My new favorite color: BURGUNDY

I never thought this day would come where i’d trade it in my neons and bright oranges for… a deep red wine aka burgundy? Just another sign your favorite girl is gettin’ mature. Or maybe it’s the crisp cold weather that keeps me from dressing like a traffic light in the winter. Whatever the case, i’m kinda obsessed heavy with this color.

Some Portland purchases! BP Utility leather sleeve jacket / Zara bag / Forever 21 Burgundy liquid leggings / Nude bowtie pumps (similar here)

I even like it on the lips. It gives such a feminine aura… like old school hollywood glamour.

And my personal picks:

Mango biker jacket / Lanvin dress (love how classy this joint is!) / JOSEPH streth leather leggings / Giuseppe Zanotti booties (so beautiful, i die) / D&G Snakeskin handbag / Butter Shag Nail / Alexander Wang suede heels

There’s just something about this rich shade that oozes fancy fucker ya know? I really like. Add a dash of fur and you’re good to go. How will your wardrobe welcome the new nipple-itis weather?

And in case you missed it, my IG last night….

Shit was cold as fuck.. def not legging weather anymore but you can’t blame a girl for trying. Have a great Thursday!! XO.

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