Thank you for the awesome birthday wishes! xo

Hi everyone!

Hope you all had a great weekend. To put my weekend into words would be an injustice to what it was.. indescribable. But imma try anyways lol. As previously mentioned, I cancelled all my birthday weekend plans to partake in one of my family’s many camping trips throughout the year. When I was younger, every Victoria day long weekend (my birthday weekend) we’d go camping, thus resulting in a camping birthday collab, for so many years I can’t even recall. As I got older the trips became less frequent because well, I was getting older. I wanted to spend it with girlfriends, the boyfriend, or just doing what I wanted to do. This year it was different, this year I got back to the basics of what makes me, me.. LOVE!

4 days without my cell phone (eggcept the occasional photo here and there) was fantastic. I didn’t feel the urge to check fb, twitter, IG etc. I simply left it in the RV and when I had it, used it mostly to see if I had food in my teef. For 4 days, it was spent playing with my little cousins, well not so little anymore, they’re graduating high school, getting their licenses, discovering their hobbies… they’re grown!! We ate, played football, shopped, roamed the beaches, played cards, hunted frogs at night (scurry!), rode our bikes, ate again, packed the RV for a movie night, told ghost stories, created traps to capture animals, and so much more. It was so good to spend real time with the people that make me the happiest by just being present. I really have the best family in the world and my little cousins make me more and more proud each day.

I can’t tell you how good it felt to go on with my day with no concept of time, no fancy hair or make up, no list of to-do’s … just straight chillin. It kind of went like this, get up whenever I had to pee or whenever my 17 year old cousin (size of a basketball player) decided to snore into my face, go pee, see someone sitting by the fire, sit with them.. have some morning breakfast s’mores, find an empty spot in a tent, cuddle and take another nap, get up, eat again, nap by the campfire, wake up, and then have someone  say it’s only 10:30AM. THAT IS LIFE. 

I came home last night and turned my phone back on to everyone’s birthday greets. I replied to each one individually but if I missed you..SORRY LOVE! Thank you to everyone that sent me a message wishing me a happy birthday. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for letting me know you care and that I’m a part of your life. To say I’m lucky would be unfair, love isn’t about luck. Love is about finding the right people to share the right moments with. I’m so grateful for you. I really am, when I’m rich I’m buying everyone a pony!!

You already know we ate like champs. It was like a gourmet kitchen on grass and 2 picnic tables.

Some of the kids. We were 20+ deep!  / gooey duck the size of my hand!

the boys striking gold

Dashpoint State Park, Washington

the kids and Et riding to the beach

Breakfast s’mores / getting ready for some football

A few photos I wanted to share with you:) No big hoopla, no huge orchestrated party, just spending time with my peeps! I feel like I have everything I want and need at this point in my life, from here on it’s about making that gravy boat overflow. Direction, motivation and drive.. check ,check, check. All l I need is to stay focused and hungry. 25 is a blessing and I can’t wait to kill it this year.

I read this quote and I wanted to share it before you leave..

“A good leader inspires people to have confidence in the leader, a great leader inspires people to have confidence in themselves

Go big or go home folks, you get to live this life once.. lead!

Ogaaay, hope your weekend was spent doing something you enjoy with people you realllly, reallllly like. Just catching up now so we’ll be back to our regular programming soon. Ciao love! xo.

8 thoughts on “Thank you for the awesome birthday wishes! xo

  1. I love everything about this post, especially the positivity. And that quote is awesome:)
    Glad you had a great birthday weekend, it looks like so much fun!

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