Broken Promises Jewelry at TODAY Store

I got sent out on assignment last week to check out new jewelry line, Broken Promises by Karen La at the TODAY store.

Interesting.. I tell myself that everyday.

free tastes better.

All of Karen’s work is done by..HER! handcrafted like an OG. I actually recognized her as one of the students in my high school, she’s a year younger and its cray to think she’s doing  big things now! Makes me feel like i’m old and not doing enough FML (but yay for her)

Also ran into an old friend, you guys remember Michelle from Flare right?

She’s such a cutie pie! WhenImAnOldMan

I didnt really know anyone there so I was glad Nicole (aka my new fashion buddy) was there to keep me company. it was a lot of awkward browsing and creeper shots of the store…what else is new!!

Never ask drunk people to take photos for you. 3D glasses required. The store is super dope and carries a lot of local designers, be sure to stop by and say herrrrro. XO!

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