RIP Brown Hobo Bag

Good Tuesday, everyone!

Hope you’re nice and rested after a 3 day hiatus from what we common folk call regular work life!! I have very big news to share with you! Mostly for the folks that share my deep dark secret with me… Okay, I might as well be honest with you, as cool as I try to portray myself – attending fashion events I grease the door handler to get into, parading myself on trips I sucker people into taking with me, and online shopping as though my credit card needs the rackage – I am a serial (bag) user. As in, I will wear the same item, in this case, a bag, until it’s on its last leg of its life and asking for the plug to be pulled.

Oddly enough almost every bag I’ve ever used (or currently use) has been gifted. From my tokidoki fanny pack (thanks C-DANG), to my Hello kitty coin purse (thanks Raynay), and now my longest victim- my brown bag of death.

I’ve had it for about 4 years and was gifted from a hair stylist friend while I was working at Jack’s during my school years. Needless to say she passed it on to me and I took the responsibility very seriously! From ripped innards, to broken zippers and straps held together by paper clips (I’m very resourceful), it’s met no storm it could not handle.

I am happy/sad/torn to announce the resting of this bag. After numerous threats of “I’m going to burn your bag,” from a certain someone, I won’t name names (B!!!).. I finally got a replacement…

Zara Antik Leather bag. Trust me, I had hella anxiety leaving the store with this bag. I was thinking about all the Kadoya rolls we could’ve eaten, or or or… Damn, seriously though, its a really sexy bag.

What it actually looks like:

I thought it’d be fun to do a “whats in your bag” special. Instead of rigging the whole thing and pretending i use designer altoids or have wads of cash in my bag. I was honest and displayed absolutely everything that was moving from my new bag (RIP) to my new one (oh hi).

Material girl cosmetics bag (gifted from Andrea, thanks!), Ralph Lauren mini perfume bottle for after hot pot sessions, my agenda, candles (you never know when a cupcake needs a wish made on it), bobby pins, MAC Rebel lipstick (my new fav), empty gum package i keep forgetting to throw out (and each time I’m irritated when I reach for it and theres none left), 2 dimes, a rice krispy wrapper, oversized square sunnies, a pen, a comb,  EOS chapstick (that I literally just opened, thanks Nana! been saving it for a special occasion), a gifted Danier wallet from 2 Christmases ago that I just started using lol, and lastly the keys to my home!!! Nothing too incriminating right? Okay I lied.. I left the handcuffs and lady items out.. kidding!

Have a great day and I’ll see you soon XO. But like for real, WHAT’S IN YOUR BAG???

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