Urban Turban

Okay shoot me now because i’m starting to fall for the modern day turban! That’s like saying I’m okay with those hippy head bands that girls wore all summer over their greased hair while drinking $2 beers and vintage clothes. ugh, i hate me!

But I do love me in this outfit…

My only complaint about dark clothing is its hard not to look like a stone cold bitch chicken head – like when I’m wearing a yellow sundress its so much easier to show others i’m sweet right? Anyways, nothing some lipstick and pattern can’t fix.

Chic Nova leather jacket / Mango paisley blouse / Kohl’s head wrap / black tights / Loft bootiesZara bag /  And for those hollaring, my lipstick is MAC’s Rebel.The perfect shade of plum x crimson berry.

Sorry for neglecting you the last few, been busying weekday partying, watching movies, eating chocolate dipped strawberries, and honeydrippin. Can’t blame a girl can you? Will be back next week after I get some sleep. Have a crack head cray weekend xo!

How to look hot in the cold.

Ugh, that post title is so clever I want to shoot myself in the face. It’s been getting really cold lately and even though I knew Fall was fully here, my closet didnt seem to get the memo. My summer dresses are now winter dresses worn with leggings, my coats are getting more wear, yet i still freeze my ovaries off every morning. I forgot how hard it was to look stylish while your nips go hard! I vow to not look like a mess this winter, no ugly jackets and ill fitting winter gear… Let’s get inspired shall we?

 Outfit 1: Anna Kula turban / tribal cardigan / H&M waxed jeans / Isabel Marant Beket sneakers.  Outfirr 2: IRO Jacket / The Row leather stretch pants / Versace thigh high boots

I’m into this turban thing now (don’t ask) and I’m also a fan of leather on leather.. call me Veeezy BadASS. And lets face it, lots of us wear leggings and tights when we’re really not suppose to, what better way to add coverage than thigh high fuck me boots? I need, I want.

Red lips (always a yes!) / Alexander Wang blouse / John Lewis faux feather collar / Calypso sequin pant / Donna Karan wedges (on SALE!). A good date night ensemblo, no? the only thing warm about this outfit is the fur collar though…

River Island leather vest (love x 3) / French Connection knit dress / Rupert Sanderson booties /  Valentino stud gloves..SO BOSS.

So I have a feeling I’ll still be shivering wearing any of the outfits picked out above…but who cares about dipping temperatures and frostbite when ya look that good?

Denim on Denim

dot dot dot. The horror of this trend sometimes makes me want to gag. We see denim on denim crimes happen everyday. On oblivious tourists to our beloved mothers, this is an outfit that should come with a disclaimer. Even I shy away from this combo… But sigh, when it’s done right…all is well in the world.

The middle outfit is my favorite. I find it the most riskaaay considering the 2 denims are so similar in color but it looks like marshmellow fluff and rainbows on that model .Cot dayum.

Lovely reader, Christine (hi!), asked for some help on this denim on denim action and I am happy to help. There aren’t many ways to channel your Double D cravings (double denim, silly!). But I put together 3 fool proof double D outfits that will have you turning heads as you prance around with yo DD cherry popped.

Outfit 1: John Lewish tie die shirt / Mango super slim jeans – I love the look of crisp white jeans and this loose comfy obmre jean shirt is perfect for creating a cheeky DD outfit. Playful, fun and trendy.

Outfit 2: Aritzia Marshall classic denim shirt Levi’s jeans – THIS is how you achieve that second model look. Both are dark denim with different washes. Worn tucked in with a  badass leather belt for full effect. me loves!

Outfit 3: Aritiza Marshall classic denim shirt (same as previous) / J Brand boyfriend jeans – My personal favorite casual outfit. Worn with wedges for a brunch date, or sneakers for running  errands. Very cute Double D action.

What we’re looking for is contrast in colors,and even textures of jean materials. And when in doubt, add a belt to create an illusion of separation from the top and bottom.

Congratulations, you’ve just graduated from the school of Denim. Proceed with caution and remember, if anyone asks (and you’re not looking like a hot mess), tell them Veeezy taught me! Happy September, everyone. XO

It could happen to anyone…

Peplum Power!

Not gon’ lie, when I first saw peplum i was like, uggh, how tacky. Then it grew on me and  when i finally tried it on – it was flattering! Hit my bod in all the right places (holla). I think my resistance came from the fact it reminded me of 80s fashion, those tutu dresses with the fluff coming out at the waist. But here I am eating my words, peplum is the shizzz!

I dont have a waist, I’m kind of built like a trucker so the overskirt mid way is perfect in creating an illusion of a waist. Yes, it’s visual trickery but oh fuckin’ well I’m into it.

Doesn’t hurt the coral color is quite divine on my TOPSHOP dress huh? This was at my cousin’s wedding last week (more to come later). It was comfy, stretchy, and very forgiving for the buffet dinner lol. Buy yours here, or here.

