Hump Day (man) treats.

Happy Wednesday my Guadalupes and Eduardos!! Feeling a little festive today, usually that means my Spanish comes out more. Areeeba! Nothing like a mid week treat to get your loins in gear for the upcoming weekend ya feel me. Hubba hubba commencing…NOW.

BEEE yourself. Great advice  from the Genie himself.

I couldn’t NOT include this 2 week old phenomenon Jeremy Lin. Let’s be fo rills for a min, 2 weeks ago I didn’t know who Jeremy Lin was (even though my weekly google stalking includes “tall asian ball players,” somehow this delectable dish got missed) and I’m sure you didn’t know either but that’s not the point. The point is he’s 6’3, a m’f’n BALL playa and he is mos def easy on the eyes! To be honest I’ve held off google stalking him because the list of my future hubbies is growing long with no sign of getting any of the names crossed off. Delusional girlfriend issues.. kidding! (sort of anyways)

We have the same “im hungry” face. Anyways go on with yo bad self and enjoy this day. You’re welcome, boo.

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