Ombre, chu gon’ like dis.

Sorry, any eggscuse to use my mexican alter ago.

Truth be told, I’m not really into ombre hair unless it’s done right (which is about 2% of the ombre headed population).  But this was a trend that just wouldn’t quit! It’s vomited all over the fashion industry, nails, clothes, iphone cases, your dog, whatever. And being the open minded asshole that I am, I’ve totally caught on!!! Not the ombre hair bit, but the ombre clothing trend. Mind you, it’s easy to fuck up the clothing thing but when done right…WOW, just absolutely wow!

This is my top pick for the ombre look. How gorgeous is this Otte’s Ellen dress? I love how it’s styled on the model. Flowy, chic and very summery. Its also the most eggspensive pick of the bunch (how shocking, I have fabulous taste). For the rest of my ombre summer looks, head on over to VancityBuzz! Like it, share it, leave a stalkerish comment. Show some love:)

Happy Monday, kisses.

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