Veeezy > Yeezy

Yeah, that’s right! You go right ahead and tell them “Yeezy Veeezy taught me!

If you haven’t seen my personal sneak peek cuddle session with these bad boys then I don’t know what to tell ya suuun! But here let me give you another:

Veeezy x Yeezy 2! My full article drops later today is on Vancitybuzz so watch for it:)

Happy Monday and welcome back to Vickyloves! This week we have a Chanel event recap, some vacation photos and your usual dose of Veeezy lovin’. See you in a few, boo. xo.

4 thoughts on “Veeezy > Yeezy

  1. Haha,Those shoes caused havoc this weekend, the company I work for handled the launch in south africa, it was insane.. Had people queuing up, and not that happy when I had to tell them they all sold out.. Then my boyfriend pitches up with his on his feet cause he got them the day before.. Lols.. Haven’t read your blog in awhile, its always such a fun read.. Ps happy (very late) belated birthday:)..

    • HI kaylin! hope all is well with you:) was it major frenzy on your end too? people and their shoes! i cant imagine women lining up for days in the rain for a pair of limited Louboutins or something! whats new with ya?

  2. It was insane here, I’m probably one of the few people who’s actually glad the chaos is over, minus the fact that people keep calling us asking if we still have stock… Iv just been super busy, trying to sort out my illustration blog, recovering from some weird 2 week snot fest flu, and working like crazy drug fiend who needs a crack fix lol.. Hope alls well with you, I mean obvs it is, can tell from your great post:)

    • we’ve both been sick! poor us lol. i’ve been sick for so long bc i couldnt squeeze in time to rest. I’m heading to Vegas this weekend.. should delay my recovery a bit more huh? do you ever head out this way? come visit!

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