Veeezy life travels: Part 1

hey baby! My apologies for being so self absorbed yesterday, I never even asked how your week went, so… how was your week? Did you have a great Canada Day

I spent it stuffing my face, keepin by buzz from the night before going, chillin’ with the homies and then eventually ended the evening with the perfect Canada Day date w/ B.

Anyways enough of that bird talk, it was the ideal Vancity farewell for a 10 day gong show in Cali and Vegas. Lehhhhgo!!

Touched down in LA, and the first stop (and probably the most important stop) was Roscoe’s.

Had to get my fix ASAP or my inner diva would’ve gotten the best of me. My fav- Arnold Palmer (half iced tea/half lemonade) x fried chicken x waffles x mac and cheese, biscuits and gravy x cornbread. Best believe we murk’d it!!

Then it was off to do some shopping before headin back to LAX to scoop up our 4th band member, Cheebz!

The rest of the day was spent eating, catching up, eggschanging hugs, kisses and insults. Felt like home away from home. Later in the evening, all the cousins headed to La Cantina.

The dime in the blue was the reason we were all reunited. Everyone say hi to my beautiful cousin, Naomi..she’s gettin hitched!!

Anyways, back to my story, apparently Americans like to do it up big by offering AYCD nights (All You Can Drink). Not my cup of tea. The crowd was a bit off for me, meaning I was a bout a foot taller than everyone and boys kept coming up to me trying to teach me how to dougie. First off, that shit is for birds and second, don’t be steppin up to me if you’re not of the height requirement. Yo ass needs to be at least this tall to be on this ride lol. The only guy I was eyeing the whole night was this fine ass bouncer. Tall, jacked and almost resembled The Rock, needless to say he was my eye candy for the night! He must’ve been about that Veeezy life because before the night was over he grabbed my arm and asked me to stay after closing so we could talk hahahahaah!! Long story short, he’s in Cali playing football, in school to be a Firefighter and is from New Zealand. And when he smiled… sweet lord, I felt trouble brewing. kidding, kind of. He said he’d hit me up after his trip home to visit his mom as he was leaving the next morning to New Zealand. I dont think i’ll ever hear from him again.. but it makes for a great story right? Sorry but a ladyboy like me doesn’t get picked up often so  I had to share!!!

Moral of my story, BE A BOSS and live a little.

The next day was July 4th, yay! It was spent with fams, eating and just straight chillin.

Playing Hot Potato Baby with Kinsley. Isn’t she a doll?

We literally ate from arrival to departure of the BBQ. What you know about chicken tortilla soup? I love my mexican heritage!

In the evening, all the cousins reunited for some late night boba (aka bubble tea). I gotta hand it to them, Cali knows wasaap when it comes to late night drinks and snacks. We ate for days!!

Let me introduce you to my beautiful fams – Michelle, Sophie, Cheebz, V-Pac Shakur, Naomi, Doobs and Christine.

If you think I go HAM when I eat, you should see my fams. We’re not those broads that order salads on first dates, we’re the ones ordering 16 oz steaks and then eating off your plate after lol. This was a really fun night of just fam bonding. We haven’t had all the older cousins in one room in a long ass time. Everyone’s got a life so it’s not always easy to round up all the troops, i’m just thankful we got to spend time with one another.

The next day was a hot one and our designated day for shopping. But before we shopped, we had to fuel up.

I know eating at  Panda Express is like going to a gas station for premium coffee but I cant eat burgers and fries for more than 2 days.. it gets so tiresome, fo rills dude. We also had some corn dogs, fries, hawaiin potato salad, pineapple burgers etc.

Cheebz applying Doobs’ lipstick, now that’s love!

After shopping, we had fam dins and of course our uncle spoiled us rotten yet again.

He’s quite the genius, a house full of satisfied women really makes it a more enjoyable stay lol. you’re probably wondering where all this food goes considering we always go so hard. To be honest, I have no idea. I kept an eye out for any signs of bulemia and purging, but nope.. just healthy metabolisms all around.

Our last family dinner, bun bo hue. Gosh, i live for that ish!!! So folks, those were some of the highlights of my Cali trip. I can’t stress it enough, if you don’t slow down to savour life, it will pass you by. I am beyond blessed to have such an amazing family. I’ve always known it but to actually take the time to develop these bonds makes me weepy with joy. Somehow I had forgotten how ridiculously funny and awesome my cousins were. Love is right in front of you if you take the time to see it. Hope you have a great day, love lots!



5 thoughts on “Veeezy life travels: Part 1

      • I too have a large family so I can definitely relate to the gong show and hilarity aspects of it all! My two sisters are arriving next week to stay until the end of July. I can only imagine the shenanigans in store…

      • haha i can only imagine! But you know, these visits always make for great stories. Promise me you’ll get into lots of mischief!

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