Zara’s sale…

will be the death of me. I’m about to get into hair weave type of debt …

Fantasy Blazer $89.00 $139.00 / Leather Jacket $159.00 $269.00. Mint tweed blazer? really, are you kidding me? I want to live in that. Her white strappy heels = love. That cream leather jacket is so beautiful I almost want to weep.

Yellow blazer w/ zip at the waist $89.00 $139.00 / Leather jacket w/ studs $159.00 $299.00. I’ve wanted that yellow blazer for months now… isn’t she a beauty? *tear

Contrasting leather trench coat $99.00 $139.00 / Zip Parka $99.00 $159.00. The cargo jacket with leather sleeves is another one i’ve been stalking.

I’m trying to be good with my shopping because I have a few trips lined up this year (and my closet is about to bust a gut). If i wore to buy one more item i’d really have absolutely no space to accomodate it… how sad is that? Every single hanger is accounted for lol. Either I clean out my closet, or buy a bigger home. I guess I need a bigger home huh?

And that’s not even the half of it. How often do you clean out your closets? Do you follow a one in one out rule? As in every time you buy a new item, you donate/take out one item from your closet. How do you women do it? I am in desperate need of help. I wear 20% of my clothes 80% of the time. I’m not really good at math but I dont think thats a good stat.

4 thoughts on “Zara’s sale…

  1. I just stuff it all in there…and force to make room!
    I went to zara yesterday too and saw all the sale – it was amazing but I managed to get out without bying anything b/c the fitting room line was just insane.
    I’m going again tonight after work – eeeek! I love that yellow blazer.

    • you know, the fitting room line is a deal breaker for me too lol. did you see anything good? there were these studded mint/red motorcyle-esque blazers (regular price). did you see it??

      • No I didn’t! Just spotting the fitting room line just turned me off LOL
        I saw a bunch of awesome shoes & loads of tweed blazers. great time to stock up for the fall!:)

      • their shoes.. dont get me started! Their peach/beige strappies are all i think about. They’re all on sale for about $40. Do you know if they’re good quality?

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