15 dresses under $FIDDY

Good morning, gorgeous! I was booking some summer flight vacay tickets yesterday (holla!) and couldn’t help but do some mental packing. Like the shoes I need to pack, the hair flip I want to perfect, and the dresses I wanna wear. It’s not always easy when you have ferrari taste with a kia budget! But thank goodness looking good has nothing to do with the price of the clothes you wear (well most of the time anyways).

So here I present to you, what I want to wear this summer. Sunday brunch wear, Vegas clubbing outfits, meeting the boo thang for a hot date, to frolicking in the sand …15 dress for under/around $50.

1. ASOS River Island Animal Cut Out Dress $61 $42.65. Lil’ skin never hurt nobody. / 2. ASOS Bandeau Dress with Aztec Panels $43.52. Paired with a jean jacket and some wedgnes for full cuteness capacity. / 3. ASOS John Zack Feather Print Dress $52.22. Makes me think of Miami. / 4. ASOS  John Zack Monochrome Aztec Print Dress $52.22. Tribal ain’t goin anywhere any time soon. Simple pattern but def leaves an impact.

Okay so what if my vacation fling wants me to come back to meet the parents? I gotta have something classy right? 1. Romwe Color Contrast Yellow Shift Dress $51.99. Before you say nay to this dress, imagine it on with a pair of nude pumps and hair tightly wound up in a bun with a sunkissed glow on your skin. Trust me, you want to be in this dress! / 2. TOPSHOP Animal print dress $52. Perfection / 3. TOPSHOP Tie Dye dress $36.40. The pattern is fiyah!

1. ZARA Lace maxi dress $49.40 / 2. ZARA Green Polka dot assymetrical hem $49.90. So into the low vneck/mesh ish going on up top. / 3. ZARA Yellow pastel dress $45.90. Flowy little twirl dress perfect for a summer evening ice cream stroll.

1. Dororthy Perkins Multi stripe square neck dress $89 $27. I MUST HAVE THIS. / 2. Dorothy Perkins Blush dress $48. What I’d wear to church to pay for my many sins from the night before. / 3. Dorothy Perkins Lemon fitted tulip dress $48. Lady attire for high tea after a wild night of partying.

I saved this sheer lemon mirange pie dress for last because I can’t stop thinking about it since I saw it 2 weekends ago. The only issue is the bra situation, I’d go bra-less but then my nips would be visible. Stick on bra? how would we do this? 1. Forever21 Sheer maxi dress w/ belt $29.80 / 2. Forever21 Sheer black cover up $23.80

As advertised, 15 dresses for around $50 each (and many are way under). When the heat comes I love nothing more than to let my loins enjoy the summer breeze, no pants, maybe the occasional shorts but its dresses all the way. Come on, its only fair, I never let my goodies see the sun when winter is here. Hopefully I’m able to up my dress game in time for my vacation this summer bc every time I’m away from home, I always make it a point to be an eggstra fabulous me.

Ok back to your day, you can’t be with me all the time ya know.. xo.

**edit: Ok i’m officially pissed, the DP Square neck striped dress sold out while IN MY m’f’n basket. Like what the fuck man.

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