It’s frustrating sometimes to do what you love, and know that people don’t always appreciate the unfamiliar or unknown hustle you’re in. In a beautiful city like Vancouver, it kind of pains me to think how many folks only do what others are doing. My example is always as follows – A majority of men/women in the city only catch on to trends/current it things when they see it on least 100 other people lol. Am I not right? You always want what others want as long as enough people have wanted it before you. From bags to played out watches and jewelry…I love Vancouver, but sometimes I’m like, Vancouver, whats up with you?

Enter HONEYDRIP. I’m not saying we’re pioneers in fashion because we’re not, we are simply advocates for innovative and creative jewelry. We want you to stand out, not blend in. Life is too awesome to walk single file behind some moron… LIVE. OUT. LOUD.

I think this is what keeps us inspired and in love with what we do. Of course there are days when we feel like we’re not helping enough people reach their boss status potential, but we always regroup and set out to conquer the rest of the world the next day.

Lately, we’ve been inspired and playing with old school hollywood materials – rich fabrics, lace, and even feathers. My personal favs:

Feather skirt lace dress / Alexander McQueen silk feather top / Anki feather collar / feather ear chain (we have a smiliar chain Serendipity) / Nicholas Kirkwood feather booties – YOM ALERT!!!

Honeydrip team been obsessed heavy…

Feathers galore!

Feather & lace.

Without further ado, welcome the NATALIE.

Hand sewn lace collars with feather detailing… seriously, if this ain’t a labor of love i dont know what is. Buy here!!!

I hope there is a hustle, a dream, a person, or simply a thought of living well that keeps you motivated and driven to do better. To do better is to be able to measure your success, do not mistaken activity for productivity. Being busy does not mean you are doing well, it’s when your efforts yield results (in the form of money, recognition, stats, sales etc) that actually means something.

There is something for everyone, you just need to tap into what makes you, you. What are you passionate about? What productive thing can you do all day that doesnt feel like work? They say if you love what you do, you’ll never have to work a day in your life. I can’t wait to get to that point, it’s not easy figuring that part out.. but as long as you make the effort to be better than yesterday than I promise you you’re on the right path. Anyways, how’s that for some Flyday Friday inspiration? Stay hungry, stay humble!

In case you miss my mug this weekend (which you will)..

I’ll be cooking up a storm and drinking alcohol by the barrel. See you Tuesday, have a great weekend Vickylovers. XO.

6 thoughts on “HONEYDRIP: the NATALIE

  1. There are innovators, imitators and idiots. You are an innovator, which is why you’re awesome.

    See you soon,

    G-bang (there’s a story behind this… Tell you when I’m back!)

      • I was in soho and outside the Bloomingdales and a guy bumps into me and he’s like WHATSUPPPP. I was thinking “Jesus fuck”.

        Then he goes “I’m blah blah burger here’s a sample. ” he puts a cd in my hands then his boyfriend comes over and puts his own cd in my hand. Then the first guy, let’s call him Burger, asks for my name.

        I tell him and he’s like fuck that. He signs the cd and says “you’re now g-bang”. He asks “where you from g-bang?” I said Canada and the second guy goes “oh yo no way like nova scotia city?”

        Then he’s like “alright g-bang go home and bang some bitches in a Ferrari just not my wife. You’re gonna buy one after you sell this for a meellion dollars on eBay. But first you gotta give me a donation”

        I was thinking wtfffff but I secretly wanted one this time cuz I missed out on c-boy the first time (though he signed my m&m bag). So I give him a ten and the second guy gets all excited and demands a donation. I gave him two bucks and he flips the fuk out. I said I don’t have any more cash and his cd was wrapped in saran wrap, doesn’t have a cd case. He’s like “you cant do that to a nigga!!!!” I said share the ten with this guy I have no more cash.

        Burger then takes off. Second guy goes “I saw you with a fat 1 in your wallet son!!” Referring to my 100, which took me a while to get. And while I was speechless trying to understand my “fat 1” a third guy pops up and says “yo chigga I got change, let’s see the 1”. I’m thinking “Jesus fuck!!!!” I was about to agree to breaking my 100 but #3 says “I’ll need a small donation for my service”.

        After some bargaining, I found a five in my pocket and gave him that. Second guy then disappears and #3 is still demanding a donation. He calls me a “roughed up nigga” and after some back and forth, I got away without giving him anything and shook his hand.

        I survived a robbery. The end.

  2. my last comment didn’t get posted. here’s another attempt.

    there are innovators, imitators and idiots. you are an innovator which is why you’re awesome.

    see you soon

    g-bang (there’s a story behind this… tell you when i’m back!)

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