Denim on Denim

dot dot dot. The horror of this trend sometimes makes me want to gag. We see denim on denim crimes happen everyday. On oblivious tourists to our beloved mothers, this is an outfit that should come with a disclaimer. Even I shy away from this combo… But sigh, when it’s done right…all is well in the world.

The middle outfit is my favorite. I find it the most riskaaay considering the 2 denims are so similar in color but it looks like marshmellow fluff and rainbows on that model .Cot dayum.

Lovely reader, Christine (hi!), asked for some help on this denim on denim action and I am happy to help. There aren’t many ways to channel your Double D cravings (double denim, silly!). But I put together 3 fool proof double D outfits that will have you turning heads as you prance around with yo DD cherry popped.

Outfit 1: John Lewish tie die shirt / Mango super slim jeans – I love the look of crisp white jeans and this loose comfy obmre jean shirt is perfect for creating a cheeky DD outfit. Playful, fun and trendy.

Outfit 2: Aritzia Marshall classic denim shirt Levi’s jeans – THIS is how you achieve that second model look. Both are dark denim with different washes. Worn tucked in with a  badass leather belt for full effect. me loves!

Outfit 3: Aritiza Marshall classic denim shirt (same as previous) / J Brand boyfriend jeans – My personal favorite casual outfit. Worn with wedges for a brunch date, or sneakers for running  errands. Very cute Double D action.

What we’re looking for is contrast in colors,and even textures of jean materials. And when in doubt, add a belt to create an illusion of separation from the top and bottom.

Congratulations, you’ve just graduated from the school of Denim. Proceed with caution and remember, if anyone asks (and you’re not looking like a hot mess), tell them Veeezy taught me! Happy September, everyone. XO

It could happen to anyone…

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