Seattle weekend!

Not gon’ lie.. it’s kind of poopy to be back after a weekend of celebrating love, stuffing my face, and meeting some amazing, amazing people from all over! From Toronto, to New Jersey.. there were so many sweet individuals that made this trip so memorable, thus making the return home that tragic! Know what else is tragic? I wore a total of 7 outfits this past weekend and didnt take a pic of any lol. I hate me too.

B scooped me up on Friday with goodies (because he is that type of awesomeness) and we were officially enroute to Seattle and in vacay mode holla!!

One gas stop, and one Nacho Libre movie later, we were in Seattle. First stop, UH OBVI – Crawfish King!

Dinner for 5 was no joke! Got to share my Seattle fav with some newbies and it was a total hit. I tapped out early though, but not before i murk’d that caaawrn.

The rest of the evening was spent back at our hotel, The Arctic Club, meeting B’s out of town fams/friends (all 20 of them!).

The lounge was dark, old school heritage-ish type of steeze, I was def into it. The guys drank their faces off while I stepped up for the women’s team and had my 1 vodka soda lol.  Fun night that ended only when the bar closed! Trust me, i was buzzin and ready for some zzzz’s.

Our hotel room (taken in the AM for better lighting)

High ceilings and very old school features, felt like I was in an old movie!

I wore every pair, thats how tight my outfit game was! Kind of choked i didnt document it, damn.

After frolicking in the AM (aka a coffee run for B who was nursing a sweet hangover, thats right.. gf of the year award goes to me) it was fam brunch time at Ivar’s and of course… your girl had the food of her people’s.. fish tacos!

It rained for most of the day but we still managed to walk the city and hit up Target, my fav! We finally made it back to our telly for some rest and rompin’ before the wedding.

Zara Asymmetric dress / the feather/lace one never arrived at the store so I settled for this bad boy. I gotta admit, this dress and I were meant to be. It was comfy, and sit snuck at all the right places with the perfect amount of one shoulder flow. I felt like I was J. Lo with that huuur do as well. It just worked!

The gents! Their sock game was all the way turnt up, it was adorable!

Open bar = time to play! Some of the ladies and I. I miss them already!

The lovely Cat and I.

The actual wedding/dinner was held upstairs in the ballroom…

talk about fancy, right?

The bride and groom, Felice and Peter, gettin their 2 step on.

I love personalized name tags, so m’f’n official.

Ate myself into a coma! After dinner the open bar re-opened and the rest was a total fun blur. And of course in true Veeezy fashion, I disappeared for an hour and took a fat ass nap in our hotel room hahaha! Woke up, headed back to the wedding and drank all the way to last call. What a fun night.. so glad I could be a part of it!

The next morning was bitter sweet, it was the last brunch before everyone headed off to their next destination or home. Good thing the food was bomb dot com, made eating my feelings that much more bearable. Seafood heaven = Salty’s on Alki

seafood galore / biscuits x gravy / caramel and chocolate fountain. I die!!! What an epic meal, not so much for those suffering from the night before but seriously, I felt like a champ:)

After the final hugs for the cousins, aunts and uncles we were headed home *tear. I can’t really find more words for awesome and amazing, but meeting folks that feel like life long friends isnt easy to put into words. When you meet good people, you just know. Seriously, I’m such a lucky mofo. Until next time fam jam!!! So like, what did you do last weekend?

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