Obsessed with Marchesa Spring 2013. I DIE.

Not to scare any potential suitors off (hi!) but I think I found some inspiration for my wedding dress(es) from the Marchesa Spring 2013 show in NYC this past week. Ladies, get ready to lock down your man!

Seriously, how amazing is this dress? The flow, the off white, and the embellished collar. Amazeballs!

non traditional but i’m feelin it

WOW. Those bejeweled leggins are sick.

Oh em gee! How cute is this little number, perhaps a dress you can wear while preggers?

Gorgeous, I’m still in awe.

And then there was some color:

Was I not right? did you not just imagine the first 20 minutes of your wedding ceremony? Holy mother sweet baby corn that was a spectacular collection. Just think of the creativity that goes on behind that type of work. Def sippin’ on that crack juice for sure. Okay, carry on now. I will talk to you later, xo.

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