HONEYDRIP Jewelry Coming Summer 2012!

A few months ago I dabbled in a bit of jewelry slangin’ and got hooked:) Since then, I’ve been working with the dream team to bring you guys something Vancouver has never seen before.

We are in the business of fitting ladies with eggsclusive jewelry aka body frosting. It’s really hard to put into words the jewelry we have in store, from whimsical body chains to ‘snap ya neck’ bold collars, there’s nothing we won’t fuck with:)

HONEYDRIP jewelry is the beginning of something amazing. Our goal is to create a platform for women to shine, an outlet for those who don’t fit the cookie cutter mold. To all the women who know there’s something more for them out there, we hear you. This has truly been a labour of love and we want nothing more than for you to be a part of the movement. Support your ladies in business & in power.

Christine, Doobs, and I. We’ve endured long nights, countless emails and meetings that tested our patience and love for one another. But at the end of the day, teamwork most definitely makes the dream work.

Just a little behind the scenes glimpse.

Ladies puttin in work. Even Squirt is eggshausted.

We can’t show you our first drop just yet, but here’s a sneak preview of whats to come:

Veeezy x the ‘Athena’ dome piece.

It’s about to get real ill this summer! Only a few more weeks until launch and we hope you’ll come and join us on our journey as our dreams come to fruition. Until then, cheers to all the honeys that staying drippin’ in sauce…!!


4 thoughts on “HONEYDRIP Jewelry Coming Summer 2012!

  1. Oh GOD! WAAAAAAANT!.. Please tell me you guys will be shipping to other places, and by places I mean Cape Town South Africa??!:)

    • hi K! We are currently just in the final stages of figuring out the logistics and YES we will be shipping internationally. Be sure to let me know if you purchase something so I can add a bit of eggstra goodness for ya! I’m super stoked. And i’m glad you are too lol. Are you a big accessories person??

  2. Yes! Very.. As in I sometimes buy stuff and forget I have them then go”ai when did I get that??”.. Its weird cause I’m really big on rings and neck pieces, although I tend to drift towards my favourite rings a lot, I’ve got this gold wrap around jumping jaguar ring that I’m obsessed with wearing.. I’m soooo excited for you, and can’t wait to purchase :)…

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