Do ya chains hang low?

As much as I love dressing low key, cute, like a boy, like your mom etc., a part of me loves being GOTTI. Like straight up Versace belt with white pants and a sequin bomber. I feel like I could date an Italian dude and rival his Uncle Vinny’s gold chain game, no joke.

Big, chunky, flashy, yellow gold, sometimes the heart wants what it wants. (gold chain is from Dressew, and the door knocker – chicken head swerving – earrings are from Cali. Aye oh!) 

I just really love the look of chain print.

Fabric on the left is something I picked up a few years ago. I haven’t done much with it eggcept drape it on myself when watching Godfather, Scarface or Belly. I also picked up a vintage Versace silk scarf at a thrift store wayback. Not sure if it’s real but it makes for a  great Pac head piece when cleaning.

Care for some chain print love making? let’s!

John Zack Dress $53 / River Island Jeans $71 / ASOS Bodycon Dress $45. I’m usually not a fan of dresses I can’t eat at a buffet with but these are too cute! Esp lovin’ the white one, very Sunday bad girl church-esque.

Gottex swim suit $188 $150 / Joy Han Dress $273. I so would fuck with that gottex swim suit! Beautiful. Eggcept my hair would be WAY bigger and I’d be carrying kittens under each arm. Meow.

Hermes Catenina purse $5,850 / D&G wrap skirt $448 / Gucci Scarf $395. Obviously I had to include a little designer to keep you pining for more. Okay, do we want to make babies with that Dolce skirt or what? Shwing batta batta.

And of course, the dress that got me confessing my love of chains to you all.

Picked up this bad boy over the weekend while on my camping trip in Washington (rainy camp day equals shopping in the city). Guess where i got it! If you saw my instagame last night then you might already know, but I got it at Ross, for $18! Actually it was $20 but the cashier liked my hello kitty purse so she gave me 10% off. Look at that slutty slit.

I saw it hanging all by its lonesome self on a rack and it was loin quivers at first sight. Thank goodness i’m built like a quarterback bc i seem to fit every orphaned size no one wants.

Anyways, I hope you’ll stay with me on this love boat to Chainville. Let them other birds wear all over puppy prints, we swiggin’ with the big boy chains now! happy hump day xo.

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