And of course I’ve handpicked my top peplum dresses for you…

To see where you can scoop these beautiful dresses (and the rest of my picks), head on over to your friendly neighborhood spot of whats crack-a-lackin’ in Vancouver at Vancitybuzz!

Happy Monday, go fuck shit up.

Easy summer dressin’

Good afternoon daddeh! What are you wearing today?

Forever21 (Super HIGH) side slit maxi dress (buy here) I love the floozy high slit / MIchael Kors belted dress (buy red version here) / Rachel Roy dress (old) / H&M Beaded collar maxi (way more $$$ expensive version can by drooled over here)

I’ve been living in dresses as of late because I love nothing more than a 2 for 1 outfit. Sometimes the pants don’t match the top, and then you realize the top doesn’t go with your hair and so on… why put yourself through that when you can just throw on a dress or a onesie and call it a day? That’s my type of wardrobe math hehe.

Foosh t-shirt (old) x Talula silk shorts (buy here) / H&M Houndstooth mod dress (similar here) / Urban oufitters yellow mod dress (old) / Chain print maxi (not even remotely similar but really cute, buy here)

Don’t mind my teeny bopper poses and menstrual cramp like faces. I really feel self absorbed when I take photos of myself but like, who else is going to do it? What I really need to invest in is a boyfriend that loves to take (great angled) photos of me. Taking applications!

Are you doing a better job than me on looking cute this summer? If so, I hate you. (just kidding). You know I love you! Anyways, instead of wishing you a wonderful day, I’m going to wish you a more Veeezy appropriate farewell, go fuck shit up!! ok bye.


I haven’t been sick sick in a really long time…but alas the day has come! Living off hugs and cake finally caught up to me womp womp womp.

Let’s recap my buuuurday!! Every year my loves give me literally weeks and numerous celebrations to ring in my new age. Seriously, I’m not eggsagerating when I say I have the illest friends! Every year they spoil me absolutely rotten, from full Veeezy days (meaning we do whatever I want) including bomb ass high tea, to surprising me with my favorite Hello Kitty beach cruiser. I’ve celebrated my birthday with them for the last 11 years and I can only wish I’ll continue to do so for many more to come.

This year was my quarter century (gasp!) or as I would like to call it, 21 for the 5th time :) As always I got weekend after weekend of birthday love, first one being my family camping trip, then this past weekend we officially got shit crackin!

The usual suspects… missing a few Mars and Coll. We went to Crawfish King (my second time there, might be my last). Service was blah, food isn’t even CK seattle quality. But like an insecure gf, i keep going back for more hoping things will be different. Anyways we stuffed our faces and then chilled out for a bit before heading to the demise of Veeeezy..aka Guu!

Seriously the food never stopped coming. For a bunch of folks that just fnished having dinner we sure went in! Food, beer, sake, and of course since the homie Lok was thuuur..we had to rendezvous with some JD. FML. Every time I looked up everyone was eating and drinking.

So I decided not to look up, ever again. But yeah, great times lol!

The next morning went a little somethin like this. Got up, checked my body for tattoos and bruises, canceled my plans for the day, then spent the day with my moms. Shopping, visiting folks, eating, and just bonding with the person that gave me such a blessed life!

Then it was time for dinner.

How could I not love my team!!?

I surprised my girls and took them out for hot pot instead  bc at least once for my birthday i like to take them out. Gotta take care of my team ya know? Does anyone else do that? I think thats the old school way.

After HP there was a major tetris / sake competition lol then it was off to Shine.

The rest of the photos are going in the vault to be used for blackmail… teehee. I had the most fun I’ve ever had. One big room, full of Veeezy lovers.

The next morning hurt, I’m not gon’ lie! but I had a morning meeting so i couldn’t sleep on it but I did manage to fit into my skinny high waisted jeans. Hours of dancing really paid off.

Meeting was good, then my little cousins came over so we kicked it for awhile then it was off to meet the fam at Kits for Thu Pac’s buuuurday!! But you already knew that…right?:)

Happy birthday Thu!!

I always come bearing sweets, and they greet me in return with that dark liq.. holla.

Nana and I being silly. It was a perfect day at the beach.

I also got to catch up with an old friend and family this week as well. Cousins food session at Ebisu is always a WIN.

Sushi heaven, oysters (2 rounds). calamari, nachos, fried shrimp, fries, & wings for daaays!

Such an eventful weekend. By the time I laid my head to rest last night, my body had begun to shut down on me *sad face. But of course not before Thu made a special delivery to my home.

Whatchu know about that Veeeezy love?? I’m about dat cake life!!

Next weekend my birthday celebration continues in Seattle with my co-bday pilot Jenne, super eggcited for girls weekend at the lake. And the weekend after that…well, you’ll just have to wait and see teehee.

Thank you again to everyone for all the birthday wishes, I really do appreciate it! Your love did not go unnoticed. Love love love my life! xo.