’t spend it on the ones that deserve it most? With that being said, help me pay for all of my flights to visit my nephew lol. Support HONEYDRIP! And while you’re at it, help my grandma too lol.


Her holding her very first great grandchild haahahahha. Seriously this photo cracks me up and makes me cry at the same damn time. This is so Lion King circle of life.

Okay, all jokes aside – We’ve got a brand new site, and lots of new inventory. Keep up with our blog for the latest in what makes us happy, swoon (Debbie’s naked men), and drool.PhotoGrid_1354899291835

Some recent drops include the Luciana (cross ring/bracelet), Victoria (chandelier bib necklace), and Katerina (ankle cuffs). We have some major illy stuff droppin in the comin weeks so stay tuned! Find us on twitter & Instagaaame. We’re just a bunch of dope chicks doing dope thikngs, if you’re into that then get with it! For anything else, like love letters and presents, hit me at Boo yo ka sha, baby.

Have a great weekend everyone, I’ll be back next week with more holiday posts. Like where to go, what to eat, and who to love (me). Love you soooo much! Well not all of you, just the good ones! xo.



Fashion Goals.

You know that thing that women do, when they’re shopping & looking at some badass piece of clothing, then exclaim “love it, but I def can’t pull it off.” Fuck dude, that’s always been such a big pet peeve of mine! It’s pretty much saying you lack the confidence to pull off a  look you’re actually into, simply because it doesn’t fit into your fashion comfort zone. Bitch, live a little! I know it may sound a little cray but when I wear stuff, it’s mostly for me. It’s not to impress others and gain attention, it’s to make me feel fabulous! But don’t get me wrong, I have fashion insecurities too. Most of my clothing issues stem from the fact I don’t fit into them anymore or don’t have the right body type. Thanks to my hibernation weight gain (hey 10lbs, wassap), it’s okay though –  I have high self-esteem, I ain’t phased.  But my desires to wear cute stockings with short shorts is no longer an option, goodbye adorable waxed jeans, hello stretch pants. Not to say you gotta be rail then to dress well but it def makes the outfit try ons and shopping excursions that much more enjoyable. And to moments like these, I praise Allah for fabulous shoes and bags because them shits always fit!!
So because I’m currently in this fashion funk where all the clothes I want don’t seem to zip up properly, or fit for that matter,  I thought what better time then to focus on some trends I wanna get into but haven’t yet. Here are some things I’d love to don if I could…

Sky high heels –

Giuseppe Zanotti sky high platform / Christian Louboutin Highness Tina Fringe Boots

Oh gosh the higher the heel the longer your legs look, me loves! But how do these broads walk around looking like a graceful cot dayum gazelle? I can barely walk straight in flats let alone add height to the equation. But seriously, when a girl pulls this off and does it well – I get major balance/grace envy. High heels just demand attention, meow!

Pointy / Stiletto nails –

I’ve always been a square or oval shaped nail type of gal but these cat / point nails are kind of dope. Not only do they lengthen your fingers, they just look super badass. Very cat woman/dominatrix-esque. But can you imagine all the cuts you’d give yourself? I guess it’s  worth it to look a little emo esp if your nails are this spectacular.

Backless clothing –

Sometimes it pays to be flat chested. You can go braless for morning coffee runs, well..that’s about it really. But now you have another thing to rejoice about, backless shirts! I love this look. The idea of an unexpected peek-a-boo behind is very sexy. No bra needed? No prob for the moderately endowed. If I wore this I’d have such bad nipple-it is people across town would see.

 Crazy eye makeup –

You know, this is the one thing I regret not paying attention to while growing up. My sister is an amazing make-up artist, and I spent years resisting her services and secretly taking it off because I felt so weird with it on. Now at the ripe age of 25 I’m wanting to learn how to contour, blend eye shadow, create the smoky eye effect. This shit is fucking hard. But I give it to the girls that majored in clown make up and are running the streets with their cray faces – very neat to see! And plus they make your face so beautiful and glamorous!!

Anyways I just had some banana chocolate chip pancakes and done gon’ caught da itis brah! See you in a few, have a great weekend xo.

Veeezy Christmas WANT LIST (Pt. 1)

Yes, I’m starting mucho tres early this year just to make sure I give Santa ample time to get shit crackin. This will be more a series type of deal, adding things along the way just bc I can. Let’s start off with the basics of a nice warm fuzzzy coat shall we?

Sometimes all it takes is for one girl to wear it and all Veeezy hell breaks loose – here are a few jackets/coats I’m pining over –

As seen on Danielle from WeWoreWhat, Zara Zip coat with faux leather quilted sleeves (beige version here, which do you prefer?)

Another Zara piece-

Zara Short military jacket – It’s like the perfect amount of cuteness and versatility combined. Worn by Blair from Atlantic-Pacific, isnt’ she adorable??

Along with my request for a Chanel bag, with a puppy inside and fake boobs, Santa can also hook this up :

Mackage Kay-B / Mackage Isabel-B

Okay check back later, my list is only going up from here hehe. Have a great Thursday my beautiful boo faces!

Veeezy update!

Hi, how are you today? Great, I hope! Did you have a good week? What were some of the highlights? some of the low lights? I like to ask myself that once in awhile (mid day, end of day, any time really), just to bring my head back together and regroup for the next moment. Its a great way to wash away any bad moments of your day and rejuvenate yourself with the good ones.

It’s been a busy week, but a great one at that. They say don’t mix business and pleasure, but BUSINESS IS MY PLEASURE. You really gotta do what you love, and love what you do – and if you’re able to do that, then consider yourself lucky. I’m still trying to find that myself but I feel like I’m taking the necessary steps to get there. Are you?


Some stuff going on as of late – If you read my Vancitybuzz article, then you already know Forever21 and Sanrio released their Hello Kitty Forever collab today!! !?@#$%& ERMAHGAWD.

My picks –

Print leggings / Scarf / Cardigan / Onch Movement splatter necklace

Onch Movement charm bracelet / Travel bag / Make up bag / Print pillow – For the full online shop, peep here. I WANT IT ALL.


For those wondering how my fashion seminar w/ Splendid for Pacific Centre’s I AM DOWNTOWN Event went, it was fun!

It was a  bit surreal to see my name on permanent ink but it was kind of nice (I’m lying, iI totally geeked out hehe). The girls at Splendid were amazing and I’m so glad I did it. Full details of the event can be found here. _____________________________________________________________________

And last but def not least, the ladies and I at Honeydrip are working on hard on our latest drops! We showed everyone a preview the other day, in case you missed it – here it is:

Ankle bangle/cuff – It’s kind of really hot.

It’s actually a multi-purpose bangle as you can see, but style it any way and it’d still be dope! We’ve already gotten folks asking for theirs to be put on hold – limited quantity so make you don’t sleep on these. They drop next week so stay tuned!

I just read today’s Honeydrip post by Doobs, and burst out laughing. You can’t knock a pretty girl with a killer humor. Love my team! But def peep the post if you’re into vampires, or into cool shit, period.

Dum dum do day! Can’t believe the weekend is here already, that shit cray, bro… forserious. I’m just eggcited to chill and do some work. Gon’ make biscuits, country gravy with fried chicken, bacon and egg tonight, wish me luck! Have a great weekend, boo faces. xo. 

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