Weekend update

with Seth Meyers, Veeezyloves! I love that SNL skit. Anyways, it’s been a hectic week and i cannot wait to get the eff out of here. Only a few more hours until i’m in 25+ degree weather and food carts galore, Portland… be ready for me.

Besides being awesome, selling dreams, stealing lunch money from little kids, and drinking myself into a sake coma w/ my girls, here’s what I’ve been up to…

Gettin’ artsy fartsy.

Turn a blank wall into a piece of work. This (sticker) wall art is from Surface Collective, and it’s called the Siddhartha. Great way to spruce up a boring wall. This was labor intensive as there were many small detailed stickers, bring a friend to help.

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All Concert (OFWGKTA)

My first ever all ages concert for Odd Future at the Vogue last Tuesday. Shit was bananas! Energy was amazing, and the bar was always empty lol.Oh to be 16 and on drugs again…

Got my huuur did

I couldn’t wait for my original stylists (the Le sisters) so i did a home remedy and PALTY is the shizzzz. (photo does not do this pretty color justice). Japanese hair dye made for asian hair, 2 thumbs up.

Honeydrip.. drip, drip, drip.

We released the Serendipity last week in gold, and due to popular demand, we’re releasing it again in black. Thanks everyone!

We’ve also been keepin busy filling in orders and working on our custom pieces. I really wish I could give it all away for free bc i love everyone so much but then I wouldn’t have money for champagne and caviar ..so yeah.

Making the switch, again.

A little surprise gift from B! I was beyond stoked to switch from my wackberry to the iPhone 4s a few months ago, but now I’m ready to play with the heavy hitters… welcome S3! As in true Veeezy fashion i haven’t started using it yet (took me 3 weeks to even crack open the iphone box) but i’m sure i’ll be using it any day now!!

Celebrating life

More importantly, celebrating Nigs’ life lol. Last baby to turn 25, congrats my love. A rare dime inside and out, I am so lucky to have you. xo. So thankful for happy people in my life!!

Ok, so I think that’s about it really. I’m leaving soon to celebrate B’s birthday in Portland (in style, can’t wait to show you our digs!) so feel free to 3rd wheel us @Vickythemaker, and Veeezyloves. HAPPY FLYDAY!!!

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