Good morning, boo thang!

It’s my official first day back in commission and i must admit, i’d much rather NOT be home just yet. Did you miss me? Be honest. You did? aw! I missed you too (just a little). Give me a day (or 9) to get out of this vacation coma but in the mean time this was my time out in Cali/Vegas in an Instagame (Veeezyloves) nutshell. Enjoy!

This was me waiting for my flight at YVR. Long story short, I spent almost 10 minutes honeydrippin’ with the customs guy, flippin’ my hair and just practising my dream selling pitch lol. He bid me farewell with, “Are you gon’ break a lot of hearts?” As if he even needed to ask.

Got scooped up at LAX and right off the jump I was greeted by Doobs and Christine (stuntin’ a Honeydrip piece). Everyone, say hi to the Jasmin. Beauty, ain’t she?

What my week consisted of. My sister, my family, and of course the key to my heart- chicken and waffles.

After that cali thug love, we were all off to Vegas for some trouble in the desert. This is your favorite girl at The Cosmopilitan. A bit of heaven on earth.

My beautiful sister and I with the amazing view from our balcony. I clean up okay, don’t I? Behind this ladyboy lies a woman, I promise.

Doin’ what I do best, creepin’ on the low…gosh i miss frolicking in the pool for hours!

So yeah, I’m home now and am particularly emo. I miss my sister, I miss seeing my family every waking moment, I miss having the hardest decision to make every morning was which swim suit to wear. I miss it all. Contemplating whether or not to make a travel post, is this IG post sufficient? I got stories for days…

lets talk later, i need to go find a bucket of ice cream to cry into.

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