Happy Lovers Day!

Hope all of my favorite Vickylovers get it in with their boo thangs :). If not dont worry, screw love..just worry about gettin that paper. I swear i was a black dude in my past life haha! fo rills! All jokes aside i hope you take a moment to tell anyone you care about that you love them and that their sauce is the biznesss. I get so much love everyday that V-Day doesnt phase me, but i did get some cards to celebrate.

Of course I had to switch up my nails to make it more valentine’s day appropriate.

And now on a side note, (I’m a multi subject changing motherlover) here are some things i was gifted with and forgot to post.

Ray’s Christmas gifts. Hello Kitty necklace (i love it, its sweet and subtle) and an umbrella. I popped open that bitch when I got home and it just about covers my dome and thats it. Still kawaiii though, thanks boo!

Not sure if i posted this already  but my sweet boss got me a hello kitty compact. It doubles as a tv screen showing horror flicks (aka the 3rd photo)

Nana got me a necklace as well, its currently on heavy rotation, L-O-V-E. / Homies Sindy Bindy and Thu-Pac got me this sweet gold collar. Cant wait to rock this.

And last but not least, my new sunnies!

Nana hooked me up with these sick kitty frames for Christmas. I’ve been waitin for the sun to stunt them out in public but for now I wear them on the regular while I skype (thats what i was doing in the picture, skyping and laughing..all thats missing is some sake). Shine so bright gotta wear shades lol. theyre so adorable, luuuh da bowtie. Anyways m’loves i think thats about it. Peeeeas! 2 fingers, unless i dont like you then just 1 finger. xoxo

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