Making room.

This morning I woke up from a bad dream and the first thought I formulated in my head was, “there are over 7 billion people in the world, there are no eggscuses for dead weight.” Don’t ask me how to I got to that thought but I did and it made all the love lost between others and I that much more bearable. As cut throat as Veeezy lovin’ may be, I actually do feel a bit of sadness and hurt when I let someone out of my life. If you’ve been in my life long enough you know I use the term quite often, cut cut cut. And I mean eggsactly that, removed from the photo, removed from my line of love. I used to get a lot of flak for it, but I’m not afraid to trim the excess. Especially when the excess does not contribute to my life or make me happier in any way. It’s as simple as that, people often add too much fluff to help with their own conscious. We’ve been friends for too long, we have too much history, he could be a good guy.. oh who the fuck cares? I know I certainly don’t. if you’re ever in the mood to better your life and remove those that haven’t done good to you, or for you, I will be next to you encouraging you.

Skimming the fat – friends                                                                                                    I learned something at a young age – staying friends because you have a history is no reason to stay friends at all. I ended a childhood friendship once because that’s all we had, was history! This person was no longer adding to my life, and if anything, caused me more stress. Our beliefs and lifestyle weren’t meshing like peas and carrots anymore, and when ego and pride got involved, you can guess where the story goes from here. Friendships go through a very murky course from late teens/young adults to full blown maturity (late 20s). This transition from kid to adult brings out the real you, how you handle your problems, how you treat others, how you run your shit. It all comes out at this point. Some friendships grow stronger, while others fizzle. This is okay, forever isn’t meant for everything. The real truth in being an adult is knowing when forever runs dry. Stop making excuses for bad friends. Some of the people I hold dearest to my heart are new friends I’ve made, make room for good people.

Skimming the fat – your lover                                                                                      Being with someone by choice (forget childhood molded friendships) is what an adult relationship is. This is a person you’ve handpicked to be with – great, wonderful, fabulous. Make sure they’re everything you’ve wanted and not a penny less! If this person is in your life by choice, make sure he/she is speaking the same language of love as you. If you love getting the door opened, and it doesn’t cost him a thing to do it? He better be at it. I’m going to use the “gut” theory for this since I find it rings the most true when finding someone to be with. When you’re with someone and it’s right, trust me, you will know. The feelings of euphoria mixed in with butterflies and unicorn daydreaming are something out of this world. I love it!!! But when someone isn’t meant for you, the universe will repeatedly let you know. It’s up to  you to take it for what it is. Some men/women play deaf to this and some don’t. just know you are worthy of the moon and so much more! You’ll never find a  great one if you’re stuck with the wrong one. Make room for good love.

Skimming the fat – your life                                                                                    Complain less, do more. Make room for a better you.

There are so many wonderful people and experiences you’ve yet to encounter in this world and sometimes your heart isn’t able to accommodate them all…MAKE ROOM.

16 thoughts on “Making room.

      • Haha I know what ya mean:)
        Just got back from vacay. Saw lots of Hello Kitty in Korea and thought of you😉

      • It was amazing! The very short version was that I went to Hong Kong for a week to watch my bf race in the dragonboat festival. Then Borocay, Philippines for a week — totally fell in love with the island, the beach, the people there. Then Korea for about a week — met up with some cousins and ate some amazing food!:)

      • Lol the answer to the first question is here:

        I ate dim sum, lotsa other good chinese food lol, pigeon, seafood, and amazing Korean food — kalbi jjim, kalbi bbq … I’ll be posting food pics as I continue my vacation blog posts. The photo of the pigeon is up there too if you don’t have a weak heart =P

        I had an amazing time. I think I could have stayed even longer in Boracay, I actually felt sad to leave and missed it when I got back to Toronto:)

    • hey girl! hope you’re well:) Just a reminder to make room for the goodness ya know? too many folks claiming to be the real thing when theyre not.pffft! how ya been?

      • Haha, love how you put that,Good Good, horribly cold, cause its winter down here, Cape Town weather is seriously like alittle bitch on pms, patiently waiting on summer so I can try some mexican flavoured fashion, weird how summer is 3 months away and stores have already started displaying summer merchandise, hope you’ve been great, HEY you shouldve added some of levi’s commuter range to that post for guys, their stuffs sooo great I freaked and got the guys shirt for myself, sorry boyfriend lol

      • ok i’ll have to check out that levi’s stuff, didnt even think of them. Its so weird to me how summer in canada is winter in Cape Town. is it cold enough to wear parkas? You’re gon have to send me a flick of your city!

  1. I should definitely send you pics,should drop me a mail and I’ll send you some,out here its like brazil and holland had relations, but had babies with germany and L.A… Its probably gonna sound weird, but we have christmas in the summer time .. As for winter, its super wet and windy, we’ve got this thing called “the south eastern” it can literally blow people off bicycles and make you rethink brushing your hair in the morning, other than that its one (excuse my potty mouth)fucking beautiful city.. There just wasn’t a better adjective to describe it

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