PLENTY Fall 2012 Event

2 posts in 1 day, must be your lucky morning! Last night I went on assigment to PLENTY’S Fall 2012 preview with guest presenter, Fashion Magazine’s west coast editor, Joy Pecknold. It was nice to not know anyone and wander around by myself like I always do. Man, i dont know, this stuff is always hard. Anyways here are some of my picks from their Fall collection, now available in stores!

Reppin’ for Honeydrip as always.

Room full of people. Hi..nobody lol.

My picks:

I still dont own a pair of fringe moccasins but I’ve been a fan for awhile. Might have to scoop up a pair when the chillier weather hits.

Favorite sweater / jacket of the night.

Wrapped leather wrist watches, so cute.

Hey DJ.

Can’t go wrong with a bit of Pendleton.

I wasn’t sure if Fashion Magazine was Canadian or not but then I saw Carly Rae Jepson on the cover, and I was like, oh okay they’re Canadian.

Goody bag – Monk & Lou scarf and a cute Plenty journal.

For the full (and more interesting) article, head on over to Vancitybuzz.

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