Peplum Power!

Not gon’ lie, when I first saw peplum i was like, uggh, how tacky. Then it grew on me and  when i finally tried it on – it was flattering! Hit my bod in all the right places (holla). I think my resistance came from the fact it reminded me of 80s fashion, those tutu dresses with the fluff coming out at the waist. But here I am eating my words, peplum is the shizzz!

I dont have a waist, I’m kind of built like a trucker so the overskirt mid way is perfect in creating an illusion of a waist. Yes, it’s visual trickery but oh fuckin’ well I’m into it.

Doesn’t hurt the coral color is quite divine on my TOPSHOP dress huh? This was at my cousin’s wedding last week (more to come later). It was comfy, stretchy, and very forgiving for the buffet dinner lol. Buy yours here, or here.

And of course I’ve handpicked my top peplum dresses for you…

To see where you can scoop these beautiful dresses (and the rest of my picks), head on over to your friendly neighborhood spot of whats crack-a-lackin’ in Vancouver at Vancitybuzz!

Happy Monday, go fuck shit up.

5 thoughts on “Peplum Power!

      • Haha no, not shopping at all. Actually, I did step into a mall once and re-confirmed the fact that I really hate shopping malls LOL. I will live vicariously through you, how’s that? =P

      • girl, i am on a shopping ban! its really hard when the deals online are superb but i need to be good. I want to do some traveling like you!! any vacations lined up for next year?

      • Saving up to go travel is definitely worth a shopping ban:)

        I still have a camping trip coming up next week and a 9-day hike in Sept. Then I’ll probably go to the States for a weekend to watch a football game during the season. So not done my vacationing yet!

        Where are you planning to go?

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