Veeeyz life travels: Part 2

Guuuud moanin’ babeh! Here is my second installment, and also my last- for my travels down to Cali/Vegas. (Part 1 can be found here) Please eggscuse the weeping inbetween photos, I dont do well with post trip blues.

Our flight to Vegas was an early one from LA so there was a lot of tired silliness going on (my favorite type). Thank goodness it was a short ride, it literally felt like we left, the drink cart got half way through the plane and then it was time to land lol. We checked into The Cosmopolitan and grabbed a quick bite at Holsteins.

HEN HOUSE – Beef patty w/ fried egg, bacon, lettuce, tomato & onion w/ mustard & ketchup

Buffalo wings / crispy pork belly sliders / lobster mac and cheese (orgy in my mouth, the good kind).  The server was a bit of a cunt here and we almost duked it out. She’s lucky the mac and cheese was good or we would’ve taken it outside!

Our suite was SWEET! Super spacious, our own balcony, and a big window seeing through into our bathroom. There was a lot of nekkidness going on that weekend and I’m not afraid to admit i like being a bare hippy. Can’t say the same for my cousins and sister though, dont think they signed up to see Veeezy naked that often.

After a short nap and some fun in the sun, pool loungin’, boy teasin’, it was off to Marquee.

Aren’t we just an ugly bunch? ugh, absolutely horrid. KIDDING! My fab fams and the bride’s friends.

It was my first time at Marquee and probably my last. Not sure why the weekend brought out such an astrocious crowd lol. I couldn’t honeydrip anywhere, it was a dead end at every corner and the house music was so bad that not enough a few drinks could get me to stay. sigh! A few of us ended up leaving early and as we were walking down the 6 flights of stairs.. i heard something amazing, i heard hip hop. Using my spidy senses, it led me to a 3rd floor CLUB. It was ALL chocolates, all hip hop. Needless to say, it felt like heaven. Def ended my night off on a good note hehe. But Marquee can suck my nuts:)

The next morning we did it up and got our tan on. I literally spent hours at the pool with Doobs, actin a foo! While everyone was pretending to post up and look pretty, we were splashing and frolicking in the water pretending to be Michael Phelps lol. Just thinking about it right now cracks me up!

A few hours later, after our heat stroke pool session, we put on our pretty faces and headed to Aria’s Lemongrass for some Asian food.. finally! At this point in the trip i would’ve knocked over a kid for some rice and soy sauce.

Some pineapple fried rice, veg tom yum noodle soup.. ugh, so bomb!

After dinner some of the girls left for Tiesto’s pool party. Cheebz, Doobs and I opted for a hotel party for 3. Got the bath robe, put on the hotel slippers and passed out on the floor haha. Thats what 4 hours of sun will do to ya!

That night I (hesitantly) got ready (due to the previous night’s party scene) and we left for XS at the Wynn. AND BOY DID WE  FUCKIN’ GET IT IN!! lol.

Avicii was just in Vancouver the night before and of course my Instagame was flooded with photos, not one to be one up’d.. I made sure I went  HAM! can you believe he’s only 22? got dayum. Avicii’s a regular on our Cali/Vegas trip soundtrack at the moment *tear. He played a dope set and we danced until i couldnt feel my feet no more:) (no photos from this night, i was a haute mess!)

The next morning i got up nice and early to hit the pool like a champ. As I type this, i am of mexican color. true story, bro.  After a full day at the pool, we had a nice dinner at Koi. You might’ve heard of it, it’s also lso known as the worst restaurant ever.

Cold mushroom sobe noodle salad / Kobe style potstickers / steak on fried rice cubes. $100 dinner, boo urns. They did have the best Arnold Palmers, ever.

After dinner we walked the strip a bit.

How beautiful are my cousins? Cot dayum, Gina!

We kept it mellow that night and had some girl  time with the fams. Its amazing how much you can learn about someone if you just sit and listen. How often do we ever do that anymore? Really sit and listen without chiming in. Its easy to talk, but being a great listener is a beautiful thing.

Our 4th day in Vegas was our final day there and we spent it roaming the strip. It was booty poppin’ hot, fo rills. We finally got to hit Serendipity! I’ve been wanting to go since NYC last summer, and then missed my second chance a few weeks ago in Vegas, but this trip my fat kid wishes came true.

Their frozen oreo hot chocolate ain’t nothin’ to fuck with. It was soooo good. I literally had 80% of it while the others sipped on it casually lol.

High Heel Pump sammie – prosciotto, buffalo mozz, tomatoes, basil pesto and balsamic glaze / BBQ Chicken & cheddar pizza / Portabello veg burger / The Full Monty – Grilled chicken, jack cheese, grilld onions, bacon, bbq sauce.

As if you hadn’t already noticed, we ate a LOT on this trip! I don’t get how people travel and eat 2 carrot sticks a day with a glass of haterade (aka water). Trust me, these types of folks eggsist!! Cray i tell ya. Anyways that concludes my 10 days of fun in the sun with my family. I have a few more trips lined up this year and I hope you’ll stay along for the ride. Thanks for being here today, I appreciate you… so much! *MUAAAAH. Have a great Tuesday and don’t be afraid to be a little crazy, nice bitches never make history. Now go on with yo bad self! xo.

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