“Fashion” things that make me want to choke a bitch.

Stacked bangles  / arm parties / DIY messes

Okay I get it, having a whole collection of rave bracelets and designer bangles on your arm is tres cool ..NOT.  It’s soooo yester-month! I can’t believe how much of the same shit I see. Bangles paired recklessly with cuffs on top of a Michael Kors / Marc Jacobs watch, tied in with a braided bracelet and then attached to your dog. Please stop or I’ll bop you in the head with your own arm. You’re not special.

Mint pants

It felt like just last week when every girl and their dog was on the hunt for the “perfect” mint pants. From H&M to J. Brand, everyone was puttin out mint pants like a sweat shop in Asia. I couldn’t do a half turn without bumping into some hippy haired, oversized sunglass wearing, fashion blogger, with pastel green skinnies on. People, that’s enough.. come at me with mint pants on and I will beat the living mint off of you. Come at me, bro!

Mismatched nails

Some do this very well, they pick one finger and bejewel the shit out of it and some just look poor with multi-colored nail colors. I dont know how this trend started, and to be honest I dont care.. just as long as it ends! Call me crazy sane but nothing makes me more happy than a beautiful set of french nails or some bomb ass nail art. This whole “I want to be unique and paint one finger another color” ish is so duuur. Go ahead and grab some nail polish remover, i’ll wait.

Color Blocking

Easy there, Reading Rainbow. Color blocking needs to come with a manual for some! When people realized this was trendy they thought it was a valid eggscuse to let their closets throw up on them… not the case my friend. Use the color wheel for reference. A different color for each piece of clothing and accessory only makes you an easier target for my car.

I have a list of fashion hates that run a mile long but my bagel is getting cold and that is much more important than venting right now lol. All jokes aside, fashion is fun.. just don’t be such a trend chaser, BE THE TREND. ya feel me shawwwty? Now pass me my bottle of Haterade.

4 thoughts on ““Fashion” things that make me want to choke a bitch.

  1. I don’t care, I’m still gonna sport the one nail is diff than the rest😀

    and I am guilty of colour-blocking. come on! The sun is finally coming out!!!!

    • Amy!!! thank you for your kind words and of course the awesome supoort, i greatly appreciate it. You gotta update your blog, i always find myself checking for updates hehe:)

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