Chanel “Paris Bombay Collection”

Good morning, beautiful! I hope i’ve found you in good spirits today, for I believe that positivity attracts positivity and I’ll do my best to make sure I take responsibility for my energy today (even if all I want to do is crawl into a ball under my blanket and eat bon bons all day).

Last week, as mentioned very shamelessly on my Instagame, my partner in crime, Debbie and I were invited to Chanel’s in-store unveiling of their Paris Bombay Collection. Btw, I use the term invited very loosely as we more of stalked a few attendees and pretended to be nannies for their children. I kid, I kid… but seriously, who let us in?

The show’s runway, spectacular.

Dreads never looked so cot dayum fine. And that chain intertwined with it? Beautiful.

looooooooooooove her necklace and her head piece. Took my breath away.

That head/nose piercing plus that shoulder chain is insane in the membrane. Catch me in that this summer! Peep the full runway video here. But fo fills, how amazing are these models? I’ve really been into body jewelry lately, from head gear to chest chains, i can’t get enough.

Maybe it’s bc every girl and their dog out there is suffocating the shit out of me with their “arm party” photos. Bangles stacked on top of DIY bracelets, stacked on top of cuffs lol. Ladies, relax… way to kill a trend! Anyways let’s continue shall we?

Chanel Paris Bombay unveiling at Holt Renfew

My P.I.C. stuntin’. No big deal.

This clutch. was. no. joke.

Tennis racket not a part of the Bombay collection but I really wanted it. Top right necklace made me froth at the mouth. A big no bueno when you’re next to Chanel  tweed.

Beautiful ladies x cute shocked Hawksworth server in the back. Ay boy! Didn’t get any shots of the food but it was divine. From chai chocolate balls to carmelized pork sticks, my mouth was puttin it overtime that evening.

Overall it was a great evening of mingling and hob nobbing with mainland china’s Vancouver’s finest shoppers. All the jewelry was displayed beautifully in a tea party type of setting (efforts in creating a replica of the actual show’s runway). We got to take a look at the jewelry up close, try it on (when no one was looking), and just enjoy the beauty of a collection that Chanel put out. Beautiful statement jewelry that I still can’t shake, this hype ain’t going nowhere.

Us both in Honeydrip Jewelry. More to come on that, stay tuned… :)

Thank you baby jesus Chanel for a fantastic night of inspriing jewelry.

2 thoughts on “Chanel “Paris Bombay Collection”

  1. I love the Metier d’Art collections of Chanel, it’s always so refined and luxurious, over the top but you still want to wear all of it! And the jewelry in the Paris-Bombay show was absolutely divine, oh god, I didn’t see the clothes, just the chains, the gold, silver, pearls, stones, diamonds, other precious metals…
    How cool you got to see it! I’m so jealous right now!

    • Its definitely over the top but it looked so amazing in real life.. like i could wear it to the grocery store lol. Everything was super HEAVY, and you could tell it was done by hand. All the small details made it that much more spectacular. Are you near a Chanel store? I suggest dropping in and just tryin absolutely everything!!

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