Good morning team!

Can you still believe your favorite person in the world right now is still sick? (In case you were wondering, that person is me). I’m past that body ache stage and this week I got into the lightly congested, sexy sick voicemy favorite stage but somehow this morning I woke up and I was all head heavy again. It’s hard to breathe so lately i’ve been eating with my mouth open, it’s not a good look.

These are the times I wish I invested in a personal soup feeder and a professional blanket tucker. 2 professions I plan to create when I’m ballin.

On a more glamorous and less snotty note, here’s a sneak peak of next week’s post:

Chanel tea party anyone?

You probably saw me there last night. And if you didn’t, no bueno on your end! Eggspect Instagame photos of pillow fights and chocolate sauce hot tubbin’ lol kidding. I’m away all week so you can keep up with my shenanigans on thuuur (or giving solid advice huuur).  Ogaaay, off to the lake house for some rest & relaxation….with 20 other girls. Tres eggcited:)

Have a great week/end my beautiful loves. Eat lots, love lots and don’t forget to tell people what they mean to you. Always send one another off with a hug and a kiss! xo. Ciao!

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