Birthday dinner at L’Abattoir

It feels like I’m always eating hot pot in my sweats, having a bowl of instant noodles in my bed, or devouring a bucket of fried chicken while walking to my car, so it was nice to finally have a nice meal lined up! (Did you just get a mental image of me eating? isn’t it beautiful?)

The homie @Ray took me to L’Abattoir in Gastown for my birthday dinner and spoiled me rotten (I have the bestest team). He reserved the whole restaurant just for us (or maybe we arrived before the rush, but i’d like to think the latter) Beautiful, & laid back ambience, French influenced west coast flare, tres chic no?

The bread was friggin bomb. Came out hot and toasty. Anchovie bread sticks, cheese buns and sesame crisp things.

El Camino. I dont like alcohol but this was really delicious. I’d also like to mention this was Ray’s drink. Real men fuck with watermelon!

Smoked sturgeon carpaccio This was pretty neat, the fish was great and it had litle Orbitz balls in them. Pan fried veal sweetbreads on toast. I had veal, I wanted to shoot myself after. Sorry baby moo😦

Roast scallops / Steak Diane. Steak did a lap dance on my tongue.Very soft and buttery.

Oh dessert, you never seem to fail me. Coffee Custard / Lemon meringue tart with BASIL ICE CREAM. yes, you read correctly, basil ice cream! It was soooo awesome. One of the best odd flavored ice creams I’ve ever let enter my pie hole.

Thanks Ray for letting me stuff my face like it was my 8th birthday, I heart you tremendously. And of course, you already know where to go to witness the aftermath of our food massacres – IKILLEDIT. Happy eating Veeezylovers!

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