Veeezy Birthday WANT list.

If you create a wish list because your ass will stay wishing for a long time, instead my greedy butt is making a WANT list. Because wanting is way more deserving than wishing.. right?

Don’t you find it sooo annoying when people make birthday lists with items that are absolutely ridiculous? Like yeah, let me hop right out and get you that Louis Vuitton keychain you asked for. Ugh, those people are high off their kites if they think people are gon’ get them things off that list. But thank goodness for you all the items I’ve compiled on my list are reasonable…:)

Without further ado, here’s a  guide to a one way ticket to my heart (and maybe even bed)

Yellow Chanel $3300 / Tiffany Blue Chanel $2300 Oh heavens no, I wouldn’t dare ask for a boring black Chanel jumbo flap.. that’s like fashion suicide. No, no.. I couldn’t let you do that, yellow or tiffany blue is fine.

Balenciaga Ombre sunglasses $439. Not to toot my own horn, toot toot, but my face shape (round as a pumpkin) was made for sunglasses. There’s really no shape I will not fuck with. Sigh, i really am in love with these Bals though. Don’t make me beg!

Tadashi Shoji Rosette gown $840 $504 / Theia Lace gown $1995 / Theia Silk Organza Mermaid gown $1580. I can’t show up to Sunday brunch wearing, dare I say it…off the rack! Sorry I dont do grocery shopping in sweats either, I’ll need all 3 dresses.

Celine Mini Fluoro $2700. Before you throw up your hands and tell me that these are sold out everywhere and very hard to even find, let me tell you that my happiness is priceless and that I am so worth the trouble! I’ll take one in each color.

Hermes cuff (vintage) $499. Yeah, I do vintage. Consider this a discounted want list item so obviously, i’ll be wanting two.

Aldo’s Calcagni wedges $55-$110. I look like an awkward baby giraffe in heels but wedges I can handle. I’ll need multipe pairs for my multiple personaltiies.

MCM travel bag $300. What? Am I just suppose to carry all of my stuff with my octomom arms? Uh no thank you. This bag should fit everything, and it’s vintage (no commas in the price tag, d’uh) so it better come attached to a unicorn or something.

So um yeah, this is the list for now. But I might make changes so please make sure everything you get me comes with a receipt. Thanks boo face. xo.

3 thoughts on “Veeezy Birthday WANT list.

    • bookes make great bed side tables (just put a glass piece on top of a stack of books), and scarves make great slings for broken limbs lol. I really hope you create a WANT list this year my friend:)

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