Happy girl, happy world

Happy girl, happy world! It’s as simple as that. When you learn to be happy and thankful for what you have, all the things that meant so much don’t seem to hold much significance anymore. I may have back to back appointments/meetings, 1000 things to do per  day, and barely any time to tweeze my eyebrows (they’re like a jungle mess), but I’m not sure I’d want it any other way. Staying inspired is not hard esp when you have great friends, family and love. My motivation isn’t fancy cars (it is, but that’s for later on), but more for the people around me. I want to take care of the ones I love! .. sigh, just one of those mornings where I wanted to show you my gratitude. Thank you!

Okay now moving on to more materialistic fashion things, yay. THANK YOU to every single person that left a comment, tweeted, texted, and emailed me in regards to their dress pick in last week’s post! I had such awesome feedback, made me want to buy it all so that I could make you happy.. but unfortunately my Visa thought otherwise. So here’s what I went with.

Wedding (evening) / Next day post wedding brunch (day)

Zara lace & leather dress / ASOS Skater dress with embellished collar

Totally in love with that cream ASOS, should be arriving shortly:) I haven’t gotten the Zara one yet bc its not available in stores but when it arrives, and if the fit is good, we are on like donkey kong. But knowing me, and my knack for picking dresses that look better on the hanger, I picked up this back up dress for the wedding..

Ted Baker Haylea pleated maxi dress (avail in blue here)  It’s an orange/tangerine color in person and friggin’ gorgeous! If only I had a Hermes belt to wear with it…. nudge nudge.

And for those who liked the Alice + Olivia joint..

My homegirl Nia found almost the same dress for a fraction of the cost. Alice + Olivia was over $300, vs. Greatglam $35! It comes in blue (pictured), as well as red and green. Thanks Nia!

In other news, are you keepin up with the HONEYDRIP team? It’s a hub of all things dope girls (aka you) are into. High end nail art, boys we lust after, shoes that Cinderella would even trip over, and pretty much the in’s and out’s of what it is to be a woman handlin’ her biz, get familiar ladies! Here’s a sneak preview of what’s to come..

Sweatshop of 1.

Making it MEOW with custom pieces! We love creating unique pieces and sharing it with the women that understand our vision. Thank you to everyone for your support, we’re having a blast and couldn’t be where we are without you. Work in power, always.

On to my shameless plug, if you’re an H&M lover/hater like I am, then you already know about the sneak preview of their collab with Vogue Japan editor at large/create consultant, Anna Dello Russo.. sweet lord the collection had me quivering at the loins!

Peep my article for Vancitybuzz here – I’ve picked some of my favorite pieces to share. The collection is seriously over the top, gotti, in your face and very old gold money.. I LOVE IT. As much as I dress like a poor banshee student with barely a dime to her name, my blood lusts after gotti shit like this. Gold, bright colors and straight up BOUGIE. Veeezyloves!!!

Anyways my loves, sorry for the lack of content, this post is more or less what I’ve been up to.. which is a whole lot of nothing and everything. Stay hungry, stay humble. love you! xo.

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