Need your help, please. Must find a dress for a wedding! Things to consider – October wedding in Seattle, to be worn with date in navy suit, I want to be able to eat and drink (conceal food baby), my lady curves and humps..and most importantly, I want to look pretty! Now which one?

ASOS skater dress. I think this is IT. but I can’t be sure because i have tourettes. Help, please.

ASOS Bow waist dress

SOS Lipsy sequin peplum

ASOS Dolly dress in Baroque print

TOPSHOP red mesh low v dress / TOPSHOP sequin ballerina dress – love the sequin and princess poof dress.. but i might look 12 instead of 21 (plus 4)

Alice + Olivia long sleeve goddess dress – Cute but maybe not for a wedding…

ZARA Studio dress w/ leather / ZARA lace dress w/ feathers – the first one is really trendy, and beautiful. The second has feathers, seriously.. who doesn’t love feathers?

ASOS mini dress / ASOS Darling Amelia lace dress – red is never a bad color choice!!

So..what will it be folks? Lace, color, tight? Or maybe i’ll end up with my regular go to outfit. Garbage bag w/ arm holes…..

7 thoughts on “Thoughts?

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