Get ready to drool…

I’ve always wondered why the Food Network always has men hosting shows like “Triple D” or “You Gotta Eat Here!” You all know ain’t nothin’ more attractive than a woman that can throw down. It’d be dope to see a female get with it and actually eat… I’d make the bombest host.

Doobs’ homemade organic roasted chicken

We are well fed at our Honeydrip meetings that’s  for sure.

Seattle Crawfish King

B’s first time. Needless to say, he loved it. I love poppin’ bottles and poppin’ cherries.. holla.

Breakfast at work. It pays to have a plug in the cafeteria, he always hooks me up. Double hashbrown patty… i’m about that life, folks.

B’s mom’s homemade blueberry turnover cake. TO. DIE. FOR.


Spicy sashimi / udon and creamy scallop roll

Orange Corner

Midnight snack – Nutella crepe


Chicken tamales. Restaurant run by vietnamese folks…. thats that shit i like! lol


Chicken wings and shrimp pesto flatbread! I LOVE CHICKEN WINGS, i dont know why.


My fav spot for mid day comfort food. Being adventurous and ordering the Italian Wedding and pulled pork. AMEN, so bomb.

Kamei Royale

Oysters and tuna tacos.. MEH. I’ve had better.


Mango tofu dessert

Homemade seafood bake (inspired by Crawfish king)

Mini fresh croissants x shrimp x spicy sausage x corn x potatoes. Yes, thats right. Veeezy can def hold it down in the kitchen. I’m amazing at microwaving as well.

Hitoe sushi

Kitsilano gem. Rolls galore!

Jack in the Crack

If I were American I’d be so overweight and such a statistic!! My go to – Sourdough jack x sauces x curly fries x deluxe fries with sour cream and bacon. No oreo milkshake, watching my figure.


crab cakes x muscles with frits x white wine clam sauce w/ spaghettini

breakfast club rules.

Cafe Gloucester

Baked seafood cream sauce on rice. UGH, i love this!!!

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd scene! Have a great day and eat lots for me, XO.

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