Aw shawwty you know what it is! Ever since that Drizzy x Breezy ish went down yesterday I can’t stop jonesing for some hood love. Plus the m’f’n sun is shining, my hair is doing this awesome Farrah Fawcett thing, and it’s FLYDAY .. so fuck it all and here’s to some dolla, dolla, boys y’all!

I hope you’ve had a super fabulous, over the top, throw yo hands in the air, snap your head back, booty poppin, type of week (I also hope you have the same type of weekend). My birthday was almost a month ago but the celebrations are still going HARD. Tonight i have a super (late) fancy birthday dinner and then i’m off to Vegas for my buuurday party until next week (courtesy of my team). If you want to witness me selling dreams and honeydrippin’ then you already know you can catch it here, and on my Instagame! I might come home a boo’d up woman so please pray no one puts a down payment on my dreams.

And don’t forget to show love to all the amazing men out there! A big salute to all the fathers, soon to be fathers and those with a father’s soul. We women wouldn’t have standards if it werent for all the great role models out there. Thank you pops (not to be mistaken with “papi” .. that’s a different type of daddy haha. I kid, I kid)

My date last night, dad! If my future first husband (I only plan on doing it once) is half the man my father is, i will count myself as one of the lucky ones.

Okay see you next week, promise me you’ll be good for me because one of us has to be. Love you so much right meow!! xo.

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