I can excercise you, I can be your Phys. Ed …

Class is in session.

Good Friday, gorgeous! Happy Flyday Friday. As I type this I’ve noticed the clouds have formed outside my window and the sun I was squinting from in the car ride this morning is nowhere to be seen..interesting, very interesting. But like I said before, the weather doesn’t determine how I feel, how I feel determines my weather (and I m’f’n quote suuun!). I hope you’re having a great week. I’ve had a pretty bomb ass week. Lots of cake cake cake work work work, but it’s the type I love to do so I’m all about dat life!

Some things I’ve learned this week that I wanted to share with you.

Be wary of those that talk a lot.  Those that talk a lot are the ones you need not to worry about. I love hearing stories, stories about your adventures, stories about your mom, your toe jam, whatever. The stories that worry me the most, are the stories that are made up of eggscuses -Why you’re late, why you didn’t get your work done, why you didn’t call back, why you ate the last scone without my consent. That kind of story telling is the most damaging. Oddly enough the story teller is never aware of  how  they’re presenting themselves, they’re thinking “oooh hey, let me bullshit my way out of this and no one will notice a thing.” WRONG. If anything you look more inadequate than ever before and my patience for you is nearing NIL. Here’s a solid fact, when you speak the truth, you never have to remember a thing. When I first read that line I was blown away by how true that was. When you’re honest with yourself and others, you’ll never have trouble remembering a thing. If you lie to yourself and to others, that’s when remembering what was done and said becomes a blur. Be reliable, those are the ones that are most in  touch with reality.

Never be afraid to speak up when you know what you deserve. Could be love, business, extra honey for that ass. You know, whatever the case may be. I learned this week that when you’re fully aware of your capabilities, you will always be seeking more. Does that make sense at all?  What I’m trying to say is, when you know who you are, or you know you’re good at what you do, your stock goes up. When your stock rises, you will want more from your boyfriend, friends, business partners, life itself. Don’t be afraid to want more, the successful ones never sat back and waited for things to come. That’s why I hate that stupid quote “good things come to those who wait.” Fuck that noise! That advice is for birds. Good things come to those who work their asses off. Know your stock!

Be present.  Who does what, how they make you feel, where you’re walking, how you’re talking  etc. Lately my mind has been in 10 different places when all I’m doing is standing still and waiting for the cross light to flash “walk, bitch.” Like yesterday, I was walking to my car and kind of saw a shadow behind me but didn’t give it much thought. I was walking, texting and picking a fat wedgie at the same time, just totally at it digging for gold. Then the shadow passed me and it was seriously like, the cutest guy ever lol. If I had just been in the present maybe I wouldn’t have been picking my ass in broad daylight in front of a total babe. That’s not really the moral of the story because lord knows I still look like an angel picking floss from my bum. The point is, you miss out when your present is consumed by things not in your presence.

And that my friend, is why I’ve cancelled all my weekend birthday plans to get away from everything!  4 days of camping with my family.. well half of them, but it’s still a solid 20+. I’m pretty stoked to just get silly with my little cousins and bless everyone with my morning  face (and even worse my breath).

So I’ll leave you with some Instagame photos from the past week and a bit of change.

Throwback Thursday: Cazal shopping with Nigs in LA a few summers ago.

Another throwback from yayback, Nana, V-Nilla Ice, and Cheebz. Some say blondes have more fun but it’s always the brunettes who remember everything the next day

Boy me.

Girl me. (H&M dress, $18..I stay winning)

Steezin on you!

There’s been an oversaturation of my face lately here on vloves, i’ll make sure to throw in some hubba hubba panty droppin loin quivering dolla dolla boys on here for ya next week:). I really wish you a wonderful LOOOONG weekend. For you Canadians, Happy victoria day weekend (Btw, if you read all about me, you would know the connection my name has with this weekend.. get educated, boo). And for you americans, Happy Memorial Day long weekend! I’ll see you in 4 days, a weekend… and a year older from now, sweet lawwdy. If your desire for me is to unbearable, find me here, and here.

kisses, stay safe pumpkin pie. xo.

ps. thanks again for stopping by, i really appreciate it.. so does my inflated ego. I kid, i kid.

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