I’m not sure I always believe in fate but when the stars align like key to lock, I can’t help but praise Allah! okay, well maybe not but seriously, some things are just meant to happen. In the last few months I’ve been obsessed, heavy, with these Isabel Marant sneakers

Not to sound like a crazy cat lady but I even created a folder on my computer for photos of them lol. Anyways, keeping a long story eggstra looong, I got a call from a homie the other day (he got 2 for his gf and I was literally IG stalking him asking him how he found them as they are sold out everywhere) saying his connect at Gravity Pope just happened to have a dropped pair on hold. Mind you, these babies have a year long waiting list, and as soon as they’re in store, they’re accounted for by folks who have put them on hold. And here’s the kicker, the pair just happened to be in  MY size, MY  size. I mean, what the fuck right.

I just happened to be w/ B, and we just happened to be driving so we made our way over there just to see if they would even fit, and if they would even look great on. (I was secretly hoping they would look horrible on me, but we both know that wasnt going to happen. it’s hard to justify $760 pair of shoes!)

Needless to say my heart trumped my head, and if you saw my tweet, you already know i left with them… HAPPY FACE HAPPY FACE HAPPY FACE!

I’m seriously too country for this type of shit but I am so in love with them I dont know what to do with myself. Big thanks to B (and the shoe gods) for making it all happen *kiss kiss.

I am totally Sasha Fierce now. And if you’re looking for outfit inspiration to wear with these bad boys..

Look no further than today’s article on HONEYDRIP! Read here.

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